You are a Conscious Deliberate Creator of Life

“Life is Like an Accordion – You Have to Expand and Compress it to Make Music.”

Learn to follow your joy for that is the real you leading the way. Forget the fearful mind for all it knows is limitations. Limitations are a product of the ego based mind that was artificially created within you during your childhood.

The ego based mind was created for the specific purpose of guiding you when you are unconscious.

Many of you are knocked unconscious because of foods, drinks, medicines, TV, computer, cell phones and other soulless things that you give your body and attention to.

For the purpose of creation you have to become 100% conscious and 100% within yourself.

When you are coming from a place of fear you are not the real you but the false ego self.

So, what do you want to create?


Follow Your Joy

That is up to you to decide.

Let’s say your goal is to earn 10 times your current income per year. What many of you would do first is start thinking of ways to do this.

This would be like leaving New York City and heading south to get to Los Angeles.

You are going the wrong way and you will never get there with this approach.

Here is what you need to do to get to your destination.

You need a map. But this map is not merely made up of directions; it is made up of thought, sound and synchronicities.

Follow the map, as you would follow the guidance of someone you know and trust.

Here is how you would get to the place of earning 10 times your current income.

First, clear your head by breathing.

Second, think of where you want to be, in this case you want to earn 10 times your current income per year.

Next, say out loud, like you have already achieved this goal. I earn 10 times my current income level.

Next, live like you already have 10 times your current income level. Spend freely and become generous with your money because you have already outgrown your old income paradigm.

Next, feel grateful inside. Really open up your heart and expand it 10 times its normal capacity. Feel the love pour into your heart area. What you allow in, will manifest itself into your reality.

Now, here is the most important thing to remember. You have to believe and trust in the process.

Simply saying I believe and trust in the process is not enough. You literally have to let it go, stop thinking about it any longer. You already stated what you wanted and now is the time to KNOW it is already here.

Without this critical step you will not achieve your desire, or at the very least you will not experience it for long because you will go back to where you once were – which is comfortable to you.

Allow life to happen, allow the necessary events to unfold in your experience. You don’t really have much control in regards to how you will receive 10 times your current income per year but believe me, it will show up.

The fun part is when it does show up you will be surprised how it does. Maybe the way you believed it would show up and how it actually shows up are completely different from what you had imagined.

This is a normal part of the deliberate creation process and in time with practice you will get used to it.

No worries here. The more you play around with becoming a deliberate creator the better you will become.

I know what many of you are thinking now. What if I create something and I don’t like the results? Guess what you can do? You can create again because you, and only you have the will and the power to do so.

Just as a baker experiments with several different recipes – sometimes dozens before he has it right so will you.

Deliberate creation is all about intent and not results.

If you inadvertently create problems or damage, but it wasn’t your intent, you can always create again. You will not be perpetually punished for your creation.

We will never become perfect deliberate creators but we cannot let that stop us from experimenting.

Becoming a conscious deliberate creator is what your life is all about. Most of you did not come here with a specific agenda or goal other than to experience your own creations or co-creations for better or worse.

The challenge that many of you now have is that you get stuck like a broken record and keep re-creating the same thing. How many of you leave a relationship to only end up back in another one that becomes worse than the first one? What about jobs and friends too? It’s all the same creation unless you raise your consciousness to a level that will allow for new creations and experiences.


2013 – No More Limitations

2013 offers you something that other years did not. It offers you the ability to create without any limitations to the self.

Many of you have woken up, or are about to be awoken from your unconscious slumber and realize that you have not been in control of your life. You have given your power away since birth and you still do as adults.

I can tell you this and at some level of your being you know it’s true. This reality is a hologram, none of it is real, and it is an illusion. What is real is the sound, frequency conscious beings that are you. You are the players in this game called life and most of you have played handicapped.

The game has been rigged for a long time to benefit the few at the expense of the many. You have long been held back by semi-conscious beings that have their hearts closed and their wallets open for you to give them your energy.

The time has come for you to stop allowing yourself from being parasited from and to reclaim your own energy once again.

Life is based on balance, sometimes called Justice. That is why the human physical world is so out of balance now. Because it has been set up that way. Tell me something? How do you feel when your body is out of balance? That’s right? You feel sick, tired, and wonky. And that is exactly how the current world is constructed and experienced because of this energetic imbalance.

Many of you have blindly followed along in this World without questioning the status quo. Too busy with your jobs, social life, sports and other things that do nothing to serve your soul or your true purpose in life.

After you have been pushed around for too long you will collectively have had enough and begin to push back. This event will be known as the “robot’s rebellion.” Yes, you are considered robots. Easy to program, easy to manipulate and control using your own inherent self-limiting weaknesses.

When will you finally say, enough is enough?

You have so little time in your human physical form. Break free of what binds you, take the shackles off and become the free empowered being that you were born to be.

Are you in? If not, stay asleep.

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