What is Your Time and Energy Really Worth to You

Beware of those who do nothing constructive with their precious few moments on this earth, for they seek to squander your allotted time with the same reckless abandon”. – Guy Finley – 21 Ways We Waste Our Vital Life Forces

What is your time and energy worth to you?

From the moment you are born the sands in the hourglass are dropping away never to return again. Every second of everyday will be experienced and gone before you know it.

When we are infants and toddlers the concept of time isn’t even in our awareness yet. We just do what we do when we do it.

Once we get into school then time becomes more clear in our daily lives.

Can’t be late for school, gotta get to the next class before the bell rings and so on. Most of us didn’t have a choice of whether or not we could go to school and we just kind of accepted it.

Once you graduated high school it was either off to college or go get a job.

Two more activities that eat a major chunk of your time. Still at this time you didn’t realize that you had a choice of how you spend your time.

As the World is changing on a massive scale many of you have been “waking up” and saying, “Hey, I want to live life on my own terms and not how someone outside of me dictates it to be.”

The truth is you always had choice when it comes to how you spend your time.

Many of the wealthy entrepreneurs that you see like Mark Cuban, Bill Gates or Donald Trump are people who knew they wanted to have freedom of choice when it comes to how they spend their time.

Granted, entrepreneurs work just as hard and long as employees yet they are in control (for the most part) of how and when they spend their time.

Time is a concept that we all experience everyday. Basically we have 24 hours in a day even though it feels like a lot less than that.

Doesn’t it?

80% of people are in jobs that they do not like or even worse they like their jobs but all the office politics and back stabbing make it almost unbearable to even do your work.

I experienced this myself during my 13 year stint in Corporate America.

That is why I prefer to work for myself or work independently and or be the boss.

I’m an Aries, what can I say.




Value your time and energy

During my younger days time didn’t matter to me at all.

From my point of view there was an abundance of it so I didn’t think about it much. But as I got older, and time seemed to be speeding up, I became more conscious of how I spent it.

In our world they create all kinds of fears about not enough food, water, oil, jobs and so on yet they never focus on something that really is in short supply for you; Your TIME!

You really can’t place a high enough value on your time can you?

Most jobs are set up as a “trade your time and mind for money” experience. The problem is that most jobs only pay you a pittance of what your time is really worth.

Plus jobs do not only take up your time but your energy too.

Think about?

You are already giving away your time which has value in and of itself, plus you have to exert physical and mental energy to do the work that they are paying you for.

The problem for me has always been the energy exchange between trading my time and energy for such a small amount of money in return.

From my point of view the balance was way off and not in my favor.


Do you respect other people’s time?

I respect other people’s time as much as I respect my own. I don’t hold people up by making idle chit-chat with them (not too often) nor do I ask them to do something for me without doing something in return now or in the future.

As much as I love to help people and give away stuff for free I realized that this opens doors to parasitical relationships which are not only draining on my time but my energy too.

I had to set boundaries or at least ask the other person for something in return for helping them out.

 Recent Example:

Fellow Blogger :“Would you read my latest eBook and give me a testimonial.

Me: “Sure I will if you will add a link to my blog with the testimonial.”

This is an equal energy exchange. Something for something or value for value. Whatever you want to call it.

I do have relationships with some friends and relatives where we do things for each other without asking for anything in return right then and there.

We just have a set up where we can ask for help from each other from time to time without any resistance.

Money - $100

How Do You Value Your Time?

The million dollar question.

I remember having my first psychic reading  with Dr. Gwen back in 1997. I asked all the typical questions about my health, my relationships and of course money.

I will paraphrase what Dr. Gwen said to me about money but it was along these lines.

There are billions of dollars floating around out there everyday and there is no reason some of that money can’t flow to you. Your mind might say; I can’t be Donald Trump or Bill Gates but that is not true. You can be just like them. It all starts in here (she pointed to her heart) not here (she pointed to her head).”

The word that she spoke next to me is what really got to me and the reason for this post today.

You need to value yourself first and the money will follow.”

I also want to share this quote from Bashar:

Begin with Self Valuation. For many people the most difficult thing is learning to value themselves.” – Bashar

The truth is that many jobs do not want to pay you what you are really worth and that is why they either have an hourly pay scale, a flat salary or a commission based salary.

That is my main challenge when it comes to working for someone else. You can either accept the pay or you can reject it. What most of us do is take it and hope that you will receive a raise someday.

Business Hours

The rise of the entrepreneur

Since being online I have seen a lot of people quit their jobs to work online full-time. It’s not that hard once you have something to sell.

I recommend making the transition over time instead of taking the plunge all at once.

Some online entrepreneurs promote affiliate products and earn commissions, others sell their own ebooks and membership programs.

And some sell services like web/ graphic design, coaching, mentoring, freelance writing, intuitive readings and so on.

For many people their website is just a portal to their services.

A website is very much like a brick and mortar business only the rent is much cheaper.

And you would be shocked if you saw how many individual website owners are pulling in between $2000 – $40,000 a month.

Who would have thought that was even possible? Sure the big online businesses maybe but single owned websites pulling in that kind of money? Wow!

You see if I went and worked for Wal-Mart they would pay me what they wanted to unless I was applying for an executive position . Working for myself I can charge whatever I want for my services.

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