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Haunted Jericho Covered Bridge

  In Baltimore County, Maryland we have a 150 year old covered bridge that goes across the Little Gunpowder Falls. Not too far from the covered bridge is the old Quaker Village of Jerusalem Mill. Legend has it that a ghostly female apparition known as “The White Lady” haunts the Jericho covered bridge. I had […]

A Ghostly Encounter

During the summer I often help out at my grandfather’s farm. A couple years back I had the strangest encounter. My grandfather owns a 30 acre farm which he rents out most of the land to farmers to grow either alfalfa or feed corn. I often weed the flower gardens and prune the shrubs at […]

Monster-Mania Con 2017 Hunt Valley

Wow, what a huge turn out this year for Monster-Mania 38 in Hunt Valley, MD. This was by far the largest attendance I have ever seen. I went to my first Horror Con in Hunt Valley in 2005 and have been a regular of MMC at Hunt Valley since 2012. At Monster-Mania there is such […]

Why I No Longer Watch Sports

“Celebrating a Sports victory is the equivalent of men watching pornography and then toasting to their success as lady-lovers.” – Jim Cummings I gave up watching sports cold turkey for good back in 2013 after the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. What led up to my awakening was realizing how stressed I was getting […]

No Wheat Flour Products for One Year

It’s been more than a year (Aug 2016- Sept 2017) since I’ve eaten any products made with wheat flour. I did this as an experiment to see if I could give up some of my favorite meals like donuts, pancakes, soft shell tacos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta marinara and pizza. It wasn’t too […]

Denis Waitley – The New Psychology of Winning

“Winners are people with definite purpose in life.”-  Denis Waitley My affiliate friends at Mindvalley have teamed up with top success coach and author Dennis Waitley to bring you – The New Psychology of Winning – Unleash the Champion Within. Dennis Waitley is the author of the audio series, The Psychology of Winning and books […]

How to Manage These Challenging Times

Fear transforms into excitement when the heart is given permission to feel. As the heart opens, passion can be expressed as joy, instead of projected with anger. From this space, the world receives the gift of its Divine reflection within the light of your Eternal presence. – Matt Kahn Learn to apply and use your […]

C Wilson Meloncelli – Hack the Flow State

“When someone is in a state of flow, that person’s brain is not thinking about anything – it’s just processing things through chunks at a total instinct level. Athletes in a state of flow describe knowing what will happen just before it does – knowing how a defender will react to a certain move an […]

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within 2017

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” – Tony Robbins Tony Robbins lives his life on a level that few people can or will. Why? Because he learned through the years the secrets to […]

Robin Sharma – Hero, Genius, Legend

“Fill your brain with giant dreams so there’s no space for petty pursuits” – Robin Sharma There is a little known secret to why you don’t take massive action to pursue your dreams — it’s because you secretly believe that they are impossible. That’s why you are doing what society, peers, family and friends tell […]

Aries Personality Traits

“Aries can do the work of 10 people, they are not lazy, they work hard and fast.” – Aries Quote Yes, I had a birthday this month, and yes, I am an Aries. I became intrigued with astrology back in the early 1990s. Being an Aries I wanted to know more about myself and who […]

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