Chakra 7 System Healing With Carol Tuttle – Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life

The body never lies.” – Martha Graham

Is a weakness in your 7 Chakras sabotaging your reality?

Do you ever feel stuck in your life?

When making personal decisions?

When making a change you know you have to make?

When manifesting the reality you really want?

Blocked or restricted chakras could be to blame.

Carol Tuttle, MRET, is an electrifying catalyst for healing who has devoted her life to helping people rise out of deprivation into overflowing abundance.

She literally wakes up people’s souls to living so they realize their greatness.

She has a gift for identifying blocks and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and uses her evolving intuitive gifts and clearing techniques to reconnect people with their spirit truth and life purpose.

She shares, “The healing technologies I am working with make traditional therapy look like a covered wagon.

People are ready and eager to heal their personal pain and generational issues, and we have been blessed with the knowledge and tools now to make that possible.”

Carol Tuttle is widely recognized for helping thousands of people. Her patient triumphs are legendary.

As an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, Carol is a leader in the areas of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Medicine.

Her reputation as a psychological intuitive and energy therapist has taken her to other countries where she has been called upon to work with the native people to clear the generational beliefs and life patterns that are keeping them stuck in oppression.

Mark my words – when used correctly, the Chakra7 System and its supporting materials will bring you the ability, at any given moment, to instantly uplift any aspect of your life.

What are chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body and we all have seven primary chakras. If any of the seven chakras are not flowing properly you will experience discomfort in the body and mind.

Eventually, your outer world will be a mirror of your inner world.

As many of you know the outer world is a reflection of your inner world and your inner world is governed by the health of your chakras. If your chakras are balanced and flowing your outer world will match that.

If any of your chakras are slowed down or imbalanced your outer world will reflect that as well.

There are many things you can do to keep your chakras open and balanced like:

  1. Eating healthy foods and drinks.
  2. Exercise and yoga (daily).
  3. Finding a healthy outlet for your emotions.


What I liked about the Chakra Healing Course

The program is put together very well. Instead of only reading, you also get to watch videos of Carol Tuttle and Syl Carson.

Both of these ladies understand the chakra system and the importance of maintaining the health of your energetic ecosystem.

The course is not meant to be rushed through so be sure to take your time with it.

Granted, I didn’t use the course daily, but when I did I noticed that I felt better mentally, emotionally and physically.

I especially like the yoga videos by Syl Carson.

While performing the yoga poses, I would place my laptop on the table of my living room and mimic the yoga techniques that Syl did.

Yoga is a form of low impact exercise that involves stretching, posing the body, and breathing. Things you can easily do to keep your energetic body flowing and healthy.

The Chakra Healing course comes with 9 Modules, plus two extra bonuses.

Also each module dealing with a specific chakra comes with a downloadable workbook and a downloadable copy of the transcript.

Carol will help you deal with the real problems in your life and it is not about people, places or things. In reality it all boils down to the state of your energetic ecosystem.

Having money problems? It’s a root chakra block.

Having sexual problems? It’s a sacral chakra block.

Are you a people pleaser? It’s a heart chakra block.

Feeling like a victim? It’s a personal power chakra block.

Having trouble expressing yourself? It’s a throat chakra block.

Spiritual Problems? Check your intuitive chakra.

Feeling lost in life? It’s a Crown Chakra block.


Evolving through the Chakra Healing System

Just remember that your experiences will be based on your current mental and emotional states, which will evolve as you progress with the course and the exercises.

The Chakra7 System is designed to help you unleash you higher self through the specially designed set of meditations and exercises for each of your chakras.

It will help you discover yourself and your body, as well as allowing you to function intuitively so you can discover answers, insights and epiphanies from within.

Also, please take your time with the course.

I understand the desire for instant results, especially when you’ve paid for something, but the Chakra7 System is about permanent, long-term results.

It’s about going beyond instant gratification, and enriching every aspect of your life in a way you may have never thought possible.

So, resist the temptation to skip any part of the Chakra Healing Program or to go through it too quickly and just take your time.


To help you go through the Chakra program smoothly

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be learning:

7 chakras – Watch Syl and Carol work on each chakra as they take you through the specific techniques and yoga exercises that are specially designed to open and energize that specific chakra.

Each chakra module will give you an overview of the meaning and effects of the chakra, transcripts to the training videos and access to the download version of the videos for those who are on the go!

Ask Carol – Each month she’ll be answering all your questions and guide you through your Chakra Healing journey through my emails or videos on the site.

To post questions, just go to the sidebar and look for “Ask Carol”.


Update: I’ve been asked to redirect readers to a new program by Donna Eden called Energy Medicine.

>>> Go here to read about Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine program

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