Why You Don’t Need Motivation to Reach Your Goals

You will always move towards what you believe will be more pleasurable and you will always move away from what you believe will be more painful. That is the only motivation you will need. -Bashar

What Bashar is saying here is that we have a built in mechanism that drives us. This is known as the pain/pleasure principle.

We always move towards what we believe will be more pleasurable sometimes even if it causes us pain.

The keyword here is BELIEVE!

Our beliefs shape our destiny and they ultimately determine what we do or don’t do based upon how we define events and circumstances.

If you were severely dehydrated would you need motivation to drink a glass of water?

Of course not.


Then why would you believe you need motivation to do something you are not motivated to do in the first place?

You don’t.

What you need to do is redefine that thing you say you want to do that you keep telling yourself you are unmotivated to do.

You need to change the core belief about it and then you won’t need the motivation to do it. You won’t feel stuck or paralyzed with fear or inertia.

Lets say you want to earn an extra $1000 a month but don’t feel motivated to do it.

Imagine that you are already automatically earning an extra $1000 a month on auto-pilot. It just comes in month in and month out straight into your bank account effortlessly and easily.

Next, imagine what you would spend it on each month.

A vacation? Pay off some debts, buy some new clothes, get some much needed repairs done around the house?

Next, let go of any beliefs you may have about how the money will come to you.

This is where a lot of people get “hung up” in their minds.

The money can come to you in a million ways, just let go and know that it will come to you.

Here is the kicker though.

You may not get an extra $1000 a month.

It could be more, it could be less depending on your relationship with money.

Relationships are just a mirror of your beliefs about yourself.

So use it to your advantage.

If you end up earning an extra $100 a month instead of an extra $1000 a month; celebrate.


For one you just demonstrated how you can consciously increase your income each month.

Secondly, you also just revealed to yourself that you carry limiting beliefs/definitions about money.

So don’t look at it as a failure, look at is an an opportunity of further explorations about your beliefs/definitions about money.

Just take some time and write down all your beliefs about money, both positive and negative. Any negative/limiting beliefs you have about money learn to soften them up a bit by changing the meaning.

I just used money as an example here but you can use this with almost anything you would like to change.

Also, as you are doing this exercise, negative, fear based thoughts will come to your attention. Write these down because these are the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goal.

Sometimes, just looking at your beliefs will cause you to to let them go because they will seem irrational, nonsensical.Other times you will have to negotiate them with your brain so that they at least seem less probable to you.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

Using Clarity of thought as a guide

Motivation is a useful state of being to get you moving, but you don’t need it to take you all the way to where you want to go.

What you absolutely must have however is clarity of thought and an end goal in mind.

Thought is the precursor to creating your experience. Without conscious thought, you will not be creating your reality.

Think of thought as the carrot and your body/brain as the stick. They are connected to each other as you are directly connected to your thoughts.

So, what you need is clarity of thought and not necessarily motivation to see it through to the end.

You will automatically follow your thoughts for that is what you were given a mind for. To create direction in your life through clarity and focus.

Yes, you still must act or move in the direction of that which you want to create, however, things will magically fall into place once you do that.

This is why you must never fill your mind with thoughts of doubt because that is what you will experience in your physical reality.

Just simply choose which direction you want to go and trust through knowing that you will be divinely guided the whole way.

As you move, the right people will show up, that “thing” or person you need to complete your project will be there right when you need it.

The money to buy the things you need to complete your goal will show up seemingly out of thin air.

Just remember to know and trust by believing that all will work out in your favor in the end.

Yes, challenges will arise as they seemingly do.

Just view them as challenges and not obstacles in your path and you will get by them very easily without much effort on your part.

You were born to create and to experience your creations.

This is your purpose in this lifetime.

You will create according to your beliefs, your values, your moral compass, your passions, your desires and so on.

There isn’t any need to believe that your creations are less or more important than anyone else’s creations.

We all get to create while we are here in physical reality.

Have fun with it; learn to explore many different themes, many different avenues of exploration.

So the secret to creating is seeing it through till the end by visualizing it.

If you create using your heart-chakra, and intend that what you are doing will serve the many, than I say “Go for it!”

Just be sure to remember several important factors when creating.

Does this serve the greater good?

Am I intentionally harming anyone by creating this?

Am I choosing to create this based on love for myself and others?

Remember, we are all one consciousness.

Yes, we are physically separate beings, however, metaphysically speaking we are all connected, and we are all one.

From the book “The Seth Material:”

“You must be taught and trained to create responsibly. Yours is a training system for emerging consciousness.”

“You are learning to be co-creators. You are learning to be gods as you now understand the term. You are learning responsibility- the responsibility of any individualized consciousness.

You are learning to handle the energy that is yourself, for creative purposes.”

From “The Early Sessions:

“The child must mature, and your system is a maturing ground, a very primary one…. A beginning school…”

“The human race is a stage though which various forms of consciousness travel.

Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy and see, through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and emotion.”

“In more advanced systems, thoughts, and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action, into whatever approximation of matter there exists.

Therefore, the lessons must be taught and learned well. The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood.”

The physical world can be thought of as an elementary school. (Justin’s words- Bashar calls Earth a “Master Class”) We are all enrolled in a cosmic grade school and we are here to learn AND to enjoy our being. In the fertile soil of physical reality we are meant to grow and blossom.

Our day to day experience is our classroom, and we are learning the A.B.C.’s of how to use energy so that we can become conscious co-creators with the Universal Spirit, Mind, God, All THAT IS, or whatever term you prefer. On the one hand we are each unique manifestations of the Universal Spirit/All That Is, and on the other hand we are individual “infant” gods, or gods in training.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is that we create our own reality, according to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. We each have access to unlimited energy and the inner knowledge of our “soul” or greater identity, and we are supposed to learn how to use our awesome power with skill and wisdom.

“Events are not things that happen to you. They are materialized experiences formed by you, according to your expectations and beliefs.”

“If you are in poor health, you can remedy it. If your personal relationships are unsatisfactory, you can change them for the better. If you are in poverty, you can instead find yourself surrounded by abundance…”

“This does not mean that effort is not required, and determination. It does mean that you are not powerless to change events; and that each of you, regardless of your position, status, circumstances or physical condition, is in control of your own personal experience.”

“If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations.”

“You need to learn the power of thought and emotion… Once you realize that your thoughts form reality, than you are no longer a slave to events. You simply have to learn the methods.”


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