The New World – Believing is Seeing

“We must believe that it is the darkest before the dawn of a beautiful new world. We will see it when we believe it.” – Saul Alinsky

I wrote this post in a creative sense. It’s about creating a New World. It’s just a rough ideal for now, and could be altered or changed to a much more refined way of living and being.

Why are you here Why are you reading this now?

What a question to ask yourself.

Does anyone really know why you are here on Earth.?

Did you come here to do something specific or are you just casually observing life as if it were a movie on a screen?

Regardless of why you are here there is no doubt that you are where many are in this experience called life.

What are we doing, are we here to make a difference?

Do we just live the current lifestyle design construct that was already in place when we came here or will we create a new one?

My perspective is this. Life is what you make of it. I know rather generic but read on.

You are the world

Creating Your Life – Believing is Seeing

Life is really all about you adding to it by being you. You are here to bring the spiritual, unseen “you” into the physical world. Your unique creative energy made into a physical expression.

The purpose of your life is to be you as fully as you possibly can by acting on the things that excite you the most. To be your most total self by being you.

There is nothing more to it than that.

You are here to break the mold that has kept humanity constrained for so long.

Now is the time to “wake up” and be your all.

This is not the time to be timid, now is not the time to hold back.

Being passive and watching life from the sidelines is no longer accepted.

You must participate and help create the new world that is forming as we speak.

You are an artist, a conscious creator who incarnated into physical form to bring your uniqueness to our world. Whether you like it or not you are already helping to create this new world.

The key is are you consciously creating a new world, or are you asleep while you participate?

There is no right or wrong about your participation because life is subjective even though you can view it objectively. Please take the time to decide now what kind of world you want to create and ultimately live in.

Not just for you, but for generations after you.

I didn’t incarnate on Earth just to get the lousy t-shirt, rather I came here to be an active participant through writing and inspired action. How about you?

What is your ideal life? What kind of World do you want to live in?

Create that and want others to do the same for themselves.

Sameness is not fun. We must embrace the uniqueness in all of us instead of trying to repress it by thinking our way is the only way. It’s not!

There are so many possible ways that we could experience life and the current model is only one.

What if I were to tell you that collectively we could experience a life that was “moneyless.”

Yes that is right, “moneyless.”

No need to wake up everyday to go to a job you don’t like just to pay bills and have a mediocre life that leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled.

It’s possible that collectively we could live a life doing and being exactly what we want to do and be .

Whatever feels natural and you are good at is all that you need to do to participate.

If you are great at teaching and you truly love it then that is what you will do. Of course you could do whatever you like in this new world but you would never be forced to do something you aren’t a natural for.

The New World encourages that you live in harmony with the natural cycles of your body.

No more, I am so tired and would love to rest but I have to work. You work when you want to work in this new world because you create your own schedule.

No more parasites in this new world either.

You must contribute to the greater good of the New world or you are out. No more sitting back and doing nothing in return for something. You must contribute.

This includes parasiting off the Earth.

We see the Earth as our home and to destroy her would be to destroy our home.

No more conformity in the new world. In fact being like everyone else and not being your unique self is completely discouraged. If dying your hair blue and tattooing your face is an expression of you then you are encouraged to do so.

Holding back your true self would be considered a form of self-limitation.

The New World is all about acceptance, integration, allowance, freedom and contribution.

Education would involve creativity as its main teaching principle. No more structured classrooms but rather life and life experience would be your classroom.

It’s very common in the New World to have teaching done outdoors in nature.

Stuffy classroom are seldom used but they are still used occasionally. School and learning are only about 2 to 3 hours a day because play time takes up most of the day.

Yes, we remembered after so long of working on the 9 to 5 treadmill that we forgot how to let loose and have fun.

Play time is strongly encouraged in the New World because it opens up channels for creativity.

Stress is a thing of the past in the New World. We soon realized that stress in the old world was a bi-product of putting too much on our plates. Mental states of stress led to emotional states of stress.

We are now way more sensitive to when our mental states are getting too low and we act on them by adding more love, play and rest into our lives.

In the New World we actually spend a great deal of time doing what we love.

Since we are back in harmony with our body we need much less sleep than we did in the old world. We generally sleep about 4 hours in the evening with a 30 to 60 minute meditation/nap in the afternoon.

As a result of our body being in balance we live longer and healthier lives.

Eighty years old is just middle age in the New World. We are still learning much by the age of eighty.

Lower states of being like anger, jealousy, revenge and greed are just seen as imbalances in the mind and are handled in one of the many spiritual centers.

Malachite Pyramid

Spiritual Centers for healing purposes

Spiritual centers are a place of healing when we get out of balance which still occasionally happens, even in the New World. Mental/emotional/physical illness is easily fixed through DNA healing.

A special room in the healing center scans the body for imbalances and corrects them through sound therapy healing.

Yes, all of us at a vibrational/energetic level are sound vibrations that takes the form of a physical being. We can give the body the right frequency of sound vibration to activate instant healing in the body.

Fort Howard 3

An End to War and other senseless acts of aggression

There is no war in the New World.

The entire concept seems ludicrous and we wonder how we could have ever thought that War was an answer to solve problems.

From our perspective war is like a child who cannot win a game of checkers and decides to throw the board off the table as an answer to his frustrations at not being able to beat his opponent.

Competition still exists in the New World such as sports and mental games like chess but the goal is not necessarily only to win.

The goal is more like a mental exercise to see how much you have learned and grown.

Being human we still have a competitive gene in us that we see as a tool for personal growth.

No more sore losers in the New World, just humans who like to reflect on their failures to see what they could have done differently.


Bye-Bye Artificial Cities

No more unnatural places like cities exist in the New World.

Yes there are places that have more people like cities but they maintain their naturalness as best as possible using natural structures that are already in place.

We soon realized that artificial living spaces created imbalances in people. Too many people too close together was actually creating imbalances in us.

As much as we love each other in the New World we still crave aloneness and solitude in order to recharge our batteries.

The New World is an abundant place just like the Current World is yet leaders do not promote the idea of lack or scarcity in the New World for profit.

Lying is seen as it is in the New World, a manipulative tool used to fool and control the masses by putting them into a lower vibrational state like fear.

What are your values

New Values, Beliefs and living with integrity

Integrity, transparency, honesty and serving the greater good of all are the main driving forces in the New World. No more of the few getting all the gold while the many walk around wondering why they can’t get their own gold.

The real gold (value) is seen in human creativity, ingenuity, and the physical energy of each individual.

Money was done away with in the New World because it was so easily corruptible. Initially money was a novel idea that saved us the trouble of having to carry physical objects with us to trade with.

What happened was when money was used to create more money.

Everything got out of balance and money was seen as a sick entity that could not be resuscitated.

We had to let it go.

You see in the New World all of your needs are taken care of because the New World is as plentiful as this World is.

The only difference is the illusion of scarcity is gone.

You get in the New World by giving your creative value for another’s creative value.

All energy exchanges are balanced and you would never see someone getting a new house built in exchange for a hand sewn blanket.

Not everything in the new world is based on trade though, that is just one of many ways of getting what you want or need.

The biggest change in the New world is that those who normally would not take leadership positions felt compelled, maybe even forced in some way to come into positions of Authority.

In the Old World Authority positions became tainted with too many who were only interested in serving themselves and a select few at the expense of the many.

Fortunately many in power were removed peacefully and taken to a spiritual center for much needed healing.

This created a vacuum that allowed for a “new kind” of leader to take their place.

The former leaders needed healing from their own lower vibrational wants, needs and desires created by their ego also known as the false self.

The false self had caused them to endanger the health, wealth and well-being of the many.

It's not me it's you

Relationships will be different

Relationships in the New World are completely transformed for the better. Since we are all secure in ourselves and our World we no longer are in relationships for security reasons.

We form relationships with others for the growth experience and to add value.

Manipulative relationships just don’t exist anymore.

We are completely open, honest and transparent with others about our true intents. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Feeling offended by what someone else says is no longer a crime in the New World.

It is accepted as a valid point of view and honored as such and is never taken personal because we no that the person saying it only has love in their heart.

We don’t mince words in the New World. We gets straight to the heart of a question, and our current selves would see this as rude and curt. But this is because we are used to formalities.

We don’t spend much time in the New World with mindless back and forth banter with one another.

Even though we live much longer lives in the New World we don’t waste time chatting with each other unless the chatter was a precursor to taking action.

One thing that won’t change in the New World is time. We have limited time and we value our time in the New World much the same as we value money in this World. In fact they are the same.

And yes children are as ever present as ever in the New World too.

In the New World children are still the creations of their parents yet the whole community takes their personal growth and well-being as their own without over-stepping their boundaries.

Children are the most open and vulnerable mentally up until the age of eight so we make sure that self-esteem and self-value is instilled in them during these times.

We do our best to keep fearful thoughts and other mind viruses out of their heads except when it comes to their physical well-being. Like, “be careful climbing that tree.”

positive thoughts

New Ways of thinking and being

Before taking action we always ask questions and ponder our thoughts before acting. The key questions that we ask ourselves before taking action is:

1.Will this action serve the greater good?
2.What if everyone took this action, what would the results be?

In the New World we see ourselves as a collection of individual cells that reside in a body.

None of us are any more or less important than the other. We co-exist as a whole, cohesive unit that exists to serve the greater good and to express ourselves as unique conscious creators.

In the New World we learn at a young age who we are and what type of service we would be best at. In the New World you don’t become a healer just because your father was.

In the New World you become who you are by being an expression of your uniqueness which is celebrated every time you breathe and create new life into something that was once a thought.


Your Turn

I know you must be reading this and are either rolling your eyes or maybe you are excited about this possible future. Either way, all creation starts as a thought, then a feeling, then inspired action.

One hundred years ago the thought of flying in a Boeing 747 over Las Vegas would have seemed absurd because neither existed. But both exist today and can be experienced by you at anytime you choose.

You are only limited by your beliefs about what you can and cannot do.

Believing is seeing and not the other way around. You are a conscious creator, so what are you waiting for?

Go and create something that will serve the greater good. The World is eagerly awaiting your participation.

What is your New World Like? What would you like to add to the New World story?

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