Weirdo October Month Starts Today

Weird is the new normal.” – Justin Mazza

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Weirdo October Month begins today and I have a special treat for you. An interview with the Dark one. I will post it later today so be sure to come back later and read it.

Weirdo October month has been a tradition on Mazzastick since 2011.

Even though this blog is primarily about personal growth, I decided to dedicate an entire month to paranormal topics.

This is where Weirdo October Month comes in.

I have had a fascination with paranormal topics since I was a kid.

I have always been a curious person who is always questioning the nature of our reality.

I had questions like:

  • Are U.F.O’s real?
  • Do Aliens Exist?
  • Is there really an afterlife?
  • What about God?
  • Do Angels exist?
  • What about ghosts?
  • Is there a dark, sinister group of people ruling our planet?

So many questions and so many hours of research to answer them.

Real Freddy Krueger Gloves Nightmares Unlimited Monster Mania Con

Flying Witch_opt

Boy and shark


Creepy Doll Guy

Leather Faces

Angel of Death

Evil Scary Clown

Evil Black Witch



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