The Power of Giving

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I love giving money, items, food and clothing, and even my time to people and charitable causes in the form of donations to others.

I began doing this in my mid to late twenties and have done so since. Giving to causes like the Salvation Army, Goodwill Store, Churches, the Purple Heart, Defender of Animal Rights and  charities.

It’s a universal law, you have to give before you get. By giving something away you are telling the universe that you have more than enough.

The universe will conspire to keep you in a place of having more than enough. Life is has an ebb and flow of give and take.

It’s not healthy to just take take take nor to just give all the time without receiving back.

Most people don’t understand the paradox here.

You may be saying to yourself that I don’t have any extra money to give. Who said giving has to only involve money.

I have given my time and energy to help people with home improvement projects, house sitting, pet sitting, personal coaching, and weight loss, all while expecting nothing in return from them.

Back in 2002, I donated money every month for a year to Native American Charities in Montana.

This was a first for me at the time, and I felt good inside for what I had done. I was helping people live a better life, and my reward was a feeling of spiritual and monetary abundance.

I also buy items or donate to certain blogs and websites that I really enjoy. I wanted to show my support for all the value and benefits that I had received from their blog or website.

Money - $100

What do you do

Do you give your time, energy, money, food, or other resources to others in need?

Maybe you can consider the statement:” What I give away I get to keep, what I own keeps me.”

I am not suggesting that you can’t own anything or that you have to give everything away.

But, do you have items lying around your house collecting dust? Get a large cardboard box and start filling it with items to give away.

Keep this box somewhere out-of-the-way, and once it is filled up take it someplace that accepts material donations.

You have to make room in your life for new things anyway, why not just speed up the process by getting rid of unused items.

It’s difficult for the Universe to send you new things in your life when there is not any space created to receive it.

Many churches, schools, and community organizations accept canned and boxed goods for donations to feed people. When you feed another, you feed yourself. Maybe that is why I have never gone hungry in my life.

You do not have to belong to a church in order to give donations to them either. Keep your eyes open for any announcements in your community about canned food drives, clothing donations, and monetary contributions.

Many famous wealthy people become philanthropists later in their life. Most had become jaded with the idea and experience of receiving large amounts of money.

They wanted to experience, and mostly enjoyed giving it away as opposed to the uphill battle they had to endure to earn it.

Here is a list of some famous Philanthropists that you may know:

  1. Andrew Carnegie – Wealthy steel man.
  2. Henry Ford– Ford Motor Company.
  3. John Rockefeller– Oil billionaire.
  4. Charles Schwab– Founder of Schwab investments.
  5. Sir Richard Branson-Founder of Virgin Records.
  6. Warren Buffett– Famous Stock investor/ Berkshire Hathaway.
  7. Bill and Melinda Gates– Co-founder of Microsoft.
  8. Anthony Robbins– Motivational And Self Development Expert.
  9. Oprah Winfrey– Billionaire talk show host.
  10. Ted Turner– Founder of CNN news channel.

All of these people have one thing in common, they understood in order to get, you have to give. The amount is irrelevant if we are talking about giving money.

Give according to what would be a relative amount to your income.

A lot of people will be receiving a tax refund soon.

Set aside a portion to give away to another.

You certainly can give to a friend or relative that is in need also. Maybe you noticed on your last visit to a friends or relatives house that they needed a dining table.

How about take them out and buy a new one for them. It’s the Power of Giving that I am trying to impress upon you here.

When I gave donations in the past sometimes there was ego involved.

But now I donate anonymously when I can, I actually prefer to give this way. I don’t need my name and how much I gave announced to the world.

The Universe is the only one who needs to know what I am doing.

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