Does the Body Control the Mind or Does the Mind Control the Body?

Consciousness, the Subconscious, the Mind and the Body

Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.” – Ramana Maharshi

I was inspired to write about the mind/body connection after watching a Michael Tsarion video on YouTube. Just when it was really getting good the video ended midway through the seminar.

I had more questions to be answered so I decided to do some investigations online and also used what I already knew.

While writing this I thought I had nailed it with the right explanation only to find a good counter-argument about the same idea or belief regarding the mind/body connection.

I am not a Doctor or Medical Professional. I just like finding an interesting topic and exploring it as far as I can go.

This paper is not the final say by any means, but I do believe you will find some good ideas and useful input while reading this.

The Mind Body Connection

Does the body control the mind or vice-versa?

We’ve been taught to believe that the mind is some abstract mechanism that lies just outside of us. However, I believe something different.

I believe the mind is the body communicating to us.

If this is true, then wouldn’t it make sense that the body is where we collect and store information?

For example, when we recollect a memory from our childhood, wouldn’t that memory be saved in the body much like a computer can save and store documents or photographs?

The question remains – Where in the body is the mind?

  • Is it in the brain?
  • In the Pineal Gland?
  • In the Gut?
  • Or perhaps in all of them?

Let’s explore further and find out more.

About Bioenergy

“Every one of us has a unique energy system made up of different electromagnetic fields in a wide range of frequencies.  This is called our bioenergy field. 

This field is made up of electromagnetic emissions, which are closely connected to our physical body as well as our external environment.

 In other words, our bioenergy field has two sides—one reflecting the condition of our physical body and one reflecting the influence of our environment. 

Therefore, our bioenergy field is like a mirror, showing us the changes occurring in our internal body as well as the external elements affecting it.”

Your environment –where you live, who you share your space with, and who you interact with along with the health of your physical body, all affect this bioenergy field. There really are two sides at play here and if one or both are severely compromised then dysfunction and eventually disease will occur.

On one side of this equation is the health of your environment and the other side being the health of your physical body – external and internal representations. This is why we need order in both our internal and external environments.

If not chaos and disorder will happen.

“There are many factors in our external environment that can have negative effects on our systems.  Disease causing pathogens, pollution, and toxins are just some examples. 

Many of these external factors emit their own electromagnetic waves, which can negatively affect our bioenergy field. 

When an individual’s bioenergy field is negatively altered or compromised over an extended period of time, changes can start happening at the cellular level.  When the cellular level is affected, physical symptoms begin to appear in the body. 

Therefore, the bioenergy field can be viewed as an individual’s first layer of defense before the physical body is compromised. 

Additionally, knowing the state of our bioenergy field can give us great insight into the current and future state of our health.  But if we can’t see our bioenergy field, then how can we measure it? ” – Human

Author and Speaker Michael Tsarion makes a great observation here about how people in our environment can cause us to have unpleasant feelings.

“Understand that pain, sorrow, illness, loss and conflict are signs that something is off bio-psychically. These states occur when body, mind and world are out of attunement. Contrary to what you have been taught to believe, the imbalance is often not your fault.

It is probably caused by the proximity of toxic, spiritually unworked people in your life.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the manner in which the influence of other people affects and disaffects your life. Find out how much of what you decide upon and want is based on the influence of others.

Regardless of your natural composure and equilibrium, the presence of others undeniably serves to attune or detune you. This is why your character can be judged by observing the kind of friends you make. As Emerson said, “A real friend never gets in your way, unless you happen to be on the way down.”

I believe what Michael is saying here is that no matter how good, moral and grounded we are; we can still be negatively affected by people who are unbalanced themselves.

(Even the nicest, kindest person in the world can turn into a raving lunatic when the person sitting behind them on an airplane flight is repeatedly kicking the back of their seat.)

The effect is even worse when you have large populations who share this disorder.

There is an eCard that I saw on Pinterest which brings this point home; it says this.

“Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised, and affecting my life.” LOL!

Facebook funny quote

When it comes to having a realistic perspective about life and relationships Michael says this:

Psychologically and emotionally you need nothing from others. What you require must be brought up or created from within. The morally superior individual refuses to serve a master, and also refuses to enslave others. He is careful not to violate the psychic sovereignty of those he cares for, and is equally careful to own his ground and not be violated in the name of love or duty.”

Bioenergy is what animates the body

The bioenergy of the body is what keeps us upright.

It’s a common belief that the spine holds up the body but this is not entirely true.

Think about it?

With the weight of the head and the torso, how can the spine alone keep the body upright?

It can’t.

How does someone’s posture look when they are sad and depressed?

That’s right; they are hunched over, slumped with their head and eyes looking down.

What about when someone is really excited, happy and confident?

Yes again, their body is straight, shoulders back and looking forward.

It’s the inner bioenergy that animates and gives life to the human body.

The bioenergy starts within from the core and emanates outward to the surface of the body.

Energy pulsates from within to the surface and then back inwards again. It’s an in and out motion.

The human body, since it is a biological mechanism creates this renewable energy source day in and day out.

But, when the physical body can no longer sustain this energy because of sickness, disease at the cellular level or old age – then physical body dies.

Death from disease is often a long and painful process for many lasting many years.

Bioenergy – Human Body – Mind

Bioenergy 1

The state of your bioenergy determines the state of your body which determines the state of your mind.

The body controls everything including the mind.

It starts inwardly and moves outwardly and this is the reason why we always feel more energized when we exercise on a regular basis.

It’s because we are making the energetic pathways in our body more open and more clear enabling our energy to move through us effortlessly and easily.

All mechanical responses are from within the body.

Your Heartbeat, your breathing, and sweating to cool you down come from the body.

This is where the subconscious mind is located –within.

The subconscious is where all of the “real you” is located.

When I say the “real you” I am talking about your inner-self version that includes your beliefs and values instead of the masks that you wear which conceals your authentic self.


We do have the ability to consciously and deliberately control our behaviors – albeit for a short period of time.

This is known as will power and it does not work permanently because once the conscious mind/ego gets fatigued because the bioenergy field has been compromised – the “automatic default programming” will take over.

Haven’t you seen people try to stop “bad habits” using willpower often achieving disappointing results?

Willpower = Conscious focus overriding subconscious focus.

Like I already mentioned, using willpower is short-lived because eventually something else bigger than your current problem will arise and all your attention will be placed on the new problem allowing old habits to come back into place.

You have to get into the subconscious which is located deep in the body DNA and take a look at your blueprint.

As you may know, your DNA is the blueprint (a plan or model) for your body.

[On a side note I read about an interesting study about genes and predisposition to violence.

The MAO-A gene (monoamine oxidase A) also known as the warrior gene because usually this person will not respond to the calming effects of serotonin when the body emits it.]

Much like a blueprint is used to build a structure predictably; your internal blueprint creates a version of you including habits, emotional reactions, temper as well as hair color, skin color and height.

 (FYI – Yes, many of our bad habits are learned by watching the behaviors of other people, we can adopt behaviors according to what we see other people doing – especially those close to us.)

We are completely wide-open to subconscious programming from birth to about 6 years old.

We literally soak everything in around us and form our beliefs, habits and opinions based on the beliefs, habits and opinions of those around us.

You have to ponder this question?

Can we alter the negative programming in our genes so we don’t keep passing them down to future generations?

I believe so, and I believe it is important to do so.

That’s why I recommend you always continually work on improving yourself from the inside out.

While it’s great to have a nice, healthy body, it’s equally important if not more so to have a strong moral inner compass as well as making wise choices in your life.

That means doing what is right and making changes when needed.

If you’re not sure what “right” is, life will teach you.

We’re all in a constant state of learning and growing, for some who are less resistant to change, the learning curve is short-lived.

For those stubborn folks, the lessons will keep repeating themselves until the lesson is integrated and the internal shift has been made.

Your Body Energy

Take Responsibility for your energy

When you fall asleep your energy contracts within becoming flaccid and when you wake up it flushes itself back out to the surface where physical reality is.

We go into several different levels of sleep at night often times going deep within our subconscious mind.

The human aura –energy field is an outward manifestation displaying the energy that is being transmitted from the core.

The aura is an energetic bubble that surrounds the physical body

This is why it is often stated that a person’s aura shows what specific state of being a person is in.

For example, if someone is angry their aura would be dark red in color as well as their face.

We also have a system of energetic meridians that acts as an energetic highway or pathway that runs the energy in the subtle energy system.

One of your primary energy meridians is called the Central Meridian.

It runs from your pubic bone up to your chin.

The Ego and the Self

Ego = The surface reality (up/outer, skin, body)

The ego’s base primary function is to protect the physical body from harm while keeping you focused in physical reality. The ego’s best function is to learn to be in the moment and pay attention.

Negative ego – tends to place too much thought on what could go wrong and what other people think of it. Thinks it’s in charge when in fact the higher-self is really in charge. Also can be very critical and pessimistic.

The Self =The core (down/inner, soul, spirit)

The “self” radiates from within and holds truths about itself that the ego may prevent from being expressed in physical reality.

The ego acts as the gatekeeper between the inner self and the outer physical reality and may or may not allow real, honest expression to occur.

The ego is in place to override your natural, base programming including behaviors.

However, the ego can become fatigued and may not be able to get in the way and prevent the self from doing what it wants to do.

This happens a lot when people drink alcohol as an example.

I’ve literally watched people’s personalities switch from one polarity to another while drinking alcohol.

This is also the reason that people are more likely to have sex when drinking alcohol because the ego is in a relaxed phase or completely dormant if someone has drank excessively.

The inner core, the inner self wants what it wants yet the ego acts autonomously and can get in the way, sometimes for good, and sometimes not.

This is one reason why so many addictions occur in people because sex and alcohol temporarily give people a break from their egos.

Sex especially is a time when you can really let out that raw, tantric inner energy that you’ve been holding within that can cause you major internal frustrations if not expressed.

This is why Sigmund Freud often alluded to the belief that most human dysfunction is often sexually related, i.e. a block or a pinching off of your true, inner desires.

It’s raw, and it’s natural.

The prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a bag of skin is a hallucination which accords neither with Western science nor with the experimental philosophy-religions of the East — in particular the central and germinal Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism.

This hallucination underlies the misuse of technology for the violent subjugation of man’s natural environment and, consequently, its eventual destruction.” –  Alan Watts

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention

The Two Selves

We have two selves.

One is the outer/ego that is focused on the world and the other is the inner core bioenergetic imperial self.

One is lower and one is upper- one is inner and one is outer.

One is the ego and one is the self.

One is the listener and one is the speaker.

The brain is the central processor/receiver of all this conversation.

The brain is not a collective configuration; rather it is made up of several modules that work out their data processing’s separately.

These networks can carry out activities primarily on their own.

Julian Jaynes – The Origin of Consciousness

“Jaynes’ definition of consciousness is synonymous with what philosophers call “meta-consciousness” or “meta-awareness”, i.e., awareness of awareness, thoughts about thinking, desires about desires, and beliefs about beliefs.

This form of reflection is also distinct from the kinds of “deliberations” seen in other higher animals such as crows insofar as it is dependent on linguistic cognition.

Jaynes wrote that ancient humans before roughly 1000BC were not reflectively meta-conscious and operated by means of automatic, nonconscious habit-schemas. Instead of having meta-consciousness, these humans were constituted by what Jaynes calls the “bicameral mind”.

For bicameral humans, when habit did not suffice to handle novel stimuli and stress rose at the moment of decision, neural activity in the “dominant” (left) hemisphere was modulated by auditory verbal hallucinations originating in the so-called “silent” (right) hemisphere (particularly the right temporal cortex), which were heard as the voice of a chieftain or god and immediately obeyed.”

Jaynes suggests that one side of the mind communicated to the other with auditory voices believed to be the voices of the gods. This communication went on until human societies became more complex resulting in mankind achieving self-awareness.

“Jaynes wrote, “[For bicameral humans], volition came as a voice that was in the nature of a neurological command, in which the command and the action were not separated, in which to hear was to obey. “Jaynes argued that the change from bicamerality to consciousness (linguistic meta-cognition) occurred over a period of ten centuries beginning around 1800 BC.

The selection pressure for Jaynesian consciousness as a means for cognitive control is due, in part, to chaotic social disorganizations and the development of new methods of behavioral control such as writing.” – Wikipedia

How to Change Your Subconscious Programming

The Subconscious mind is located above or beyond the conscious mind’s awareness

When I write about the conscious mind I am referring to your everyday normal state of wakefulness.

The conscious mind is good for remembering things, planning things and breaking things down into steps.

The conscious mind gives us our self-awareness, our pride in our work, our logic and our ability to reason.

It allows us to appreciate great food, beautiful music and being an all-around awesome person while noticing we are being awesome.

But, you can’t change the problem in the conscious mind.

You make changes in the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind runs our bodily functions and it also where we record and respond to habits.

Your subconscious holds both good and bad memories and experiences. It connects you to your intuition, wisdom, higher intelligence and your ability to learn.

What controls your life is what your subconscious mind believes to be true – Even if it isn’t true.

Before you can make any change in your life you must realize this. Even though you want to believe you are logical you are actually emotionally driven.

That’s because the subconscious mind is an emotional mind. The conscious mind is the rational one.

Change Yourself by Changing Your Subconscious Blueprint

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality Earl Nightingale

Think of your conscious mind as being the General and the subconscious mind are the soldiers.

One gives orders and the other one follows orders.

From sunrise to sunset we are primarily acting from the subconscious.

This is where subconscious reprogramming comes in.

Now if change were easy we all would be better people, we would eat better, give up addictions and stop procrastinating, stop complaining and so on.

So how come we don’t change? Why is it so hard?

There is a “Gatekeeper” in between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Its job is to take information from your conscious and then it seeks approval from your subconscious whether or not to let it through.

This Gatekeeper is there for a good reason because if it weren’t you would be open to suggestion.

If someone told you to jump off a bridge your gatekeeper would not allow that suggestion through to your subconscious.

The subconscious hates change and would rather keep things the way they are and it always takes the path of least resistance and resists any type of change – even changes that would improve your life.

Take a look at what isn’t working in your life.

  • Wouldn’t it be great to wake up feeling good everyday instead of dreading it?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to attract money to you like a magnet?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have your ideal body shape?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have friends and coworkers that lift you up instead of pulling you down?

All of these changes can happen for you. Just remember this.

If someone has already achieved what you want then you too can achieve it. It’s totally possible.

There are several ways to change your subconscious programming. Remember, subconscious really equates to automatic behavior that you don’t have to think about because it’s hardwired into you.

The subconscious acts like a recording device.

Have you ever used the “record” function on your cell phone?

You know what I’m talking about right?

You can record a memo or message and it plays back exactly what was recorded.

That’s how the subconscious mind works.

It’s a playback mechanism.

So, basically if you want to change your subconscious blueprint all you have to really do is change the recording which would be the limiting behavior you want to change.

Have you ever argued with yourself?

The argument is taking place between your conscious thinking mind and your unconscious recording mind.

No matter how much you argue and fight and fuss with it, it cannot change what’s being broadcasted until you change the message in the recording.

So, how can you change the recording?

  • Consciously through repetition stop the unwanted behavior while implementing the new behavior. This can take some time.
  • Hypnosis. Many experts claim that hypnosis works for changing unwanted behaviors. This works while placing you in a state of mind where your “inner gatekeeper” is unaware. While the gatekeeper is “asleep” so to speak, the hypnotist will program in the new behavior bypassing your inner gatekeeper and going directly into your subconscious blueprint.
  • Pain/pleasure. Start focusing on the pain this unwanted behavior is causing your and feel the pleasure you will have once you stop.
  • Get a buddy to help you with the change. I heard about a man who ran a casino in Las Vegas who wanted to stop smoking however he lacked the personal power to achieve it. He placed an ad on a huge Billboard on the strip that read: “If you catch me smoking I’ll pay you $100,000.” How’s that for leverage?

The Thinker and the Prover

The human mind is divided into 2 parts.

  1. The Thinker
  2. The Prover

The Thinker can think about anything and believe anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, real or imagined.

This capability of the thinker can actually think itself sick or well resulting in disease or health in the body.

Whatever the Thinker thinks the Prover will prove.

This is a great concept if you think and believe you can be wealthy.

This is not so good if the thinker thinks self-limiting and self-defeating thoughts and beliefs.

This creates a self-reinforcing reality also known as a reality loop.

This is exactly what happened to Phil in the Movie: Groundhog Day .  (Affiliate link)

Phil eventually was able to get out of the Groundhog Day syndrome by changing his thoughts and beliefs from being selfish, to focusing on the needs of others.

The reality loop not only creates your reality; it also maintains it.

The brain is not the mind

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nasseim Haramein

The mind is the brain in action.

Some experts compare the brain as being the hardware and the mind is the software program installed on it.

If so is there no such thing as mental disorder? Perhaps physical brain damage which gives the illusion of a mental disorder is at the root.

So what about emotions, where do they fit in?

Your mental state will lead you to an emotional state which leads to what you do or don’t do. Being in a lazy mental state will not lead to action as where being happy and joyous would lead you to actions like following your joy and bliss.

Under a scan the orbital cortex, the part of the brain that controls moral behavior, ethics, and impulse control is almost completely dark, inactive or shut down in people who are psychopathic and sociopathic.

A healthy functioning Orbital Cortex puts a brake on another part of the brain, the Amygdala.

The Amygdala is the part of the brain that drives impulses like sex, eating, violence, rage, and drinking.

In addition, the brain also acts as a receiver/transmitter that decodes physical reality.

Realities and dimensions exist on frequency ranges very similar to frequencies on a radio. We can tune in and listen to our favorite radio station just by turning a dial on a receiver.

Our human body is the receiver or vehicle for tuning into this dimension of reality. Without a human body we cannot access this reality physically.

This reality still exists of course though but we need an interface (the human body) to get access to it and the mind would be its communication system.

The physical world that you see as outside of yourself only exists in that form in your brain and is decoded outward through the mind.

We see with the decoding systems of the brain and not with the eyes. Everything in our world is vibrating.

The brain turns this vibrating information into electrical signals in which the brain decodes to construct our physical reality.

The words on your computer screen only exist in its apparent physical form inside of your brain and the same with everything else that you see.

The mind is the conscious energy that animates your body. The body is what keeps the mind anchored in physical reality.

One cannot survive without the other.

Consciousness Creates RealityMatch the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way This is not philosophy, this is physics Bashar

You are spiritual consciousness having a human experience. You are not your body and you are not your mind.

These are merely tools for accessing our 3D world.

As I mentioned in the last chapter.

Your body/mind is like a computer for your consciousness.

When you go on the internet, you don’t actually go on the internet- your computer does.

You use the computer to access the World Wide Web.

You wouldn’t say, “I am my computer” would you?

No you wouldn’t.

You are the conscious person observing and interacting through the computer into the World Wide Web.

This is a similar analogy to what you are experiencing right now with your physical body.

Once you realize this it makes ideas about not liking someone solely based on what their computer/body looks like seem absurd.

I would venture to guess that most people aren’t against people based on their body/computer as much as they are against their thoughts, beliefs and action’s.

I don’t believe in discriminating against someone based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

I do discriminate against people based on how they behave socially and how they treat other people.

I don’t automatically like some just because they are of European descent like my body nor do I discriminate someone that looks totally different than me either

I observe people’s words, deeds and actions and draw my own conclusions.

I don’t expect anyone to be 100% perfect all the time. We are human beings right? We weren’t all created to be Saints.

Right now we are living in a time of experiencing a collective consciousness. This means the beliefs of the whole are affecting the whole.

We need to make change within the individual first if we want to change the world for the better. The outside – in approach doesn’t work for fixing the world’s problems.

We have to fix the individual first by changing negative beliefs to positive ones for each individual.

Physical Reality is Within Us

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.” Eugene Wigner

Quantum Physics has proven that everything is in unseen waveform unless we observe it.

You probably have seen the movie: What the Bleep Do We Know? (Affiliate link)

This movie really opened my eyes up to Quantum Physics and how the world we live in is much like a 3D hologram.

What the Bleep also demonstrated in the Dr. Quantum double slit experiment when a camera observed the electrons, they acted as particles. However, when no equipment was used to observe the electrons, they acted as waves and particles simultaneously.

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you are in your house upstairs in your bedroom and your spouse is downstairs in the basement doing the laundry.

While you know that your spouse is in the basement, they exist in waveform to you until you go down and physically decode them with your eyes via your brain.

We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha

The Law of Attraction = The Law of Cause and Effect

Thoughts beliefs create reality

Like attracts like, you reap what you sow, what you put out is what you get back.

What you are thinking today will produce tomorrow’s results. We need to stop thinking sloppy thoughts in order to create the life we really want to.

Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become the reality we experience.

The law of attraction is absolute and it doesn’t discriminate.

It’s always on and always working.

Everything you experience in life is invited, attracted and created by you.

Whatever we focus on or pay attention to will be created from the Quantum field.

Once a belief is accepted by our subconscious mind in no longer is subjected to denial anymore.

When you think repetitive thoughts they get ingrained in the subconscious mind and the subconscious has no choice but to act upon those thoughts and beliefs.

Through the law of attraction you will attract people, place and circumstances that match you beliefs.

Your beliefs are emotional, they have an energetic frequency and since this is true, you will attract to you exactly what your frequency is because: Like attracts like.

All energy’s that are similar will gravitate to others at the same vibratory rate.

Everything is vibrational energy.

Whatever you want you will attract, whatever you don’t want you will attract.

What you attract depends on what you focus on – what you want or what you don’t want.

Whatever you resist will continue to show up in your life.

Whatever you fear will become your reality.

Whatever you prepare against will become your reality.

There are 2 states of mind for consciously creating:

  1. Fear
  2. Faith

Faith means knowing that things will work out in your benefit because the Laws of the Universe are naturally supporting you.

Dr. Sapolsky – Stress and Power

“Stress is not a state of mind… it’s measurable and dangerous, and humans can’t seem to find their off-switch.” –Dr. Robert Sapolsky in the documentary Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

Dr. Sapolsky explains how you are more exposed to stress if the following points are true:

  1. You feel like you have no control anywhere in your life.
  2. You’re not getting any predictive information (how bad the challenge is going to be, how long it will go on this way, etc.)
  3. You feel you have no way out of your current life situation.
  4. You interpret things as getting worse instead of improving.
  5. You have no “shoulder to cry on” on anyone to lean on.

Dr. Sapolsky and Professor Sir Michael Marmot both performed studies relating to positions in hierarchies and stress related illnesses.

Basically the conclusion drawn was that the ones who are at the top of the pyramid have less stress than the ones on the bottom.

However, there are circumstances when being at the top can be just as stressful as the bottom but this is often short lived and not a perpetual experience life experience like the ones at the bottom.

One other point about stress I would like to mention.

Most people don’t have the same level of real threats and dangers as our ancestors did.

We have more modern conveniences imaginable yet the stress levels for most at this point in time are through the roof.

We may have become addicted to the hormones that stress releases.

Cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine are hormones that are released during times of stress and like any drug; we can become addicted to them.


The Mind and The Body Are ONE! There’s no separation because they are one.

My conclusion is one effects the other. If you are having negative thoughts you will feel that in areas of your body like:

  1. Tight Chest, difficulty breathing.
  2. Difficulty speaking up, hoarseness.
  3. Achy, queasy stomach, constipation.
  4. Sexual Dysfunction, impotence, infertility.
  5. Sleep disorders.

If you stub your toe on the corner of your bed a message will be sent to your brain/mind letting you know that you have been injured and you must do something about it.

We can harm ourselves or be harmed in 2 ways.

  1. Verbal abuse and insults
  2. Physical trauma

You may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

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