You Are an Artist – Create Your Own Life

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” – Pablo Picasso

Today is the best day of your life so enjoy it.

Let your concerns and worries go because you have a team of people on your side that are helping you every step of the way.

Breath in the beauty of each and every moment you experience because life is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Learn to observe your thoughts as you go throughout the day.

Make sure they are in alignment with your highest truths about yourself. Whenever a negative or fear based thought pops into your head just say, “delete that.”

As I am typing this it is a beautiful, sunny day outside.

The weather is getting warmer finally and I can’t wait to spend a lot of time outside this Spring.

There is something just so freeing and joyful about being outside, especially in natural settings. It’s like it’s the way life is supposed to be; natural.

Letting life flow through you without resistance is also natural.

When we live our lives without resistance to what is, we can better align ourselves to receiving more of what we really want.

Remember, life is supposed to be a joyous, fun-filled adventure and when it’s not, it’s because we don’t believe it is supposed to be.

Believe in creating the life you truly want because that is what you came here for.

You didn’t come here to create lack, fear, scarcity or limitations for yourself or others.

You are a free being that can choose to create anything you want to.

When creating your life, yes, certain “unwanted” thing may show up. So what!

Everything I needed to learn art class

Keep moving in the direction of your goals in spite of these unwanted things because the unwanted things just let you know what you do not want.

Creating your life is a work of art, and yes, even artists make mistakes while creating their masterpiece. Some even scrap the whole thing and start over and so can you.

So when something “unwanted” shows up in your life, treat it as a mistake in your artwork.

Erase it, repair it, tweak it. Do whatever you have to to make sure it does not become a permanent part of your masterpiece.

No artist is perfect regardless of how well-trained they are. They simply have learned how to work around their mistakes.

Creating your life is also a lot like an actor on stage.

So whatever situation you are living right now pretend you are an improv actor and that you will automatically make decisions about what to do next.

Let’s say you are an actor and you just found out you lost your job, which means you lost income to pay your bills. You could react negatively and create a lot of drama if that is the type of movie you want your life to be about. Or you could consciously and deliberately create a new job or income opportunity that works for you.

The choice is yours.

I would go with the second option because it will give you control of your life instead of reacting negatively to an unwanted situation. I would also celebrate the loss of a job because that means I get to create again, only better this time.

With each new creation we have in any given area we get better each time, because with every “unwanted” situation we get we now get to decide what we really want.

Do you remember your first job?

Was it your dream job or did you just take what you got?

For most of us we took what we got, however we found things in that job we liked and things we didn’t.

When we leave that job for whatever reason we now have a much stronger idea of what we do want in our next job. Some of us prefer a strict 9 to 5 schedule while some of us enjoy freelance work or flexible schedules.

Some of us found out we like working in groups while others found out they prefer to work alone.

The choice is your based on your personal preferences. And this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a job where you work in groups some of the time, and work by yourself some of the time too.

It’s up to you and you get to create it by allowing into your life without resistance, without hesitation, without judgement, without fear of what other people will think of you.

You do this by acting like your true, natural, authentic self that you were created to be.

You’ll know when you are being your true-self because there won’t be any effort on your part to do so. It will feel “right” to you when you go about your day.

This all goes back to alignment. Alignment is when your thoughts and actions match up to create your preferred reality.

If either your thoughts or your actions are not in alignment then you will feel discord in your body. All this feeling is supposed to do is to get your attention.

It’s supposed to say to you, “Hey, you’ve got this belief, or hey you are acting in a way that is totally out of alignment with who you say you want to be.

That’s it, that’s what feelings are for. They are there to let you know there is a misalignment within you and you need to correct it.

Starting today, decide what you want to create new into your life. Perhaps a new career, joining a cause, getting in shape, relaxing more, having more fun, getting out into the world and exploring it.

Decide and then act on it.

Then notice what shows up in your life and what doesn’t. This will let you know what beliefs you have that serve you and which ones do not.

If your’re getting everything that you are asking for then your beliefs and actions are in alignment.

But if not everything shows up that you want then you need to examine your beliefs in that area and find out what they are.

Beliefs are funny things because they truly shape our destiny, yet most of our beliefs are not truly ours. Some of our beliefs come from our family, our peers, our teachers, television and so on.

We have to really examine our beliefs to:

1. See if they serve us.

2. Are they really ours to begin with or did we pick them up from someone else.

Beliefs decide what we do or don’t do and they decide whether we act or don’t act. Beliefs can push us towards our desires and they can totally keep us stuck.

This is also where it’s a good idea to “lighten up” the beliefs you’ve been carrying around with you. If you have too many beliefs that state the world is unsafe and dangerous then this will keep you trapped in a bubble of safety and protection.

However if you change the belief to, “The world for the most part is a safe place and I know I am perfectly alright regardless of where I am” – then you are ten times more likely to explore the world without fear .

All in all beliefs and actions completely drive you in this life.

With the right beliefs and actions you can skyrocket yourself to success, with the wrong beliefs and actions you will either stay stuck where you are repeating the same boring life or you may even create a lot of unwanted circumstances.

Once again the choice is yours, so choose consciously and deliberately so you can really, really, live the life you truly want and deserve to live.

Do it for yourself so you can be a shining example to others that there are infinite possibilities of ways to live your life and be totally satisfied living it!

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” – Oscar Wilde

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