Maintain a Healthy Glow and Provide Your Body with Vital Care

This is a guest post by Sierra of Ocean Dreams.

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” – Gene Tunney

Instead of letting the winter get you down, there are several tips to apply, such as taking care of yourself by not only eating right, but drinking plenty of water.

But wait – looking healthy doesn’t only mean eating right.

This also includes your external appearance, such as your hair and skin. Don’t let cold climates during the winter time dictate your healthy appearance.

Take control and make your body glow in the coldest of climates.

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Get Your Glow Back with Vital Skin Care

Did you forget that your skin can’t take care of itself in dry and cold places? Your face deserves a bit more effort on your part.

This includes exfoliating, moisturizing, and using a self tanner, if this is something that you prefer.

Every other night during your shower, gently exfoliate your skin with a great facial scrub.

This will remove the dead skin cells from your skin, making room for healthy and glowing skin underneath to appear.

Don’t rub your face roughly with the towel after you’re done exfoliating.

Be gentle and pat dry your face. Followed by drying your face off, apply a great moisturizer. This could be as simple as Oil of Olay or Kiehls.

If you’d really like to get your glow back without heading to the tanning booth, which causes significant skin damage by the way, use a self tanner.

There are several quality brand names that develop tanners (such as Neutrogena,) that are designed to help create a natural body glow.

When it’s cold and you’re feeling rather pale and lifeless, a little self tanner makes you feel more confident and radiant looking.


Hair Health – Get Healthy, Glowing Hair

Even though it’s the winter doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Be kind to your locks and trim them every six to eight weeks. This will get rid of any split ends and replenish your cuticles.

Now you can re-grow healthy hair after the damaged follicles are gone.

Plus trimming your hair will also make you feel refreshed and create a natural and lovely glow that will exist not only on your face, but on your hair too.

Hair serum and conditioner are two other hair treatments to consider. Conditioner provides essential nutrients to your locks, which keeps your hair healthy and strong.

Serum is wonderful if you need some added moisture or just want to produce extra shiny hair.

Glowing locks don’t necessarily mean you have to spend lots of money – it’s the little things that make your locks healthy, which in turn makes you glow.


Going Back to Food that Makes You Glow

Going back to nutrition, food plays a huge part in keeping you fresh and revitalized too.

There are several different kinds of food that provide your skin with healthy benefits, such as lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, apples, and eggs.

For example, six leaves offer more than 100% of your every day value of vitamin A, which revitalizes your skin by ever-increasing cell turnover.

A cup of strawberries, on the other hand, has up to 130% of the daily value of vitamin C that you need. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that boosts the production of collagen fibers.

If you’re not familiar with collagen fibers, this is what helps keep skin smooth and firm.

If you have skin that’s smooth, there’s no doubt that your skin will also glow from all the healthy food you’re in taking.

In addition, tomatoes help prevent your skin from turning red. When you’re trying to achieve a healthy glow you don’t want your face turning red, now do you?

A sunburned face just leads to cancer and other health issues. Keep your skin glowing with fruits and veggies that are great at giving your body the nutrients its craving and needs.


Create a Healthy Glow

So now that you have some tips to help liven up your skin and hair during the winter, what are you waiting for?

If your skin is in need of deep replenishing, feed it with love by treating your skin well. Also take care of your hair and keep it shiny and beautiful. By spring time you’ll be glowing now more than ever.

Author Bio: Sierra is a blogger and freelance writer. She loves glowing skin and part of her plan to having radiant skin is finding great vitamins. Stay up to date on Sierra at her blog Ocean Dreams.

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