What Really Happens When You Meditate

Ever wonder what’s going on in your brain when you meditate?

Even those with little experience will know of the common traits; that feeling of relaxation, clarity of mind – but what do you know of the science behind it?

It’s all to do with your neural oscillation, or as it is more commonly known – brain waves – which naturally occur in 4 frequencies.

Beta- Your natural, waking rhythm. Perception of all 5 senses and of time and space.

Alpha- Experienced during light sleep. Higher intuition. The dream state.

Theta – The level associated with deep sleep and relaxation. The mind remains active.

Delta – Deep dreamless sleep also known as slow-wave sleep. Complete loss of body awareness.

I know you’ve heard about how meditation can positively impact every area of your life. From boosting productivity at work, to sparking insane levels of creativity, to just finding peace of mind when life gets a little hectic.

And the thing is… it’s not just me who’s saying this. There’s a whole host of scientific evidence that’s now validating these claims.

But there is a glaring problem that many people are facing right now.

They just can’t meditate.

Tell me.

How many times do you find your mind wandering aimlessly the second you close your eyes?

Or maybe you find yourself worrying about “what needs to get done”instead of enjoying deep relaxation.

Or maybe you just get really, really restless and it becomes impossible to focus on your meditation.

OmHarmonics is an amazing series of powerful audios that remove all the problems – mental chatter, falling asleep half way through, lack of focus – that have stopped you meditating successfully in the past.


Well, without going too technical right now, ( you can read more about it here) they’ve managed to blend different audio technologies that induce instant relaxation and gently guides you into an Alpha state of mind

In short, the track does the “work” so you don’t have to.

During these stressful times we live in it is more important now than ever to get our “manic” brainwaves in check before we burn-out and crash ourselves – or even worse.

Meditation puts you back in charge of yourself instead of letting all the loud and endless “mind chatter”.

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