Achieve Optimum Health Or Keep Getting Sick

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. – Buddha

Wow, I was sick for most of March and when I say sick, I mean SICK.

I began getting symptoms towards the end of February and they escalated into March.

Keep in mind, I haven’t been this ill since 1997. I had managed to keep myself relatively healthy until this year and I was reminded of how important physical health is to me

My body went through stages of various physical symptoms.

First I had mental fog, I had trouble forming thoughts into sentences.

Then I got body aches, and then a fever followed by pink eye and my eyes being crusted shut one morning.

I know, gross. Then my nose got stuffed and then my throat hurt so bad I could not even swallow.

Once I got the sore throat from Hell I went online to find natural cures for a sore throat.

Apple cider vinegar to various herbs was what I found but there was one suggestion that sent signals to my brain to try.

It was raw garlic. Yes, yummy I know.

So what I did first was eat one clove of raw garlic followed by garlic tea with honey. The next day my sore throat was gone and I felt about 60% better than I did just one day earlier.

Raw garlic has anti-viral properties in it and what it did was go on a “seek and destroy” mission in my body. It killed the nasty “bug” that got inside of me.

Once again, it made me re-focus my attention on my physical health which I had put on the back burner for too long.

So, me being a natural researcher I had to find out some answers about why I got sick and how I can prevent this from happening again because believe me, once was enough.

So here is a checklist of what you and I can do to keep ourselves in optimum health all year long. Some of these things will be easier to do than others.

Remember, change takes time.

First Wealth is Health

1.Deep Breathing Exercises – The human body needs oxygen. Most of us do not breathe properly to begin with depriving your body of the vital oxygen it needs. Yoga, relaxation, meditation and deep breathing exercises.


2. Water/Hydration – The human body is made up of 70% water and most of us are not properly hydrated. Many things we eat and drink actually dehydrate us.


The body is like a battery in if it does not have water in its cells it will cease to work, it will short out. It will cease to become electrically conductive.

Water not only hydrates the body but it assists the body in flushing out toxins. One to two quarts of water a day will be enough even though it varies from person to person.

When you become thirsty it is your body’s final signal to you that you are dehydrated. When you properly hydrate your body you will rarely ever feel thirsty.


3.Exercise – You got to move your body. When you move your body you literally pump your body and assist it in removing toxins.

Flow your energy instead of allowing the energy to build up inside you and become unneeded weight.


4. Stress Reduction – Find any way you can to remove people, environments, work situations and anything else in your life that does not serve you.

If you can’t remove all of them than try to find ways to make them fun, joyful and relaxing for you. Most disease is a result of undue stress in your lives.


5. Lighten Up Your Diet – Removing the toxins that are already in your body via cleansing rituals. Fasting, juicing, alkalizing and perhaps going Vegan for some time will help.

I know you already know this but I will lay it out again.

Make sure that 70% of your diet is made from foods that consist of water. Fruits, vegetables and sprouts. Try to get them organic and eat them as raw as possible.

Avoid meats as much as you can because they tend to be full of toxins themselves. You are what you eat.

As you clean up your diet, your body and your life you will notice that you have more energy and will actually need less food than you do now.

Following these guidelines will assure you that your body has a strong foundation so that you may never get sick again.

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