Try These Four Meditation and Hypnosis Tools For Free

I’m not selling you anything here. Many times on this blog I will offer you a free demo of a program.

Please don’t feel obligated to sign up, however, thanks in advance if you do. I absolutely love the free offers that I receive for products and online webinars.

When I began buying personal growth tools back in the early 2000’s there weren’t any free offerings of products online.

I had to buy them first and then decide if they were worth the price.

These days people are smarter and want to sample it before they buy it.

It’s like when you go to the grocery store and you see those little tables set up where people are cooking a product and handling out free samples.

If you like it you buy it, if you don’t like it, you walk away.

All four of the programs that I am writing to you about come with free downloads that you can begin to listen to immediately right after you sign up.

As a matter of fact, I am listening to my free demo copy of Zen 12 right now as I am typing these words.

Zen 12 is very chill, and very relaxing however don’t expect to be chilled and relaxed if you just drank a lot of caffeine.

The best part is you can listen to all of these programs on your computer while you work except the Natural Hypnosis program which is guided and will need your full, undivided attention.

Just click the name of the programs below to get your free copy.

And yes, I have already signed up and received my four free copies which are stored on my computers desktop for easy access.

Success enthusiasts have known for years that your state of mind determines your results for better or worse.

Take advantage of the free audio downloads below and get a jump on your success in 2016.

Many top athletes, business people, public speakers and even actors utilize techniques that improve brain function including listening to self – hypnosis and subliminals.

Remember, the goal of life isn’t perfection – its progress.

These program demos come with no strings attached, however you can choose to purchase additional copies if you want to.

God put me here

Free Programs

Zen 12 – Just listen and relax and let the sounds place you in a meditative state. While you are meditating visual the things you would like to have and experience in your life. Also, people who meditate tend to have better restful sleep.  You can check out Zen 12’s main homepage here.


Hypnosis Live – Limit to one free download per person. Browse over 200 self-hypnosis MP3 audio downloads! Created by qualified hypnosis professionals. Free hypnosis gifts include: Eliminate Stress, Achieve Your Goals, Attitude of Gratitude, Law of Attraction, Find Your Life Purpose, Positive Thinking, and Visualization of Success. See all available downloads here.


Subliminal Guru – Discover 350 powerful subliminal MP3 downloads. All hand-created by qualified professionals. Guaranteed results – or your money back. See all 350 selections here.


Subliminal 360 – Reprogram your mind using your PC. Confidence. Weight Loss. Focus. Wealth. Happiness. They’ll show you how to use subliminals on your PC, with their powerful Subliminal 360 software. You can see all the Subliminal 360 programs here.

P.S. I am an affiliate and will receive a commission on any sales if you choose to purchase.

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