The New World – Welcome the Void

I call upon the scientific community in our country, those who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents now to the cause of mankind and world peace: to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete.” -Ronald Reagan

What does war solve anyway? Who benefits from the death and destruction, the despair and demise of it all?

You, me, who then?

War does not solve any problem; rather, war creates more problems. War serves as a means to further disconnect us from who we really are.

Mankind has been fighting amongst itself for far too long with little room for growth to show for it.

Why fight?

Is it possible to come to terms with “what is” instead of fighting our way through it?

I prefer to live in a world where we can peacefully solve our differences, how about you?

How many more lives need to be sacrificed in order to see that we cannot force our wants on other people?

A life filled with fear and dread is no life at all.

Is it possible for us to all just get along?

When will we finally realize we can’t kill our way to a new world?

The New Earth is on the horizon. A world where fighting no longer happens.

Planet Earth

A world where people don’t go without food, shelter, clothing and medical care just because they don’t have enough money for them.

A New World where creativity and contribution is everyone’s main focus.

A New World where everyone knows their true worth.

A New World where people accept themselves as they are; perfectly imperfect.

A New World where we finally understand that all of life is connected.

A New World where we remember who we really are; eternal beings of consciousness.

How about you?

Are you ready for the New World to arrive?

In order for the New to arrive we must release the old.

Can you release the old in order to make room for the new?

It won’t be easy at first because it will create a temporary void in your life.

The void will not be painful nor will it cause you any harm.

The void is a necessary step before the New World Arrives.

Perhaps you have been feeling it lately. The World feels like it is stagnating. Very little new growth has happened as of late, but this will change very soon.

Welcome the momentary emptiness because it means you are emptying out all the old parts and ways of yourself that no longer serves you.

Relax into knowing that the New World is knocking on your door. Will you get out of your own way and answer it?

Will you welcome the New World as an old friend that has been away for a long time?

Will you embrace it, reminiscing about the old days when life was so much fun?

Yes, the New World is not really new; the New World hasn’t really gone anywhere.

What happened a long time ago is that we disconnected from the New World grid and created a Way of life that had us believing we were somehow disconnected with the “All that is.”

This disconnect is the reason why we always in a state of competition with each other.

The disconnect created a belief in lack.

Lack of love, lack of money, lack of land, lack of resources, lack, lack, lack.

Lack is an illusion, abundance is all there is.

Granted, you could experience an abundance of lack, but you still are abundantly lacking.

Either way, you have to understand that you are viewing the world through a skewed perception. Worry not because all that has been hidden from you will be coming to the forefront.

This will initially create anger and confusion within you. These are acceptable responses but do not get carried away with them.

Accept what happened up until this point so you can more easily create a World that you prefer.

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