Type A Personality Traits

I wrote this Type A personality trait as a guideline.

You may or may not have all the characteristics on this list. Generally speaking, Type A personalities have most of the characteristics on this list.

What is a Type A Personality?

The theory describes “Type A” individuals as ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management.

People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics” who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence. (Source Wikipedia).

Type A Person

Type A Personality Traits List

  • Type A people get things done. They don’t believe in procrastination. They do things the minute they think of them.



  • Type A personality are ten times more likely to face burn-out or even a complete nervous breakdown than their counterparts.


  • Type A people just have that extra edge over everyone else and that is why they succeed.


  • Type A people often worry about missing out on something.


  • Type A people work even when they are supposed to be on vacation.


  • Type A people need to be in control of everything.


  • Type A people are very critical of themselves and other people.


  • Type A people spend very little if any time relishing in their recently achieved goals because they are already preparing for their next goal.


  • Type A people tend to have high blood pressure.


  • Type A people abhor idleness.


  • Type A people often suffer with digestion problems because they seldom chew their food enough.


  • Type A people are quick to anger.


  • Type A people feel guilty when they take time to relax.


  • Type A people are masters of multi-tasking.


  • Type A people are easily annoyed.


  • Type A people often break the rules.


  • Type A people are often entrepreneurs because they have zero tolerance for following someone else’s authority.


  • Type A people are fast talkers and often talk over other people.


  • Type A people generally do well financially.


  • Type A people don’t understand the concept of limitations.


  • Type A people can turn anything into a competition.


  • Type A people believe that time is money. Because it is.


  • Type A people have a low tolerance for slow processes.


  • Type A people get angry at themselves when they don’t accomplish all that they wanted to do.


  • Type A people, once mature, realize they don’t have adequate time to give to personal relationships.


  • Type A people plan out everything in advance.


  • Type A people feel uneasy if they are not doing something productive.


  • Type A people have trouble falling and or staying asleep.


  • Type A people often eat on the run.


  • Type A people rarely ask for help.


  • Type A people push themselves immensely.


  • Type A people grind their teeth at night.


  • Type A people have a fiery temper.


  • Type A people do not procrastinate on things that can be done now.


  • Type A people have a low tolerance for the incompetence of others.


  • Type A people are passionate about what they love.


  • Type A people tend to stress and worry a lot.


  • Type A people make any task as efficient as possible.


  • Type A people are extremely organized.


  • Type A people get annoyed when things don’t go according to plan.


  • Type A people are punctual and expect you to be too.


  • Type A people don’t like doing things if there is not a meaningful purpose behind it.


  • Type A people believe they can solve all the world’s problems in less than six months.


  • Type A people are disgusted by poor customer service.


  • Type A people finish assignments before anyone else.


  • Type A people often finish other people’s sentences.


  • Type A people are hardworking and not afraid to let you know about it.


  • Type A people are often very helpful.


  • Type A people write everything down that is important to remember.


  • Type A people exercise daily.


  • Type A people rarely take time to enjoy their life.


  • Type A people get bored easily.


  • Type A people are often tense and agitated.


  • Type A people tend to overreact to situations.


  • Type A people do not like being a passenger in a car.


  • Type A people have a high sex drive.


  • Type A people are independent.


  • Type A people rarely follow the crowd and tend to do their own thing.


  • Type A people are solution oriented.


  • Type A people keep trying until they get it right.


  • Type A people are “status conscious”.


  • Type A people are obsessed with time management.


  • Type A people are often called “workaholics.”


  • Type A people are constantly learning something new.


  • Type A people probably won’t finish reading this list because they have too many other important things to do.

Famous Type A People

  • Donald Trump
  • Mark Cuban
  • Madonna
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Robert Irvine
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Bobby Flay
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Guy Fieri
  • Vince McMahon
  • Tiger Woods
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Bobby Knight
  • Lori Greiner
  • Michael Jordan
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • David Beckham
  • Judge Judy
  • Jeff Bezos

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