Feel your Fear and Redefine it

“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Fears are a reaction to something that you believe to be true.

You don’t have a feeling about anything unless you have a belief or a definition about the situation.

It is a reaction to a definition or belief that you bought into that causes fear in the first place.

Sometimes the specific type of fear like public speaking can be symbolic of what the definition itself is. Therefore the type of fear can actually help you get in touch with what the definition might be.

Public speaking fears may be related to the idea of an internal definition/ limiting belief may be your psyches way to let you know that you have these beliefs.

The fear of public speaking is often caused by the “really real” fear that you are about to expand who you are to a much wider audience than you are used to.

Fear is not your friend


And the more people that you allow your reach to go the greater your chance of criticism and ultimately failure.

The cool thing about fear is that it has a very strong feeling and it will force you to awaken to the fact that you have these beliefs in the first place.

So the fear will become so great that it will force you to awaken to the fact consciously that you have these beliefs unconsciously so you will find them, change them, and ultimately transform fear into pleasure.

It’s like having sex for the first time. Maybe it was a scary experience for you then but now (hopefully) it is a pleasurable one. But I digress.

That is what fear is for. When you are feeling fear, it is there to tell you that you have a belief that is out of alignment with who you are.

Use your fear to serve you. Feel it, invite it, allow it and examine what core issue is causing you to feel this way.

Remember, the physical body is like an instrument. Your vibration is your sound and if you don’t like the music coming out of your body (fear) than tune your instrument to the vibration that is in alignment with the real you (not fear).

Fear is like an out of tune key, you need to find what belief causes you to feel fear(out of tune) change it (fine tuning) so the belief must be tuned and placed back into harmony with the rest of you.

Fear is your friend if you don’t react to it negatively. Specific fears (claustrophobia, public speaking etc) can give you a big clue as to what beliefs you have bought into.

Use your fear to serve you and the more you realize what fear is for the more excited and curious you will be about fear instead of burying and resisting it.

The truth is all emotions are neutral until they are filtered through your belief systems. That is why two people can go on a roller coaster ride and person “A” is loving every minute of it while person “B” is horrified by the experience.

It’s the beliefs of each person that causes how they experience the roller coaster ride and not the ride itself. Same goes with all experiences in life.

Remember though, caution and fear are two different things. One still allows you do to what you need to do while the other will immobilized you if you react negatively towards it.


 How does this fear belief serve me?

How many of you reading this are living the exact life that you really really want to? How many of you are settling for the staus quo? As I suspected, status quo won. Shame, shame, tisk, tisk.

Let’s change that shall we. Listen to me, everyone of you our unique and special beings with your own ideal way of who you want to be and how you want to live your life. As children we are still very unique.

But as we go to school and get indoctrinated we adopt the “herd mentality” and do as everyone else does. You basically are placed into a box. And if you try to get out there is another box person ready to shove you back in.

This is often called the sheep herding the sheep. In my World individuality is encouraged and conformity is not in regards to expressing who we are. I’m not talking about breaking laws here but rather conformity to the social norms of today.

We all know that at one time or another you tried to express your uniqueness and someone close to you or someone whose thoughts you cared about didn’t approve of it. The sad part here is that you were showing the “real you” but others didn’t like it.

They want you to stay in the box like them because if you change and break out of the box then maybe what they are doing is wrong and ultimately they will have to change.

So, you were able to express your uniqueness briefly but for whatever reason you decided to go “status quo” again living a dull, predictable and utterly boring existence.


 “They” are the reason that I cannot live the life I truly want

You know those people, they are scary, they prevent you from living the life that you really want. The truth is that they are not scary at all, you give them your power you make them that way. You give them your power and make them use your power to scare you back to conformity.

If you actually make the change to being yourself and doing what you really want then you will have more problems because of the possible disapproval from others, and possibly even “piss them off.” This alone is enough to keep most of you stuck with where you are in your life.

Everyone that wants to make a massive change in their life goes through this with their belief system. And the ones that are living the lives they truly want regardless of what others think were able to move beyond the limiting belief.

If you find yourself reacting to your fears you probably experience anxiety and panic. Don’t let these feelings cripple your experience of life. Get some help.

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