What Do You Consider Successful Blogging

“Blogs are evil. Actually, the blogs aren’t as evil as blog comments.” – Christine Teigen

What is your definition of blogging success?

Is it how many RSS subscribers you have, Twitter followers, FaceBook fans?

Do you want or do you have a successful blog?

How is your Page Rank, Alexa Rank, newsletter subscriber count?

Maybe you do not even know how to blog. I know, I was there too once and it can really suck big time.

That is why I wrote an eBook for new bloggers to give them the tools and resources to become a successful blogger.

The truth is that for most bloggers it boils down to how much money we make a month.

Your blog could have an Alexa rank of 2,000,000, receive 1200 visitors a month and only have 50 newsletter subscribers.

But what if it was earning you $3000 or more a month steady income because you had enough loyal followers to support your blogging efforts?

I would consider your blog a success.

Let’s face it, blogging for profit takes a lot of time, hard work and energy to produce the fruits of our labor.

I don’t want to spend another six months of full-time blogging, full-time regular job plus family commitments only to have my blogging income steady itself at best.

Monetizing a site isn’t easy unless you have a plan.

Since the how to make money blogging niche is saturated you could get lost in the information there and also lose focus on your goals.

So I will suggest something that I know will work if you use it.

My idea is to focus on one monetization area until you master it and then go onto the next one until you master it and so on.

Now I know as many entrepreneurs can attest to trading time for money sucks and I agree.

But if you are blogging full-time in hopes of earning a living from it you are basically working on 100 % commission type work similar to a Realtor.

No sales equals no money.

I don’t intend on making consulting my only means of income but I do plan on making that my main focus for the next two months.

With consulting I can set my own hourly rates as opposed to working for someone else and having them dictate my hourly rates and even worse the hours that I work.

I also like the idea of spending maybe 2 to 3 hours max a day on blogging activities including consultations.

The whole purpose of my blogging was two-fold, one was to stop trading so much time for so little money and the other was to have more hours left in my day to do the things that I like doing.

My long-term goal is to get my blog earning $1000 a month steady income by the end of my one year anniversary in January 2012.

There is no elevator to success

Use what has worked in your life before

I remember when I used to go to the gym after school every other day to work-out (unless it was football season).

I would always do a general routine alternating days. I would do chest, triceps and back on one day and then biceps, shoulders, and legs on the other.

With this strategy I definitely got stronger and bigger but I didn’t see the results that I was after. The funny thing is that I never changed this routine all throughout high school.

It wasn’t until my early twenties where I learned to focus on one muscle for at least two months and forget the rest that I began seeing tangible results.

I always wanted to have bowling balls for biceps so I started there first. I learned every kind of bicep exercise known to man and I used them.

By the end of two months I actually had the look that I was going for as opposed to the four years that I spent in high school doing the same routine with the same results.

My point is instead of focusing on pay-per-click ads, direct ads, affiliate product promotion, eBook and other information products, etc, just pick one area and focus on it for two months.

Study it learn it use it and get the results. If not you can try to be average at everything and achieve minimal results at best.

This method doesn’t just apply to blogging either. Whenever I learn something new I totally immerse myself in it for at least two months.

I eat, sleep and breathe it until I have fully integrated and mastered the new skill. Once you mastered something it becomes second nature to you and then you can teach it to others, (for a small fee).

Success is not easy

Become Successful With Your Blog Now

How would you like to have unlimited traffic to your blog or website. Traffic is what makes your site money.

More traffic equals more money right?

I see so many bloggers get real excited when they start off and then it fades away because they are not earning the money they thought they would.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Invest a small amount of capital into your site and watch as your initial small investment turns into a huge return.

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