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Intelligent, successful, attractive people can be intimidating. They force us to hold a mirror to ourselves; we can be disappointed, jealous or inspired toward personal growth.” – Ian K. Smith

If you’re on my email list you probably received a free gift in your inbox this weekend. I recently put together another eBook, and instead of putting it up for sale I decided to give it away for free.

So what is the Personal Growth Handbook anyway?

Personal Growth eBook

The Personal Growth Handbook is an 89 page eBook featuring some of the best personal development posts on my blog. Mazzastick has over 275 posts (update: 409) (update 511) so far and some of them have not received the attention that I would have liked.

So what I did was take those articles and place them into an easy to read eBook.

eBooks are very popular today because of reading devices like Kindle and Nook.

I understand the ease and comfort of having all your favorite books available to you on your electronic reading device.

Below is a list of the chapters in the Personal Growth Handbook:

1.Get a Grip on Your Anxiety.

2.Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back From Getting What You Really Want.

3.How to Maintain Your Vibes.

4.Stop Being So Negative.

5.Being Human.

6.Your Body is Like a Computer.

7.How to Stay Grounded.

8.Intuition VS the Mind.

9.Is Time an Illusion.

10.Follow Your Joy.

11.How to Transform Yourself.

12.You Are Not Your Body.

13.Are you Behaving like a Reptile.

14.My Personal Development Journey.

15.The Illusory Nature of Reality.

16.Five Tips for Being More Confident.

17.11/11/11 and Manifesting Your Reality.

18.Why Am I Always Tired.

19.Solar Flares and How They Affect You.

20.Forgive Yourself – Forgive Others – We Are Only Human.

21.Finding Your Purpose in Life Exercise  .

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