Unlimited Abundance Review

You have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in.” – Christie Marie Sheldon

This is my review of the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program with Christie Marie Sheldon. This program claims to help you “unblock” your abundance allowing more of what you really want to flow into your life.

First let me say that I am an affiliate for Mindvalley which is the host company for the program: Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon.

Secondly, I was given a free copy which makes it much easier to actually write a real review. One of the perks of being a blogger is getting free products and I love that benefit to say the least.

Before getting the Unlimited Abundance Program I had signed up for the free webinar with Christie plus watched several of her You Tube videos. You can also check out Christie’s Facebook page here and give it a like.

Unlimited Abundance – Does it Work?

An abundance mindset often leads to more happiness, fulfillment and less attachment to negative emotions like depression, anger and fear.” – Natalie Ledwell

FYI – The kind of Abundance you want doesn’t respond well to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Feelings like stress and worry is asking the Universe to give you more things to stress and worry about.

Being happy, calm and peaceful will tell the Universe to give you more things to be happy, calm and peaceful about.

Positive abundance will respond to a positive you.

I know we live in an action oriented world, yet if you’ve noticed the more we try to do, the more negative our life becomes.

Most of the doing you do probably involves struggling with “what is happening now.” In order to allow what you really want – the struggling within you has to stop. This is commonly referred to as “letting go.”

Too much “doing” and not enough “being/feeling good” causes backwards momentum. The secret here is to focus on what you want to be (more abundant) instead of having your focus on what you’re doing.

You can’t split attention/focus here. You’re either being, or you’re doing. Focus on what you’re being and I promise you that your life will reflect that “beingness” back to you.

Am I telling you to sit on the couch all day and do nothing?


But I am suggesting you tend to the way you feel so you can allow more of what you want to come into your life. Action comes after you get yourself free from internal resistance.

Once you get yourself into a “state of flow” then you take the action that appears to you as the next logical step towards what you desire.

Your intention (aim/plan) makes things happen, not action alone.

(When you get really good at this you can remain in a “being state” while “doing.“)

The truth is more people are unconsciously blocking their abundance via their limiting beliefs than they are consciously allowing  abundance into their lives.

How do you allow?


Stop resisting.

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, & your intentions create your reality.” – Wayne Dyer

You’re Already Abundant

FYI – You were placed on this planet to create and not to compete with one another.

Do you know something? You are already abundant.

The question is; are you abundant in the way you want to be? Or are you abundant in debt, body weight, problems and so on?

The Unlimited Abundance program helps you to realize the unlimited part of yourself. Human beings – generally speaking limit themselves in many ways, money just being one example. Unlimited Abundance teaches you how to raise your frequency to allow a more expanded version of yourself.

When you raise your vibrations (the way you feel) it allows for you to open up yourself and tune into a more preferred vibrational frequency reality.

This is where Christie is an exceptional coach because her special gift is being able to tap into your energy field (aura) and see what blocks (beliefs) you carry that are holding you back from unlimited abundance.

This is not a gimmick. The human brain is a receiver transmitter and has the capability of allowing or disallowing things into your life based on your beliefs.

So basically, the way you feel about yourself, and what you believe to be your ultimate truths will determine your reality. Haven’t you had days where you felt unstoppable and everything just flowed to you effortlessly and easily?

And haven’t you had days where everything and I mean everything just went wrong? This happens mainly because of the way your brain is working.

So when you learn how to reprogram it with beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that support you, your reality will reflect that change. If you keep thinking the world is a lousy place, that will be your reality because you’re tuned to those beliefs.

If you can change your beliefs to something like; money and all forms of abundance flow to me effortlessly and easily, your life will reflect that.

Most of our beliefs we picked up in childhood by our parents, family members, television and so on. This is fine if your beliefs support you in positive ways.

But if they don’t, you need to find those negative beliefs and thought patterns within you and replace them with beliefs that support you.

The human brain can be manipulated and deceived and completely block out abundance that is staring you right in the face. I’ll give you a brief example of this.

Author Michael Talbot author of The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality gives a great demonstration about how the brain can be manipulated.

A stage hypnotist at a party that his father had organized was putting people into a trance as part of the entertainment and he told a guest, called Tom, that when he returned to a waking state he would not be able to see his own daughter.

The hypnotist then stood the girl directly in front of her father and clicked his fingers. Tom “woke up” and was asked if he could see his daughter – who was standing inches from his eyes. No, he said, she wasn’t there.

The hypnotist put his hand in the small of the girls back and asked Tom if he could see what he was holding, even though the girl was between them.

Yes, said Tom, he was holding a watch. Could he read the inscription on it? Tom peered forward and read what it said while his daughter was standing “solidly” between him and the watch. Your mind is probably saying that this is not possible is it?

But once we learn that the brain is a programmable decoding system than we can begin to see that this really is possible.

The hypnotist had implanted the deep subconscious belief into Tom’s brain/mind that his daughter was not in the room and that had tricked the brains decoding system into ignoring his daughter’s vibrational energy field and not “reading” it.

The physical scene in the room only existed in Tom’s brain and, if his daughter’s energy field was not “read” she could not appear in the physical holographic movie that his brain was constructing.

Everyone else in the room could see the daughter because their decoding systems had not been programmed like Tom’s, not to do so.

In the program, Christie will walk you through the process of eliminating the beliefs/patterns of thought that are holding you back from the abundance you want.

Do you want to know why Mark Cuban is a billionaire? No, it’s not that he is a greedy pig; far from it.

He is free from abundance blocks. He doesn’t limit himself when it comes to growing and expanding himself and his business.

The great thing that comes with being abundant is that you help so many other people in the process.

  • You help them by showing it’s possible to be abundant.
  • You create jobs and opportunities for people that weren’t there before.
  • You are able to be more of yourself because you are not being a limited version of yourself which will eventually allow others to do the same.

Love or Above

What’s in the program?

With the Unlimited Abundance program you will have:

  • 24 energy clearing sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon available in both audio and pdf formats.
  • A bonus session.
  • Tools for building abundance in your life.
  • 90 days unconditional money back guarantee.
  • Light Absorption – learn how to connect yourself to the light; this exercise will help you open up your energetic fields, allowing the energy to flow powerfully through your system during the clearing process.
  • Autopilot Breakdown – identify the ‘lies’ you have learned in life about money and abundance, so you can start breaking down the subconscious patterns towards wealth that are holding you back.

What I didn’t like about the program

It’s long and covers multitudes of abundance blocks, 24 to be exact.

I’m an Aries, so I prefer the shortest path possible to the end result.

Each audio session lasts on average about 45 minutes with some as long as 85 minutes while Christie is on a recorded seminar with her students.

I also found it to be rather simple in its approach and even somewhat redundant in some parts.

And yes, Christie giggles a lot throughout each session for some reason as one other reviewer pointed out. (Ekhart Tolle I noticed giggles a lot in his seminars too). 🙂

Another difficult process is releasing your baggage about abundance.

Sometimes it feels like you are about to explode when old, negative baggage from the past comes up to be felt and then released. It’s an energetic workout to say the least. In addition, each session also comes with a PDF document to assist you with clearing your energy blocks.

Having completed dozens of personal growth programs I would say the best way to approach this program is to focus on one session each week for better absorption.

Yes, you can go through the whole program as fast as you like, but you may not get the entire benefit from it.

My advice, slow down and take your time with each session unless you have previous experience with energy clearing.

How do I access the program?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Login directly through the Mindvalley website.
  2. Download the entire program to your desktop for easy access including the workbook.

How Much does this program cost?

The price for Unlimited Abundance is $595.00, but sometimes Mindvalley may reduce it for a short period of time. Sometimes as much as half price.

And yes, that’s a lot of money. But look at it this way. Imagine buying this program and receiving the full benefit of clearing your resistance to abundance.

So you invested $595.00 of your money plus your time and energy to go through the program. However, at the same time you released your abundance blocks and money and other forms of abundance come pouring into your life.

I would say the risk would be worth the reward. Many people wonder why this program isn’t free. I get it.

I too thought that spiritual people should not charge for their products and services. Then I got real. People generally don’t value what they get for free.

A young Donald Trump asked his wealthy father to buy him a $45 baseball glove just like the other kids in his neighborhood had.

His father said “no” even though he could afford to buy the baseball glove factory if he wanted to.

He told Donald, “If I give you this baseball glove, you will not understand the true value of items”.

Secondly, we live in a world where we use money to buy things we want or need. The last I checked you can’t just walk into a grocery store, fill up your bag and walk out without paying for it.

We live in a world where value is traded for value. That’s just the way it is for now.

(For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.)

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way This is not philosophy, this is physics Bashar

How much abundance will I receive?

If you mean will you win the mega millions jackpot after finishing the program?

It all depends on your beliefs.

  • Can you handle that much money?
  • Are you prepared for that much money?
  • Have you released the belief that you are not worthy of that much money?
  • Is money the only form abundance there is?

My personal experience with this program went like this:

  • Finding money on the ground almost everywhere I went.
  • I found a solid gold bracelet on the ground.
  • Receiving checks, money, and even a gift card in the mail.
  • Affiliate sales on my blog increased.
  • Job opportunities came my way.
  • Someone donated $10 to me through my blog. (Thanks).
  • People being loving, kind and generous to me wherever I go.

So, as you can see, the abundance is all relative to what you are allowing yourself to receive.

This program will work for you as long as you stick with it consistently. You can’t use it haphazardly and expect positive results.

It’s just like working out with weights to build muscle. You have to do it consistently and with intention to get the results you want.

I would say with this program you will want to go through it again after a few months or even weeks just to make sure you are energetically clear of your abundance blocks.

You could also just pick specific sessions after you went through the entire course.

Hidden abundance block example (among many) that came up for me

I recalled an experience I had with my mother when I was around 11 years old. I used to love going out shopping with my mom when I was a kid.

Not that I liked shopping so much, I did like going out to eat afterwards and doing other things like playing video games while she shopped.

During one shopping day my mom gave me a five dollar bill and told me to get change for the five including four quarters for me to play video games in the arcade.

Back in the 80’s video arcades were huge. They had vending machines that would exchange coins for bills in the arcade. How convenient.

However my mom expected me to get change from one of the arcade attendants. You might remember them. They had one of those four barrel belt coin changers attached to their hips.

You give them a buck and they pop out four quarters in exchange. But I was a very shy kid. I was about to walk up to him to get some change but I chickened out.

I felt intimidated for some reason. Instead I went to the automatic vending machine and got $5 in quarters. Exactly what my mom told me not to do. So I played video games until my mom returned.

She asked me where the change was. I gave her some quarters, but she wasn’t happy with me because not only did I cash in the whole five dollars, but I spent almost all of it too.

I felt bad after that experience about myself and about money even though I know that was not my mom’s intention. These are the types of memories that will come up when you do energy clearing work.

They are there to show you have bases negative beliefs about yourself based on personal experience. You need to clear them and Christie will help you with this.

Is this program a scam?

It depends on your definition of scam. I don’t believe it is and here is why.

Beyond the physical body we are energetic beings. We are vibrating energy fields that create our reality both individually and collectively. Clearing blockages is more of a science than some kind of “woo woo” New Age belief.

Clearing your blockages when it comes to abundance is about rewiring the neurons in your brain. Maybe you just have bad, or lose connections and you just need to resolidify them so they work for you. Thoughts are what create your reality.

Yes, there is a “lag time” in our 3D world however with each thought you have eventually they solidify into beliefs. And beliefs are what you will experience in your reality. Beliefs are a self-perpetuating/reinforcing mechanism. Unless you change them, you will never experience the reality you prefer.

So basically, beliefs are just thoughts that you keep having and you know as well as I do that we live according to our beliefs. If you don’t change your beliefs – your life will never change.

So why not have beliefs that support you and what you really want?

Why not learn how to clear out those old, limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that work for you instead of against you?

Beliefs like:

  • Money flows to me effortlessly and easily every day.
  • Life works out for me.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • Life is so fun and easy.
  • I love having money and other forms of abundance.
  • I am always safe and protected.
  • Money is always attracting itself to me.
  • I have all the resources I need at any time.
  • God’s delays are not God’s denials.

I totally understand the skepticism though. Luckily for me, for the most part I have always had an open mind about trying new methods for personal growth. This program is not a quick fix though unless you already have experience with removing limiting beliefs and energy work.

If you are new to this then expect some “growing pains” along the way. However, they will ultimately be to your benefit I like Christie Marie Sheldon, and I find her to be warm, loving and full of joy – in which the world needs more people like her.

An abundance mindset often leads to more happiness, fulfillment and less attachment to negative emotions like depression, anger and fear.” – Natalie Ledwell

>>>Click the link here to experience Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon. I highly recommend it!

>>> Or click the link here to experience a free online webinar with Christie Marie Sheldon? Once you click the link and are directed to Christie’s free webinar page, scroll down to where it say’s, “Reserve my spot now.”. Then just add your first name, best email address and the date and time that works for you.

Below I made a You Tube video about the Unlimited Abundance Program.

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