Trusting What Is

In these times it can be difficult trusting what is. Japan earthquakes and a second coming of Chernobyl, Egyptian protests and regime change, the same thing with Libya, and then the U.S. Government barely averted being shut down.

We are in times of change for sure, but are we ready for it?


We need certainty and comfort in our lives

The concept of certainty/comfort in life is something that most of us live for. We get the job, the sale, the promotion in hopes that more money will equal more comfort. Does it?

For a homeless person the idea of comfort would be having a place to sleep every night and for someone more affluent it would be sleeping in a five-star hotel with a California king size bed.

So the idea of comfort is subjective isn’t it?

Often in life we face events that are uncomfortable to deal with both mentally and physically. An example would be going to see the doctor, dentist, or even a lawyer.

This can trigger certain emotional responses in the mind and later in the body. The response is expressing that this will be uncomfortable for me.

What happens next is that cortisol will be released in the body which is a type of stress response that we have in order to defend ourselves physically. For the most part we don’t have many natural predators so this response is exaggerated in us.

The body’s natural physiological response to stress is to release cortisol into the bloodstream. Next your stomach and it’s functions will shut down temporarily. After that the throbbing head-ache begins followed by stomach problems, aches and pains, and difficulty processing thoughts.

This is what the famous fight or flight experience feels like. We have all experienced this response in our lives before.

What I am getting at is that most of us work, buy a house, get a car, join a club in order to feel certainty/comfort. Are we really getting all that we signed up for.


I remember when I bought my first car back in 1993. It was a used 1987 Ford Escort with 88k miles on it. I remember the thoughts that I had about how much freedom, and comfort that I was going to have owning this car. I could go anywhere at anytime without having to ask someone else to drive me.

Boy was I mis-guided.

For starters the thing would break down on me every couple of weeks which led me to feel uncertainty. It completely shut-off on me in the middle of a busy highway during rush hour traffic once. I was completely lucky that there was policeman right behind me when my car broke down.

He got out of his car and stopped traffic so I could push my car to the shoulder of the road and he gave me a ride back to my house. Let me publicly offer my sincerest gratitude to this gentleman for helping me that day.

I have had several more cars since then and each one being more reliable than the last one. So no I don’t have any phobia’s to cars breaking down, well maybe a little.

What is trust

In its most basic form trust is a feeling or belief in certainty that everything will work out. Trust then becomes a matter of letting go and letting God.


How to trust

If you are a distrustful person then I wouldn’t suggest that you automatically do a 180 and begin trusting unconditionally. For me learning to trust became a matter of looking at life from a higher perspective. It means to see the big picture of life and not only seeing things from your own perspective.

Eventually your willingness to trust in life, to trust in the process of life will expand.

Trust that what is happening is happening for a reason otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. Even the so-called bad things in life, like your car breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection during rush hour.

Remember that life is a matter of perspective. Change the way you look at things and what you are looking at changes.

The key to navigate through any process in life is to enjoy it, because the more that you enjoy something the faster it will go. It’s a bit of an art form.

Most of us do the opposite when it comes to certain areas of our lives. Maybe you don’t like cleaning, or doing the laundry, the more that you resist the process the longer it will go on. Find ways to make it fun and more enjoyable. And eventually find a way to pay someone else to do it for you.

Trusting what is happening in whatever part of the process that is happening is happening for the purpose of putting you more in touch with yourself. This process is known as expansion and it allows you to get a refection back from reality of your level of expansion. You then become like a piece of living artwork.

You can then begin to look at yourself as the creator of you and your life experience, and a co-creator in this world.

You could not know all that you are without experiencing some type of discomfort or uncertainty in your life.

It’s easy to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you are not facing any obstacles or challenges in the moment. But how do you respond when life appears to be going against you. This will ultimately define your destiny.

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