Work Like You Are Being Watched by Your Boss Because You Probably Are.

Big Brother is watching you.” – George Orwell

I noticed a trend on television shows lately. The boss is watching you.

Two television shows I enjoy watching are Restaurant Stakeout and Mystery Diners.

Both shows install hidden camera’s in the restaurant and observe how employees behave when they believe no one is watching.

Now, these shows purposely go to restaurants that have “problem employees,” and because of that, there is plenty of scenarios’ where employees behave less than professional.

The great thing about these shows is that it gives people a chance to see their own behavior while at work and hopefully make adjustments to improve their work performance.

I am not a big fan of the “Big Brother” reality that we live in, but I am completely on board with businesses wanting to keep an eye on their employees.

Like I said before, these businesses are their livelihood. They can’t afford to have their employees “goofing around” while they are not there.

I”ve seen it in my own experiences too. When the cat is away the mice will play.

Hard Work

Some things not to do while working.

1. Playing on your cell phone.

2. Sitting in groups chatting with your co-workers instead of working.

3. Not treating yourself like a business. Yes, you may be an employee but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act like a business.

4. Disrespecting your boss. Your boss’s business is their livelihood. You should respect the fact they gave you a job and are providing income for you and your family.

5. Eating, drinking, smoking etc in front of the customers.

6. Not giving your customer your full, undivided attention.

7. Talking and interacting with customers too casually. I actually had a bank teller at Bank of America say to another bank teller, “Can you help this fella?” FELLA! seriously!

You Don't have to be crazy to work here_opt

Let me back up to number 3. The future of business in the World will not be provided by only larger corporations, but also by self-employed people.

Even if you are in a job you don’t like it would benefit you to maintain a level of professionalism.

Being an online entrepreneur I often get asked to co-create product and services. What determines my decision is always based on the level of professionalism by the person asking me.

Do they respect me and my time? Are they really interested in me or am I just a pawn in their game?

You gotta ask yourself the right questions here.

I'm paid to like you until five

Finding good employees is not an easy thing to do so learn to stand out by being a step or two better than everyone else.

1. Show up early to work.

2. Keep your attitude positive.

3. Be friendly and professional with your co-workers instead of distant and leisurely.

4. Think of the business and your co-workers before you act or fail to act.

5. Establish trust with your boss and your co-workers.

Whether you are at the grocery store, on Facebook, at a social gathering or a business meeting. Always, and I mean always maintain a level of professionalism because you never know who is watching.

Customer bill of rights do unto others

Being Who I Am

Last October I had two similar experiences where a cashier at a convenience store gave me back too much change.

The first time it happened I was at 7-11 getting a coffee. The cashier was busy chatting with the customer before me while she was ringing me up.

I had a large coffee which was a dollar and seventy five cents.

I handed her a five dollar bill but she gave me change back for a twenty. My change should have been three dollars and a few cents instead she gave me back seventeen and some change.

As I was walking out the door counting my change I noticed her mistake. I immediately turned around and gave her fifteen dollars back.

She looked embarrassed about it to say the least.

About two weeks later I had a similar incident at the Royal Farms Store.

Once again I was getting a large coffee. The cashier was busy chatting away with her co-worker instead of focusing on our transaction.

The coffee was about one dollar and seventy-five cents and I handed her a ten dollar bill.

My change should have been eight dollars and some change. Instead she gave me back eighteen dollars and some change.

I told her she gave me back too much change and handed her back the extra ten and walked out the door.

These two scenario’s were almost exact.

A distracted cashier was busy chatting away instead of focusing on the customer.

If I were dishonest I would have kept the extra money and they would have been none the wiser until they counted out the change drawer at the end of the night.

This is a reminder of a concept that I learned many years ago:

Pay attention (focus) or pay with pain.

Now, some of you are wondering why I didn’t keep the extra change they gave me?

There are several reasons why I didn’t.

1. It’s not who I am. They made an honest mistake and the extra money would not have improved my life.

2. I believe in karma. What you put out is what you get back.

3. I believe God is watching me. God will not promote me in this world if I do something unethical like taking something that is not mine.

When I realized that the cashiers gave me back too much change I didn’t mentally go through my head and recite the 3 points above.

It was more of an immediate reaction to give them back the extra money. It wasn’t my money.

Either way, the point here is to maintain the highest level of personal integrity in your life.

Granted I don’t expect anyone to be a saint or to be perfect all the time. Rather, set your intentions each day to maintain a level of personal integrity that is in alignment with your highest self.

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