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“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels”. – Saint Augustine

I have recently purchased Michael Tellinger’s Book: Slave Species of the Gods and he provides more information about who possibly the “Watcher’s” were.

According to Tellinger, the Watchers also known as the Igigi or Neteru were Annunaki who were originally stationed on Mars and later became followers of Marduk who was later known as the Egyptian Sun God “Ra”.


From the book: Slave Species of the Gods.

The Annunaki were sending gold from Earth to a weigh station on Mars were they could send larger shipments because of the lower gravity.

(According to Tellinger as well as many other sources, the Annunaki’s home planet Nibiru’s atmosphere had become compromised and the only cure to patch up the hole was to use a form of “powdered gold.”

Their home planet of Nibiru was not rich in gold, but Earth was plentiful with it.)

Those who lived on Mars which was called “Lahmu” back then were known as the “Igigi”, but the cosmic events forced the Igigi to desert the planet and return to Earth.

The sons of the Annunaki and the Igigi were referred to as the Nefilim in the book of Genesis and other literature.

Those who descended to Earth from Heaven.”

Even Genesis talks about the Nefilim who came to Earth and “saw that the daughters of man were beautiful and had children with them.”

This created a whole new species of humans called the Aryans who lived separately from the rest and influenced civilizations to a great extent.

They were followers of Marduk.

The Igigi received the name the “Watchers” or in their language “Neteru” from their King named Anu.

This is what King Anu said:

Those on Earth are shall as Annunaki be known, Those who from Heaven (Mars/Lahmu) to Earth came,” and “Those who on Lahmu (Mars) are, Igigi shall be named, Those Who Observe and See (The Watchers).”

The Igigi/Watchers/Neteru produced many offspring on Earth who went on to become pharaohs in Egypt.

They also played a vital role in creating the Aryan civilization by intermarrying Earthling females.

All seeing eye

Aryans – The Children of the Watchers

According to Tellinger, the Aryans originated somewhere in Northern Mesopotamia, southwest of the Black Sea in eastern Anatolia (Turkey).

They are described as light-skinned or “whites” who spoke a very early proto-European language from which all the latter European languages evolved.

Also, the Igigi/Watchers/Neteru did not come to Earth until after the great flood which was caused when the planet Nibiru was in its elliptical orbit which came so close to Mars that it sucked its atmosphere right with it.

Along with the irreparable damage caused to Mars, Earth also suffered from enormous flooding.

Since Mars was no longer inhabitable the Igigi came to Earth to live permanently, but unfortunately they were not given a warm greeting by their Annunaki brethren in Sumer.

They were essentially treated as outcasts so they decided to move away establishing their own community in a land of their own.

They moved north of Sumer to the mountainous Anatolia region in Turkey, and also to the Cedar Mountains.

The Indo-European language used the term Aryan to classify a group of people not only racially, but also ethnically based on the type of accent or “Aryan speech” the people spoke.

Arya means noble and appears in various Indo-European languages.

They most likely used the plural of the word Aryas nobles to describe themselves prior to their dispersal.

This term still survives in Iran in which the Igigi offspring were referred to as “Airyanam vaejo” – “realm of the Aryans.”

The Aryans at one time reached as far as China in the Far East.

Remember, the Aryans were a blend between the Igigi/ Annunaki gods and their genetically created human offspring known as humans.

Since these children had the genetics of the gods they saw themselves as superior to “ordinary humans”.

There was a recent discovery in China of the remains of blond-haired people in China showing how far the Aryans explored.

I even remembered seeing a documentary on television several years ago how several Chinese children from a nomadic tribe had blond hair and blue eyes yet still had mainly Chinese facial features.

The Aryans worshipped a sky god, they traced descent through their male line, they drank mead, raised livestock, and they used horse drawn chariots that they most likely used as weapons of war, which included bronze and iron.

Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion talks about the Watchers in his book: The Irish Origins of Civilization

The Cult of Mithras was a Hellenistic Solar Cult that thrived in the second century BC during the time of the Roman Empire.

It particularly attracted men from the military and was popular among Romans.

In this famous image, we see sun god Mithras (Mith Ra) overcoming the bull of Taurus.

Mithras represents the sun moving from the sign of Taurus into Aries.

This astrological phase-shift had obsessed Akhenaton and his Atonists. Their god was the sun, and the sun’s relative position in the heavens mattered greatly to his “Watchers.”

During the time when the sun made its transition from Taurus into Aries, Egyptians priests were at odds. Some wished to continue with the old paradigm, while others hailed the change.

The story of the Chosen People building a “Golden Calf” alludes to this schism in the ranks. The Cult of Mithras was practically identical to the Sol Invicti Cult to which Emperor Constantine belonged.

Both Cults were, in our mind, variants of Egyptian Atonism.

According to Author Ralph Ellis in his book Eden in Egypt the “Watchers” were Giza astronomer priests or guardians who studied the night sky and observed the movement of the constellations.

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