Using Your Intuition

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” –Henri Poincare

What is intuition?

Intuition is best described as an inner “knowing” or the “silent voice” within. Intuition is not something that you think but rather know, through feeling, as in something that you just know to be true.

Intuition is defined as:

The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

We all have intuition to an extent and it is inherent in all of us. It’s that feeling where you know you have to “go here” or “meet this person” or “do something” that your “gut” is telling you.

Now I know that some of you guys reading this are thinking that intuition is a “girly” thing but it is not. It’s just that women generally tend to be more open to their “natural gifts” than men.

I know that successful men like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Warren Buffett all rely on their “gut feeling” when it comes to making business decisions.

Albert Einstein referred to intuition as the “highest form of knowing”.

It is what it is

The Mind is not intuition

If you’re generally a “mind” oriented person than you may not have a strongly developed intuitive muscle. There are many books and programs on how to develop your intuition.

Back in 2001 I took an online course for intuition training by Sonia Choquette so I would recommend her for developing your intuition.

The “knowing” aspect comes from consciousness and not through the use of your mind.

Whenever I get a “hit” from intuition I cannot explain it but I know something may be off or needing my immediate attention.

What happens next for me is that my mind starts scrambling for what it could be.

It’s this or it’s that or whatever the mind can think up. The mind is often wrong with its conclusion and in the process it can get me frustrated.

The mind does not have access to intuition so basically they exist on two very different levels.

The mind can only gather past or current information but does not have any way to know the future, it can only guess or make assumptions.

It’s like going down a river that has bends and curves.

The mind can only see as far as the first bend and has no idea what’s beyond it. Intuition has a view from the sky and knows exactly what’s ahead and will safely guide you down the river.

The mind likes to be the overlord of you and doesn’t take kindly to intuition getting in its way.

If your mind has its way than intuition will have the door shut on it allowing life to only be experienced using the mind.

How many times have you had a powerful urge to do something only to be stopped by your rational mind?

You know that chatter in your head that talks you out of doing things that your soul is urging you to.

If I had listened to my rational mind I never would have started this blog and got to meet so many awesome people because of it.

We perceive our world through several different means one would be the five senses: touch, taste , smell, sight, sound.

Another would be via the use of the mind which deals with thought and the other would be our consciousness which uses everything available and has a broader range of visibility.

This is where I want to be

How to tap into and use Intuition effectively

Since intuition is the silent knowing voice within I would first recommend that you get quiet.

It is in this quiet space that intuition will begin to communicate to you not so much through words but with “awareness” and “knowing”.

How many people here spend some time during their day in silence?

Only a few because our modern world is particularly noisy which does not make room for silence.

How many people here can tolerate silence? I see a few of you raising your hands.

There was a time where I couldn’t be in my home without the TV or radio on in the background. The silence was deafening to me.

As I begin to learn more about intuition and the art of silence I began to see the benefits of quiet surroundings.

In the silence I would receive flashes of insights that I wouldn’t have paid attention to otherwise.


Inner Battle – Mind Versus Intuition

We absolutely live in a mind dominated world and to go with your own “inner knowing” can seem “crazy” to others and have temporary consequences.

In the midst of these consequences the head is screaming at the heart: see I told you so. Look at the mess that you created because you didn’t listen to me.

This is the point where many people pull back from their heart and go back to the head and the experiment is over. I should know because I have done this too.

But if you can stay with your inner knowing a little longer despite the present consequences a liberating personal transformation will begin for you.

What appears to be self-destructive actually leads to a positive result.

Once you enter your intuition and are out of the mind life becomes more about de-programming and less about learning.


The Awakening of people on our planet

With more people waking up everyday to our artificial reality it’s only logical that we start using our intuition as a guidance system despite what the mind might tell us.

Most people have heard of or tried meditation before and there is a lot of confusion about how to do it.

Meditation is a means to create silence and stillness in order to hear your “inner knowing”. There was no mention of technique or the  “right” way to do it.

Personally I lay down when I meditate because this is the most comfortable way for me while others like to sit in a chair or on the floor. I can do this for an hour without falling asleep.

How do you feel about intuition and how do you use it in your life. What has been your experiences with it?  Let me know below.

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