Why Your Ego is a Good Thing to Have

I own and operate a ferocious ego.” – Bill Moyers

Is the ego good or bad?

Great question and one I had never thought of until I began reading self help books that talked about the destructive nature of the ego.

I believe what they were really talking about was the unhealed shadow self and not the ego.

The ego has gotten a bad rap in the spiritual growth world.

I bought into the idea a while ago that in order to be a “spiritual person” I had to let go of the ego and I can tell you from experience that does not work!

I believe what many “new age gurus” are talking about here is the negative ego or false self.

The negative ego is the part of you that feels victimized and abused by others and life in general.

The very act of being abused and victimized is what will call the ego to rise up and defend you in the first place.

The ego rising up and defending you is a good thing while labeling yourself a victim or an abused person is not.


Because you’re subconscious mind does not know the difference between truth and fiction. It’s not designed to.

So yes, while “bad things” did happen to you, they do not have to define you as a person.

If you truly want to be successful in life than you have to become your whole-self including the ego.

Since being online with this blog I noticed that all of the top money making bloggers have one thing in common; Big Egos.

There is nothing wrong with this approach because it works.

I’ve read a lot of stories about the “Big Bloggers” out there and they all began the same way.

They started a blog as a hobby, or to earn some extra money, or they lost their job or whatever.

You get it – right?

In the beginning of their blogging journey they “played small”, didn’t take risks, and basically held themselves back out of fear.

That is until – someone triggered their ego to improve themselves.

Maybe it was their wife, friend, colleague or whomever.

The point is instead of holding themselves back at what they were doing they cut the cords to their comfort zone and went for it all.

As a result many of these bloggers earn 5 and 6 figure monthly income.

Not only that, many of them have created their own products to sell and even get paid thousands of dollars to speak at blogging expos.

The point here is they became more of who they are instead of holding back parts of themselves that other people may not like when they see it.

Could you imagine Chef Gordon Ramsay holding himself back?

I tell you right now that Gordon would have nowhere near the success he enjoys now if he held himself back.

Sure, some people don’t like him, but who cares. People not liking him has not affected his success one bit.

Sure, Gordon drops F-bombs and throws plates, but guess what? Television audiences eat that stuff up. It works for him.

So, no matter what people say you have to let all parts of you be included when it comes to your success.

Don’t hold back here or your results will show it.

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention

Be you 100% in all things you do.

While I’m thinking about, don’t fear changing who you are by becoming 100% you.

Yes, some people will not like it. Your employer may not like it, your spouse, family and friends either.

So what!

You came here to be you 100% of the time all the time.

No more sacrificing yourself just to get along. If something changes in your outer-world because of the changes in your inner-world than celebrate.


Because you just experienced a new shift in reality by changing who you are.

You are shifting who you are moment by moment, day by day.

Begin today by aligning with who you really are.

Your ego is you, be happy you have one.

Without an ego you will get tossed around until you learn how to anchor yourself in this world with strong personal boundaries and self-assertiveness.

I know some of you might think I expect you become the second coming of Gordon Ramsay.

Like I said, a lot of that stuff is for television to keep audiences entertained and shocked.

If you ever watched the BCC version of Kitchen Nightmares you can see Gordon was nowhere near as harsh on that show as he is on the American version.

Gordon when his ego is not in full rage mode actually is a deeply caring and compassionate person.

The point here.

It doesn’t have to be this or that. It can be this and that when it comes to using your ego to your full potential while still maintaining a grounded, compassionate and caring person that this world so desperately needs.

Did you watch the movie Conversations With God?

The movie depicts author Neale Donald Walsch’s struggles before writing his famous Conversations With God books.

After getting himself out from homelessness, Neale decides to start journaling some thoughts he had been having with himself.

After the dialogue was typed into a book manuscript he sent them off to various publishers.

One day Neale received his book manuscript back from one of the publishers that rejected it.

Neale in a fit of rage writes on a piece of paper, I dare you to read just 10 pages of this and then tell me this book is not worthy of being written. (What Neale wrote on the piece of paper was something along these lines).

Obviously the publisher hadn’t read the manuscript because once Neale wrote that letter along with his book manuscript and sent it back to the publisher, his book deal was signed.

Yes, Neale let his ego do his bidding for him and as a result, Neale Donald Walsch is one of the most popular Author’s in the New Age movement.

Here is what my friend Wes Penre has to say about the ego in his free eBook: Beyond 2012 – A Handbook for a New Era.

“It’s the physical mind, which we sometimes call the analytical mind or the ego that maintains the images of the physical world we live in.

The subconscious mind, as one of its tasks, stores images from the past, and is also the dream state or the multidimensional mind.

The ego is often quite underestimated and misunderstood. When people are very selfish and brag about themselves, we say they have a big ego, and we usually don’t connect that with something positive.

Other times, we identify the ego with brain capacity—i.e. intelligence. Intelligence, as we see it here in the physical realm, is based on how good we are at solving problems in 3-D and how easily we can learn things in this reality.

Ego, in other words, is considered being the human personality.

It is from this mind we often judge a person. In some part of the New Age Movement, however, the ego is often looked down on as something we should minimize as much as we can.

The ego is seen as something unwanted and undesirable. Instead, the New Agers want to develop the multidimensional or the subconscious mind (I will use the two interchangeably from here on).

Both New Agers and society in general have missed the point with the ego. As long as we live in a 3-D world, it is the ego that navigates us through it. Without the ego, or with a much-diminished ego, we would be quite lost here.

It’s the problem solver—the analytical mind that is in charge over the 3-D aspect of the body. The ego experiences things in the material world.”

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