Remove a Limiting Belief for Free

Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.” – Abraham Hicks

Would you like to change a limiting belief? Are you looking for limiting belief examples like; “I’m not good enough?”   Do you want to overcome and clear your limiting beliefs?

Would you like to remove a limiting belief about yourself for free in about 20 minutes?

A limiting belief is a belief about one’s self that holds you back from reaching your full potential and showing the World who you really are.

How do you know if you have limiting beliefs.

For starter’s, limiting beliefs are not your own and therefore they will feel heavy when you experience them. So basically, the feelings that go along with a belief will let you know if it is your belief or someone else’s.

If it is  your personal belief, it will feel light to you. If you are carrying around someone else’s belief, it will feel heavy to you.

Bottom line. If the belief is heavy, it is not yours and you need to remove it. You don’t want to be a belief thief do you?


Limiting Beliefs Examples

Some examples of limited beliefs are: I’m too old, I’m too tired, this never works out for me, wealthy people are greedy.

Limiting beliefs will greatly hamper success in your life. Take a look at areas in your life that could use some improvement. I am sure that you have at least one area in your life that you are not “thrilled” about?

Maybe you have bad credit   or you can’t pay your bills on time. Have you been carrying around extra body weight that you can’t seem to lose no matter what. Your beliefs in those areas are creating your reality.

If you can shift your focus in these areas, you will greatly increase your chance of success and finally have the kind of life that you only thought was reserved for the “special people.”

Limiting beliefs are like a barrier to your success that you cannot penetrate. It’s like hitting a brick wall that you just can’t seem to get over.This is why it is so difficult to make the changes that you want.

Remember, the wall is not physical, it exists only in your mind as a thought and a belief about the thought.

Begin now to notice how limiting beliefs are preventing you from living the life you always wanted to.

Really begin to take notice when a limiting belief is hampering your progress in life.

There are many things that you would like to experience or places that you would like to visit or maybe it is just to finally be happy for a change.

Are limiting belief getting in your way?

Remember, your life is always played out according to your beliefs.

This is simply known as living by your beliefs. So why not today start removing limiting beliefs about yourself and replace them with life affirming ones?


More about limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can seriously hold us back in life. But most of the time such beliefs are invisible to us.

They control some of our thoughts and behaviors behind the scenes, enough to curtail our results in some area of life.

For example, if you have the false belief that mistakes and failure are bad, then you’ll avoid many growth and learning experiences because you have to be willing to fail in order to build new skills.

As another example, if you have the belief that rejection is a bad thing, you’ll avoid approaching new people, and you’ll miss out on many wonderful social connections.

positive thoughts

Where do these beliefs come from

Many limiting beliefs get installed during childhood, but that isn’t always the case.

The pattern is that your mind drew false generalization based on one or more specific events. It assigned questionable meanings to those events, and those interpretations are disempowering you.

As a result your mind blocks you from taking certain actions, even though the actions may be reasonable and intelligent choices.


Remove a limiting belief

In order to remove and clear a  limiting belief, it isn’t enough to identify and acknowledge it. You may be aware of some of your limiting beliefs, but awareness of them isn’t necessarily enough to keep them from operating in your life.

You may be aware that rejection isn’t such a terrible thing, but your subconscious is still conditioned to avoid it. Awareness is an important part of the solution, but it isn’t the whole solution.


Morty Lefkoe | The Master of Helping you eliminate limiting beliefs about yourself.

I was fortunate to come across Morty Lefkoe while reading how Morty helped Steve Pavlina eliminate a limiting belief about himself. I have gone through several sessions with Morty and his limiting belief system and all I can say is “wow”, it really works.

The subconscious  mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. This is how advertisers get you to buy stuff while watching TV. T

he commercial goes right for your subconscious mind and gets it to think that it needs to buy this product.

Your subconscious mind is also where all of your limiting beliefs live.

With the Lefkoe Process Morty will get you subconscious mind to have beliefs that support you instead of dis-empower you.

Morty found a way to put his method online, It’s fairly easy and takes about 20 minutes to eliminate one limiting belief. You can complete the whole process while sitting at your computer.

When you eliminate a belief using the Lefkoe Method, the change is permanent. This isn’t something you have to do repeatedly. You only do it once.

By taking advantage of Morty’s freebie offer, you can eliminate one of the three most common limiting beliefs:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • Mistakes and failure are bad.
  • I’m not important.

Morty will walk you through how to eliminate negative beliefs about yourself such as: I am not good enough, I’m not important and Mistakes and failure’s are bad, plus many more. Have a look for yourself. Trust me, you will not be sorry.

Go Re Create your life now by clicking  here.

Bashar talks about beliefs

Through your beliefs and definitions you create your reality.

Your beliefs and definitions determine what kind of feelings and thoughts and behaviors you exhibit that then reinforce the reality you have created with your belief.

But belief is the blueprint it’s the first step – the definition (belief) is the key not just the thought.

I know that some people on your planet interchange those concepts and say thoughts create your reality. What they really mean is the basic fundamental belief creates the reality.

What you believe is true is what you experience – then your thoughts will go hand in hand to reinforce that.


Try Morty Lefkoe’s belief elimination process for yourself — for free. I highly recommend it.

I am an affiliate and will receive a commission if you decide to purchase this product. 🙂

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