What is Self Sabotage

Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.” ― Steven Pressfield

Self Sabotage means to intentionally hinder your own progression,

Many of us were brought up with the belief that if we are good we will be rewarded. If we are bad then we will be punished.

This belief has been around for a long time. We usually learned this through our parents, who also learned it from their parents. It is a cultural condition that is set up to control your behavior.

There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting your kids behavior to improve. But when this behavior becomes ingrained in our minds as adults, it can lead to self sabotaging behaviors.

What I am telling you is that you may also be using this belief system on yourself. Only you can judge your behavior and actions, even if other people didn’t see it happen.

Your success in life will be in direct proportion to how you judge or perceive yourself.

Abundance is all about your perceived self-worth, so we are always in control of how much abundance enters our lives.

When we feel good about ourselves, more abundance enters our lives. When feel bad about ourselves, abundance slows way down.

I had fun once

It’s okay to make mistakes

I got news for you, it’s o.k. to make mistakes, it’s alright to not be perfect. Gandhi was known to be a moody person, Mother Teresa had hissy fits once in a while.

The Dalai lama used the F word before, actually I don’t know about that one, but do you get my point.

You don’t have to stop allowing yourself to receive love in the form of abundance just because you perceived that you did something wrong.

What is right and wrong anyway, who has the final say in that? Well in reality, you have complete authority over what is right and wrong for you.

I hate morning people

Stop sabotaging yourself

My point is that if you want to receive abundance of anything, you must first stop sabotaging your success. Have you ever wondered why people who you perceive as bad are abundant financially?

These “bad” people do not perceive themselves as bad. They are congruent with themselves and therefore allow themselves to attract financial abundance.

If they perceived themselves as bad, the financial abundance would stop.

It’s like turning on and off a spigot on a garden hose. Feel good about yourself, the hose is turned all the way on (allowing yourself to receive abundance). Feel bad about yourself, the hose is turned off( Disallowing yourself to receive abundance).

If you allow your behavior to dictate how much abundance that you receive, your life will be like a roller coaster. Remind yourself that human spiritual growth is a process, and that you are still a student.

So basically, self sabotage would be the equivalent of punishing yourself. This is a behavior pattern that you must eliminate if you are be abundant in life. I am not saying that you should dismiss or ignore your bad behavior.

Make all corrections that you can in regards to behaviors that don’t serve you anymore. But make sure you always keep your spigot on to allow abundance to enter into your life. I want to see you grow and live an abundant life.

Self esteem and self sabotage go hand in hand. People who hold themselves in high regard do not sabotage themselves. They give themselves the room to learn and grow and they allow themselves to make mistakes along the way.

When you have high self esteem your self confidence will naturally improve too.

This is a process that will not happen overnight but through consistent focus and opening your heart to yourself you will experience the abundance and joy that life promises to you.

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