What Are My Negative Emotions Telling Me

An emotion is the body’s reaction to what the mind is thinking.” – Ekhart Tolle

What are negative emotions?

Negative emotions are often experienced when we sense something is out of alignment with our true, core nature.

Negative emotion is also experienced when we feel our energy becoming stuck.

It’s similar to “damning up” water in a river.

The energy becomes blocked or stuck and we perceive this as being negative because no one likes their energy to stop flowing.

Since this energy becomes “damned up” and stops flowing naturally, we experience what is known as “negative emotion“.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel the way you do?

How one day you feel like a million dollars and the next day you feel worthless?

Me too, that is why I wrote this post for you.

Negative emotions 2

Source Energy

Some refer to Source Energy or “Source” as God or the “All That Is.”

Source Energy from my point of view is a power source to manifest what you want in your life. When you have a strong connection to Source, manifesting things into your reality becomes easy.

When your connection to Source is weak, your ability to manifest is next to impossible.

Your ability to let go and forgive will be a sign of how far you have evolved, and give you one of the biggest lessons that you will learn from your physical experience.

If you are adequately evolved you will be able to do it, as you will understand the Oneness that binds you all together.

Try this experiment.

Think of something someone did to you or someone you care about, that you perceived as harmful, inconsiderate, or just plain mean.

How do you feel?

Is your chest getting tighter, your breathing shallow? Are your thoughts leaning towards the negative?

Now, try to think of something you really want to manifest in your life. It’s hard isn’t it?

Why? Because you are out of alignment with Source energy when you have negative thoughts and subsequent negative emotions.


Dr. Robert Anthony

Robert Anthony sent me an email today describing exactly what negative emotions mean, and more importantly, why you need to cultivate forgiveness in order to manifest more easily.

Let me give you an example of how the Source Energy that you are can be in conflict with who you are being in the moment.

You probably don’t want to hear that the Source within you loves your enemies, just as much as it loves you, because you are so determined that you are justified in not loving them because of what they have done to you.

What I want you to understand is that when you do not love an individual or group of individuals, the problem that is caused – is caused by you and the problems it creates comes to you, not to your enemy.

When you do this you are out of alignment with Source Energy (gaps closed).

To open the gaps you have to find a way to soften up your vibration on those people who have betrayed and mistreated you because even though you may feel utterly justified in the way you feel about their seeming wrongdoing or about their betrayal, you are punishing yourself.

When you focus on anyone in an attitude of anything that is less than the pure, you split your vibrational pattern and it feels like negative emotion to you.

And if you keep it up, you experience a stronger indication of discord.

So the first indication of vibrational discord or resistance between who you really are and who you are being in the moment is the feeling of negative emotion.

The first indication of alignment is positive emotion.

These emotions are your indications that you are in alignment or out of alignment with who you really are.

In other words, when you “get it” that you have this supreme guidance that is giving you feedback in every moment and that everything that manifests in your life is nothing more than an indication of your current vibrational stance, then you can come to realize if you are experiencing manifestations that are not pleasing, you must change the vibration that is emanating from you or the indicator can’t change.

The indicator will remain the same until you change your thought and vibrational energy.

>>>Robert Anthony is the best when it comes to deliberate creation.

Eliminate Self Sabotage

By now I’ve made it clear that one of the keys to manifesting your desires is creating alignment between your conscious desires and your subconscious intentions.


Because, if your Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious Mind wants something else it is impossible to create what you want.

These subconscious counter-intentions work to sabotage your manifestations.

Fortunately, one of the easiest (yet most effective) methods for aligning your mind and reducing counter-intentions is to keep exposing yourself to new, fresh, inspiring ideas.

These uplifting new ideas take root and become positive beliefs and habits that support you in staying focused, motivated, creative and living your best life.

But – sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy – right?

We seem to be bombarded with negative ideas, doom and gloom, and endless drama.

And unfortunately, these negative ideas can create inner conflict that cancels out your manifestations.

The key is to feed your mind – pictures, ideas, words and people that truly uplift and inspire you. Do you have a tendency to do this, or do you find yourself caught up in negativity?

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