Life is a Playground For Consciousness

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

Why are we here? That was a question that I asked myself when I was 19 years old.

The answer that I got was; “to experience life in the physical.” I didn’t get this answer in one fell swoop mind you but over time; about a week.

There wasn’t any sense of judgment from the information that I received.

If I wanted to be President of the U.S. or President of the P.T.A., it didn’t matter. It was all about the experience for me.

When the information came to me it was as if it was being slowly downloaded into my brain. This is known as channeling.

Bill Hicks Quote

Life is a Playground For Consciousness

In the spirit realm where we came from before we incarnated into human form the creation process was instantaneous.

Being physical mean that now we get to actually watch the creation process unfold right before our very eyes.

Life was meant to be a playground for physical creation not a virtual prison and I liken it to kids playing in a sandbox.

You’ve seen kids playing in a sandbox before haven’t you?

Totally in the moment without a care in the world.

There are no rules just individual preferences.

Neither are right or wrong; they just are.

Maybe Tommy and Susie like throwing sand at each other and that is fine.

Maybe Sam likes playing by himself in the corner and that’s alright too.

Some time later another boy named Billy came to the sandbox and he didn’t like all the lack of order and no rules stuff.

He wanted to be certain that he could be comfortable in the sandbox, so he decided that he would impose rules and regulations ( Think homeowners associations).

At first the other kids just ignored Billy and thought that he was too stiff.

Eventually others began adopting Billy’s attitude and the next thing you knew there were two opposing sides playing in the sandbox.

One side preferred to live and let live and the other wanted to restrict freedoms in exchange for comfort and security.

Neither belief system was right or wrong, but was a matter of, this is what I want, and this is what you want.

When nothing goes right

What Is Consciousness

There are other levels of consciousness too – one way of looking at it is described by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He says that there are in fact 7 levels of consciousness (awareness).

Most people only experience the first few levels (for example, sleep/dreaming, awareness of self as an entity). Few of us truly attain the higher levels for any length of time (e.g. God consciousness – “be still and know that I am God”).

The more we “wake up”, though, the more “conscious” we become – both literally and figuratively.

The more conscious we become, the more truly aware we become that we are all connected and are not only equal in God’s eyes but are parts of the Divine; and we can then feel true compassion for others.

Humans level of consciousness is still very low at the time but that is quickly changing now.  Remember just 15 or so years ago seat belts weren’t mandatory and Doctors could smoke in their office.

What was once considered okay or overlooked a while back is no longer tolerated anymore. The paradox is as our conscious awareness expands so does our desire to control people and things.

What we need to do instead is trust in the process of life and learn to relax knowing that events unfold exactly as they need to.


The Resolution

Well the only reasonable thing left to do was to divide the sandbox in half. Free-will on one side and comfort and security on the other.

I wrote this post because this is the cross-roads where I see humanity standing at the present. Do we continue in the direction that we are going (a total police state).

Or do we decide to let the Universe take care of the order of things and allow free-will to reign once again.

Human consciousness has expanded for some time now and will continue to do so.

Much like a two-year old’s awareness is not the same as a twenty-five year old.

The veil is being lifted, slowly at first and then suddenly things that were hidden will become visible to us.

This will take place more on the consciousness level at first and then expand into our physical reality.

Freedom or control: which side would you choose to be with if you had to choose?

“The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are.” – David Icke

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