Time is Speeding Up and We Must Change

“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

A span of time is occurring as we speak.

It’s a doorway to heightened creativity and will allow things to manifest very quickly.

It’s a span of time and timing that is happening now.

We incarnated during these times to experience this “shift” whether we consciously remember or not.

I did write an article on time being an illusion and you can read it here.

There is only “now” but when I speak of time in this post I am thinking about time as the earth spinning, sun up and sun down, and calendar time.

It’s not so much that time is speeding up as much as the reality that we are experiencing in this “now” is oscillating at a faster speed.

This would be like switching the speed on a room fan from slow to fast.


Slow Is Steady Fast Is Frantic.

If you have felt tired and burned out lately as if you cannot get to the end-game you are not alone.

I also oscillate between going with the flow and trying to keep up with this new reality.

Time is flying, it will be summertime soon. It feels as if just a couple of weeks ago I started my blog.

A great acceleration in energy vibration is happening all around us.

Remember that every physical thing is vibrating or oscillating even though our physical five senses tells us otherwise.

The speed at which time travels is moving so fast that we must begin to simplify our lives.

“Throw out” what is irrelevant and focus only on what is important to you. Align with your joy and follow your passion. Stay with what you are excited about and let go of the rest.

Many people are experiencing a great amount of difficulty in their lives for not acting on their joy. They are playing “catch-up” now which is why there is a feeling of “urgency” inside of them.

Maybe your “gut” was telling you to go in a new direction but you resisted this urge for a while until you finally let go and went with your “true calling”.

There will be struggle, strife, and confusion initially, but it is always in our hands. We have the power to control our creations.

The good news is that it is never too late to go in the direction that your natural-self wants to go.

Sure there will be some growing pains, but rest assured that you have more people on your side than you realize.


Your Feelings Will Be Your Guidance System.

Let your feelings guide you to where your true nature wants to be.

Think about things that excite you, that move you, that inspire you. I will tell you that is where you belong.

If you are feeling bored, jaded, and tired in any part of your life, this is your “wake-up” call to change.

Time To Change

Not Enough Hours In The Day

There’s not enough hours in the day anymore.

There seems to be a lack of time to do those things we really want to be doing.

Were getting almost half the time that we had twenty years ago to do the same amount of tasks.

If we try to keep up with our usual activities, at this rate most will burn-out, and lose their minds in the process.

As our vibrations get higher we will have very little tolerance for things that do not belong.

The smallest things will cause us to have problems as we are becoming more sensitive to our environment.

I remember six years ago I had this strong urge inside of me to get rid of physical things that no longer resonated with me.

I had a yard sale, sold a few items in the paper, and donated the rest.

It was a light feeling getting rid of material things that were weighing me down.

Around this time I also began asking myself before buying something, “do I really need this?”

My answer was almost always “no.”

With this accelerated energy we must let go of those things that do not belong.

This includes people, attitudes, beliefs,behaviors and ways that we no longer wish to behave.

We must start transitioning into our “natural” and “true” selves once again.

Higher Self

Working With Our Higher Selves

We must meet our higher selves half way.

There can be no more disconnect between us and our higher selves. We have this great built-in receiver device called our brain.

Cleaning off our receiver capabilities, and upgrading our sensitivity to “higher communication” because information is always being sent to us whether we notice it or not.


A New Way Upon Us

There is a threshold that mankind will be crossing from being slightly negative to slightly positive.

I do expect major resistance to this at first. But we can relax as we will always be supported in any way we need to be supported.

Do not worry or fear for that will be the energy that you will amplify and attract. Focus on what you want even if the echo is showing what you do not want. It is only an echo. Do not react to it.

Remember, our thoughts create our reality. The Law of Attraction in action.

We are engaged in a constant state of creation.

When it seems that our reality is not changing it is because our creation is so similar to the last one.

We have to create bigger and more dramatic in a way that moves us in the direction that is in alignment with who we really are to notice the change. If not we get the Groundhog Day syndrome.


Don’t Fight Your Government

We are essentially fighting with ourselves.

We are our Governments as Bashar states.

There is no separation.

The Government is set up as an “ego structure” and they have done the best that they can by protecting us from our fears.

As long as we do not create anymore “boogeymen” the Government will go back to its small role that it was intended for.

As we begin to change so will our Government and how they do their job. As our fears minimize so will the need for protection.


Be A True Human

The end-game is to become a true human being. We need to imbue our beliefs with positive meanings regardless of circumstances.

We need to act as a whole being, we can no longer function as a splintered being that lacks completeness.

It’s as if we are only functioning with certain parts of us turned on and other parts are turned off or muted.


An Open Heart Is Needed Here

Opening our hearts to ourselves most of all. Trust “The All That Is,” The Creator, God, relax that we are eternally supported.

Creation is instantaneous and every moment is a new moment to experience.


A New Reality Awaits For Us All

Many of us are ready and have already begun to consciously create  so let go of ideas about ourselves of who we believe that we are “supposed” to be, let go of old ideas that things need to be done a certain way.

Let go of things that are not ours that we do not need to carry around, let go – let go – let go.

We are in a time period where it is important to decide what to keep and what to let go of.

What is wasting our time, and what is it that we really want to do and experience in our lives.

What are your thoughts on this?

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