The Travis Walton Abduction Story – Abducted by a Space Craft

I believe in aliens. I think it would be way too selfish of us as mankind to believe we are the only lifeforms in the universe.”- Demi Lovato

I have DirecTV and every once in a while they give their subscribers limited free access to channels they don’t have. Some of those channels are SyFy and the Chill Channel which is perfect material for my Weirdo October month.

I usually record the movies or TV shows that looks interesting and watch them when I have time. Today I watched the show Paranormal Witness and the show was about the Travis Walton Story. I watched the Movie Fire in the sky which is about the Travis Walton story, and I have also read about Travis’s story online too.

So, I was already familiar with Travis’s story – but when I saw that this program on the SyFy channel was made in 2012 I was thrilled, because I knew that it would contain some facts that I wasn’t yet aware of.


About Travis Walton

Travis Walton claims that in 1975, while working as a logger in Arizona, he and several co-workers came across a UFO in the forest which shot a beam of light at Travis. Frightened, his friends fled the scene in their pick-up truck, when they returned Walton was gone.

Later,Walton recalled waking up on the side of the road, he thought only a few hours had passed, but he had actually been missing for 5 days. He later recalled being on the craft and the strange creatures that were there with him.

His story was made into a movie called Fire in the Sky.

After a full day of logging, Travis and the rest of the crew called it a day and headed back home in their pick-up truck. While driving along on the long dark road of the forest – one of the crew members noticed a bright light out in the woods.

Their first thought was that it was perhaps a forest fire or something; the problem was there wasn’t any smoke.

As they continued driving, the light turned out to be a U.F.O. – a flying disc of sorts and it appeared to be flying ahead of them. It eventually stopped and hovered on a patch of grass on the side of the road. The truck stopped and Travis, who was a “daredevil type” of person to begin with – decides to get out of the truck and have a closer look at the craft.

As Travis approached the craft, which was about 25 feet in diameter according to Travis, the crew began yelling for him to get back in the truck. Travis didn’t though.

At the next moment Travis was shocked by a blast from the craft. Perhaps an electrical shock of some sort and it was so powerful that it threw Travis about 10 to 20 feet.

Once Travis was shocked and thrown, the rest of the work crew left the scene in the pick-up truck. After driving for a few minutes they decided to go back and get Travis. The problem was, once they got back, Travis was not there. Where was he then?

What the crew did next was contact the local sheriff and tell him what had happened. Unfortunately the Sheriff and his Deputy did not believe the story and now the crew were prime suspects in the disappearance of Travis Walton.

The townspeople did not believe the crew’s story either. Eventually the crew was talked into taking a lie detector test in which all had passed except one whose test came back inconclusive.

So, basically, they were telling the truth about what had happened that night.

The local Sheriff’s office also led a search and rescue mission to find Travis but they came up with nothing. During the search and rescue mission a group of scientists came there and talked to some of the crew members who were there that night.

The scientists had a Geiger counter to check for radiation.

This scene was omitted from the movie though. Apparently the scientists did not find any radiation at the scene or any of the crew that day – but what they did do was check the helmets of the crew members that they wore that night and they did test positive for radiation.

The scientists immediately left the scene to never be seen or heard from again. Who were they? Who did they work for? What were they looking for?


Travis Recalls Being Aboard the Space Craft

Travis recalls waking up lying on a table. He said he saw a rectangular type of light above him and that he could hear the sounds of movement around him. Travis was in a lot of pain, especially in his head and chest.

He thought maybe he was in a hospital because that is where he appeared to be. Perhaps the crew had taken him there. He had no idea he was actually aboard the craft.

Next he noticed a device across his chest and he couldn’t get his eyes to focus very well. He did notice that there were people around him but he couldn’t really focus on their faces.

After he got his eyes to focus he noticed that it wasn’t people in the room but rather “creatures” as Travis would call them. They appeared to be what many describe as the Grey’s.

Travis immediately freaked out pushing one of them out of his way. Travis fell off the table and staggered back until he hit something behind him. He quickly grabbed what appeared to be a medical instrument swinging and cursing at them.

Travis described that the creatures were about four feet tall, hairless with large eyes, including pupils and eyelids that blinked, and that they appeared to look right through him.

In the movie the creatures appeared to be malevolent but Travis claims that was not his experience with them.

They began approaching towards Travis and the only door in the room was on the other side. For some reason the creatures just turned around and left the room.

Travis says that when the creatures left the room they quickly scurried out of there; as opposed to walking in a robotic fashion, as many believe grey’s to be.

Travis noticed that the creatures left out of the room to the right so he went to the left. He said the passageways in the craft curved so much that he couldn’t even see what was ahead of him. Also he wondered if the creatures were going to come after him?

Travis’s main goal was to find a door and get out of the craft. In Travis’s mind at the moment he believed that the craft was still in the woods where he was zapped by it.

Travis next entered a room that appeared very dark except for some points of light on the wall. Upon closer look what Travis was seeing was a map on the wall of the star system.

There was also a chair in the middle of the room and Travis was praying that no one would be sitting in there. After getting closer to the chair Travis saw that it was empty.

He noticed on the chair there were many buttons. Travis was hoping that one of the buttons would open a door. Instead the buttons were a control mechanism for the star map causing him to become disoriented when they moved.

Next Travis noticed something standing at the entranceway.

It appeared to be a human wearing blue coveralls and a space helmet.

Was it Military, was it NASA?

He immediately went up to him and began babbling and asking a million questions. The man in the space helmet never responded to Travis’s words, but led him towards an exit off the craft through an air-lock.

Travis walked out of the craft and into what appeared to be an airplane hangar that housed many more space crafts similar to the one he was on.

He also noticed the air was much easier to breathe out there and there was some bright natural looking light. It was quite a relief for Travis.

The man in the helmet hurried Travis along and took him down a hallway.

Next Travis found himself in a room with several other people who looked like the man in the space helmet – except they were not wearing helmets.

They had blue eyes, yet the eyes were not exactly the same as the blue-eyed people we have on Earth. According to the pictures that Travis drew of them they appear to be the Nordics.

Travis was hoping that they would be able to answer his question. He was actually yelling and screaming like a maniac.

Next the human like beings took Travis by the arm and led him to a table.

Of course, Travis tried to resist but he didn’t have the strength to pull loose. When Travis yelled he noticed that the human like beings winced.

The beings tried to put what appeared to be an oxygen mask over Travis’s face and that is the last thing he remembers.

The next time Travis is conscious he is lying face down on a road and as he looks above he notices the craft hovering above him and then it shoots off into the sky.

Travis begins walking down the road until he notices a town up ahead that he recognizes. He immediately goes to the nearest phone booth and calls his family. When they answered the phone, they initially thought it was a prank.

His brother-in-law picked him up and then told Travis that 5 days had passed since he was last seen.  Travis was thinking it was still the same night.


Differences in the Real Account of Travis Walton and the Movie

The movie was completely accurate except the part of what happened on the space craft. In the movie you see Travis wake up on a table and the grey creatures are performing painful acts on him. In reality the grey’s didn’t cause him any harm.

Also in the movie the encounter with the Nordic human like beings was omitted.

From what I gather here is what happened that night. Travis and his friends, while travelling home, saw  bright lights in the sky and followed them.

Eventually Travis and his crew were close enough to the space craft where Travis was able to get a closer look. Apparently as the space craft was about to leave the area a bolt of electricity from the craft inadvertently  hit Travis knocking him unconscious.

The Grey beings on the craft took Travis back to their Mothership only to make sure he was okay and to tend to any wounds that may have occurred. Eventually Travis was returned – not to where he was abducted, but close to a town where he could get some help.

If these beings were indeed malevolent, I doubt Travis would have been returned. Some people believe this story is a total hoax, but no one has been able to prove that.

What do you think?

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