Vibrational Management

Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.”- Abraham Hicks

Your personal energy would be similar to your personal hygiene. I assume you shave, shower, and wear deodorant right?

Your clothes are clean and your shoes are polished. Why do we do these things anyway? To not be offensive to others and to represent ourselves well.

Take Responsibility for your energy

Body vibrations

What is a body vibration you ask? Vibrations are signals or frequencies that are sent out from the body. You’ve heard people say before, “I like his vibe” or “she has a nice vibe”. It is the energy of the person that you are feeling or sensing.

How often do you consider what kind of vibe or energy your body is emitting. I would recommend that you get in the habit of checking in on what kind of vibration you are sending out.

There are methods to raise your vibrations and there are methods to lower your vibrations. Most vibrations are altered in our subconscious mind. Monday morning you woke up feeling great and full of vigor.

Then you spilled coffee on your shirt and wound up late to your appointment.

Subconsciously your mind is processing all this data and it comes up with a conclusion. The conclusion is that this is a bad day for you.

Your vibe begins to descend gradually as the day goes by. The next morning you automatically wake up in a bad mood because of what happened the previous day.

If you do not shift your awareness to the self, this descending pattern will repeat until you notice and do something about it.

Usually by the time your vibe gets so low, negative physical manifestations will begin to occur. Your body will get aches and pains, people you normally get along with start fighting with you.

All kind of chaos will manifest in the physical world all because you allowed your vibrations to get low.

The good part is that you can now take action when your vibes are low.


Maintain your vibes

For starters, how about making more healthy food choices. Stop worrying or getting angry with things that you cannot control.

Get some daily exercise in to get your vibes going in the right direction.

Leave part of your day for some “you” time. You could also take a salt bath (dispels negative energy) or burn some sage and let the smoke cleanse your vibes.

Your vibrations represent who you are. I know in your mind it does not seem possible to always have a good vibe. Actually you can return to good vibes as soon as you start noticing that your vibes are feeling low.

Raising your vibes is not a quick fix, it is a process.

I am always scanning the vibes of people who I come into contact with. Some people put on a ” happy face” when I know inside that something is bothering them.

Some people seem stoic ,when I can tell that they are actually very sensitive beings.

And some people just let it all hang out. They are totally congruent with their vibes inside and out.

Many things can trigger you to lower your vibrations. If something is out your sphere of influence, just let it be as it is. If something is lowering your vibes and you can do something about it, then take action.

Did you ever play the eighties Nintendo game ” Top Gun”? During the game you had to refuel your Fighter Jet while in the air. Another jet would hover above you and drop down a fuel line in which you had to connect to your fuel tank.

You had to align up with the other jet or you couldn’t make the connection. Your speed, angle and velocity had to be a match for the other jet to set up a refuel in the air.

In order to feel good you have to get yourself into alignment with feeling good. Thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you to get into alignment.Remember to feel “Good” is equal to feeling “God”.

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