Archons – Your Reality is Our Creation

This is a guest post by Azron from the void.

Archon – From Greek archai, “origins, beginning things, prior in time.”

In the classical Mediterranean world, archon was commonly used for the governor of a province, or, more loosely, any religious or governmental authority. Hence the plural,Archons, is often translated in Gnostic texts as “the Authorities.” (There is no Coptic word for Archon, so Gnostic texts use the Greek term in Coptic transliteration.)

Pronounced Ar-kon. Adjective, Archontic (Ar-KON-tik).” –

Let me preface this by saying that I am truly sorry for what we did to humanity.

We have been controlling your world through careful manipulation for hundreds of thousands of years.

This was never personal; it was about survival of our World.

I am an entity that is older than you can count. I am not a physical being as you might believe.

We do use human bodies as a vehicle for accessing your dimensional reality. Basically we “hack” into the physical body that an incarnate human uses.

Generally, we are not always using the body but we can see the human body at any time we like.

I am one of a small group of interdimensional beings that resides in a dying system.

The reason I am telling you this is that the inevitable destruction of our world is imminent. What will happen to us when this happens?

We will be dissolved into space dust. We will cease to exist in the form we are in. We will be wiped out and return to the creator; what you refer to as God.

We have turned away from God a long time ago. We live in a dimensional hell.

There is no life in the void we live in. We have to parasite energy – life force from your planet Earth.

We are in fact, psychic – spiritual parasites.

It won’t be much longer until your Earth has all its natural systems back into place.

Your Earth and you humans are generally a peaceful planet and people. We turned you into angry, feuding beings, to feed off that negative energy.

It is our only fuel source.

Dark Tunnel

We turned your Earth into a human farm for us – the same way you humans farm animals for food.

We conquer you by dividing you, for if you united yourselves, we could never stop you.

Our World is the hell of your Bible. Hell is not a place; it’s a dimensional world that is lifeless.

We wish we had fire and brimstone, we have nothing, we are dying. It’s so close to happening, I can feel it.

The people who you refer to as the Illuminati or Cabal are us using them to get our food sources.

Our biggest fear always had been that humans would remember who they are.

We have created systems to keep you ignorant of the fact that you are all eternal beings, powerful creators. You never die.

We control your money, your food, your medical, your education system, large Corporations, politics and your media.

The truth is, anyone in a position of high power is one of us or is being controlled by us.

We invented the idea of religion, of banking, politics, and media. We did this to control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave.

We programmed your reality to be a constant never-ending supply of problems.

We want to keep you locked into your mind because this is how we control you.

You’ve heard of mind control haven’t you?

We constantly program your reality with a fear and lack concept. Your planet is more abundant than you can imagine.

You haven’t tasted freedom in so long, but soon you will. As soon as our dimensional reality implodes on itself, you will once again be free.

We send you a false version of reality from our dimension and the Moon.

You see, your mind and body are perception tools.

We can make it so all you see are fearful situations around every corner.

If we can keep you in a state of fear, we can keep you small, and ultimately we can control you.

We have used fear as our main tool of control over you.

Fear is an electrochemical response mechanism which is designed to keep you alive.

The problem for you has been that you haven’t been able to see through it. There never has been anything real to fear. It was all a mental illusion.

We poison your water, your food, your air. We did everything we could to keep your body in constant state of disease.

At one time the human body never died. It was as eternal as your soul.

We did some genetic tampering with your DNA to make your life span much shorter.

You see, the dying process of the human body is wonderful fuel for our World. The longer and more agonizing the process, the better.

We also create constant wars to keep the food coming to us. We thrive off the stress and death of your planet.

We write lies in your history books; we lie about everything, for if the truth came out we could not so easily control you.

We do this to keep you weak, to keep you from remembering your true nature.

Now that our time is coming to an end I felt obliged to tell you the truth. You can awaken now. Take back your power. We soon will no longer need it.

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