Indigo Children – Do You Feel Like an Alien on this Planet?

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw this post from Doreen Virtue that stated:

“Indigo Assistance

I am suddenly receiving a lot of questions about Indigos. It appears that the energy is very much affecting Indigos right now (Indigos are strong-willed natural born leaders who are ultra-highly sensitive to energies and chemicals).”

Writing about Indigos is something that I wanted to touch on ever since I started my blog back in 2011. Well, maybe I forgot about it, or I just placed it on the back-burner.

Either way, I wrote this post for anyone who has felt a little different on this planet and perhaps wondered why.

Do Indigo people, especially adult Indigo’s have a unique purpose on Earth at this time?

I am not 100% sure if the Indigo children know they are somehow different than other children, but I would guess that they know on some level that they are different than their peers.

Indigo children do have abilities that their counterparts do not and I will touch more on that in this post.

Indigo Children


What Are Indigo Children

“Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The idea is based on concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and further developed by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.” – Wikipedia

Indigo Children began entering this planet influx around the 1970s although many Indigos are in their 50s and beyond. Today the majority of children are Indigos or some off-shoot like Crystals and Rainbows.

It has been theorized that Indigos chose to come to Earth at this time to be a part of the shift that is occurring. They are here to uplift the planet and raise the vibrations of all of us. There are many common traits that you can see in an Indigo.

Grey Alien ET


Where did the term Indigo Children come from?

Nancy Ann Tappe, a teacher and counselor, studied the human auric field, otherwise known as their electromagnetic field. The field surrounds every living thing. She even wrote a book about it called “Understanding Your Life Through Color.”

Through colors in the aura, she instituted a shockingly accurate and revealing way to psychologically profile a person using her new auric color method. The signs of an indigo child actually began even as early as in the 1950s with a few people. What she noticed was that 80 percent of the children born after 1980 had a new deep blue colored auric field. She called this new color “indigo”.

David Icke

David Icke Mentions Indigo Children in his book; Remember Who You Are.

“Millions of children have come here in the last few decades with awakened consciousness. They are often referred to as “Indigo Children” and they retained their knowing as they crossed the vibrational divide.

Would they be doing that if all that was waiting for them was a global prison camp? They are here to build the new world when the long era of human slavery is no more.”

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way This is not philosophy, this is physics Bashar

Bashar talks about Indigo Children

Questioner: One other quick question. There are children being born in the world now that people are saying, calling them Indigo Children?

Bashar: Yes, a new species.

Q: Can you tell us more about that?

B: They are vibrationally those that have passed through certain vibrational gates that will allow them to remember more of who they are, and physiologically they will exhibit more of the idea of altered DNA and altered genetics that will allow them to function as antennas for higher frequency energies and to express the idea of creative talents much earlier in life.

Q: And is that how we recognize them because they…

B: Generally speaking although you will not necessarily be capable of recognizing all of them. It has a lot to do with whatever theme they have chosen to explore and whatever service they have chosen to be of on your planet as to when and where you may recognize them.

Q: In so many young children are being diagnosed with something called ADHD or Autism, is that part this?

B: It is to some degree because it is an opportunity for you to learn something new about the whole idea of the brain and consciousness and the thought process and awareness and to change the structure and nature of how you look at physical reality and how you look at consciousness.

They are your learning curves.


Anderson Cooper talks with an Indigo on CNN.

Link to You Tube video.

Merlin Fortune Teller

Doreen Virtue on Indigo’s

Indigo Children have a lot of indigo blue in their auras. This is the color of the “third eye chakra,” which is an energy center inside the head located between the two eyebrows. This chakra regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see energy, visions and spirits.

Many of the Indigo Children are clairvoyant. Indigo Children can sense dishonesty, like a dog can sense fear. Indigos know when they’re being lied to, patronized, or manipulated. And since their collective purpose is to usher us into a new world of integrity, the Indigos’ inner lie detectors are integral.

As mentioned before, this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. And the Indigos are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school.

They don’t have the ability to dissociate from their feelings and pretend like everything’s okay . . . unless they’re medicated or sedated.

Cosmic Perspective

Indigo Children Test

>They are born feeling and knowing they are special and should be revered.

>Feels like an Alien on this planet.

>These children are more confident and have a higher sense of self-worth.

>Absolute authority, the kind with no choices, negotiation, or input from them does not sit well. The educational system is a good example.

>Resistance to Authority, Structure, and Hierarchy.

>Some of the rules we so carefully followed as children seem silly to them and they fight them.

>Rigid ritualistic systems are considered archaic to an indigo child. They feel everything should be given creative thought.

>They are insightful and often have a better idea of method then what has been in place for years. This makes them seem like “system busters.”

>Adults often view an indigo as anti-social unless they are with other indigos. Often they feel lost and misunderstood, which causes them to go within.

>The old control methods like, “Wait till your father gets home,” has no effect on these children.

>The fulfillment of their personal needs is important to them, and they will let you know.

>Strong willed.


>Creative in many ways.

>Prone to addictions because of feeling so different and misunderstood.

>An “old soul” as if they’re 10 going on 40.

>Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people.

>An isolationist, either through aggressive acting-out, or through fragile introversion.

>Independent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking you for money.

>Possess a deep desire to help the world in a big way.

>A high dislike for routines or traditions.

>Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity.

>Gets bored easily.

>Can easily tell when someone is lying.

>Highly intuitive.

>Loners because they can’t spend much time around negative people.

>Been Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD.

>Prone to insomnia and other sleep related problems.

>Experiences depression on a regular basis.

>Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships. Superficial relationships will not suffice for an Indigo.

>Loves nature and especially animals.

>Can’t be in tight, crowded work or living situations.

>Highly Sexual and creative in the bedroom.

>Abhors traditions like marriage, kids, monogamy, 9 to 5 cubicle life.


>Tendency towards vegetarianism.

>Faster internal rhythm than normal people.

>Tendency to have harsh childhoods.

Lighthouse 2

I found this list of Indigo Children Traits at Indigo’s forum

1. You feel ancient to the core, as though you have existed forever.

2. You are soul tired, and simply want to go ‘home’.

3. You remember what home feels like even if you can’t verbalize it.

4. You felt unique as a child, as though no one else was like you, it felt like there were them (humanity) and you. You may have even felt special or lofty regardless of your social stature.

5. From as far back as your earliest memory, your life has been littered with paranormal and psychic experiences. This may have manifested as: seeing ghosts, or other entities, seeing interdimensionally or into other times, seeing beyond the illusion, reading others thoughts, dreams that came true, UFO sightings and much much more.

6. Your empathetic gifts are so strong it can almost be too much at times.

7. Your body functions differently to others. It is more finely tuned and has a habit of reacting unlike other peoples. Doctors are often stumped by you and a natural lifestyle is imperative to your good health.

8. You are very intelligent, but not necessarily interested in academics.

9. You struggle to find what you want to do with your life because nothing in this reality really intrigues you enough to be dedicated to it. A part of you remembers so much more that life here is almost banal.

10. You have trouble being in touch with your body, or its limitations frustrate you, because you remember far more freedom. Part of you feels you should be able to fly, teleport or instantaneously manifest.

11. You have known since you were very tiny that you had a purpose or a mission to fulfill, even though the details may be elusive.

12. You have an extraordinary dream life, and waking life seems dull in comparison.

13. Others are often wary of you, and you were most likely singled out as a child and bullied or ignored. Friends were and are often few and far between. People instinctually know you are different even if they don’t understand why.

14. You can read people, they don’t even necessarily have to speak, you can just feel who they are, which is why you cannot be lied to. You see beyond the facade, and that makes people uncomfortable around you.

15. Babies and small children are often drawn to you, something about you fascinates them.

16. Animals tend to trust you, and you have a natural understanding of their wants and needs, as though you can communicate on some level.

17. Conversation frustrates you because you know what the other person is going to say long before they say it. Often you appear rude in conversation, either appearing disinterested or butting in and answering the question before it is completed.

18. Some may describe you as aloof, but when they get to know you, you are actually incredibly warm and loving.

19. You have created certain protective elements to survive in society because you find being around people quite hard, even painful at times, and you can only handle large crowds of people in very brief doses.

20. You are aware that you are an interdimensional ascended being here to assist humanity at this time, and you may have some memories of your incarnations on this earth, leading up to this time. This knowledge is within you.

21. You have natural healing abilities, whether it be with your hands or through the comfort you give with your words.

22. You often find random strangers tell you their problems and friends seek you out for counsel, even from when you were very young.

23. You were advanced as a young child, speaking, reading, walking earlier than normal.

24. Some may have described you as a precocious child, you weren’t afraid to speak your mind.

25. You have had trouble sleeping most of your life, whether it was due to insomnia or to fears that reared their head at night. Visions you see at night don’t help the sleeplessness.

26. You have felt great despair or depression in your life, often connected to a desire to want to go home. Life here feels so very wrong.

27. You have difficulty comprehending why you would want to spend your life working at something you hate, so that you can spend all your money paying off your debts so that you can be like everyone else with the cool car and the mortgage. None of this makes any sense to you. You’d rather be poor than a slave to the system. People may view you as a drop out or lazy, but that has nothing to do with it.

28. You often feel connected to another place or time, and long for something deeper in your life.

29. You have an understanding of the divine beyond books, beyond religion, even if you can’t put it into words. Spirituality is part of you, it is inseparable and not learned but definitely built upon. You didn’t wake up to your spiritual self, because your spirituality has always been an intrinsic part of your nature.

30. You know that your origins are not human.


God put me here to do certain things

Test yourself and quiz your friends and see how many indigo adult characteristics you have! (

  • Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
  • Are very creative and enjoy making things.
  • Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.
  • Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.
  • Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
  • May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.
  • Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and caste system of employment.
  • Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.
  • Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
  • May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
  • May have trouble with RAGE.
  • Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, i.e. political, educational, medical, and legal.
  • Alienation from or anger with politics – feeling your voice won’t count and/or that the outcome really doesn’t matter.
  •  Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream – 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.
  • Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.”
  • Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.
  • Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young – in or before teen years.
  • Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn’t mean you’re not an indigo, though.
  • Have strong intuition. * Random behavior pattern or mind style – (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.
  • Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
  • May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.
  • Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.
  • Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.
  • When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

***Please note, anyone could have a few of these traits, but Indigo Adults have most or all of these 25 characteristics.***

Article Sources and Links to Indigo Articles.

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