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Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass”. – Owen Feltham

Are you curious about meditation?

Have you struggled with finding a consistent meditation practice?

Would you like to explore different types of meditation? Free of charge?

For the first time ever, seven acclaimed teachers and mentors share their profound meditation practices with you at no charge.

To help you get all the benefits of meditation including sweet peace, stress relief, immense wisdom, more energy, and a stream of health gains.

This free online event—called the Meditationfest—gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience a series of relaxing meditations.

All professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards, perfect for whether you are just beginning meditation or deep in a practice.

Each teacher brings their own style, a demonstrated ability to transcend the mind, and a passion for sharing with the world.

Each meditation includes a teaching conversation of between 25 and 60 minutes to help you understand the meditation’s beauty and the gifts it brings you.

There are a ton of benefits to daily meditation like a clearer mind and less stress.

Most of you reading this already know this, but I bet many of you still haven’t quite mastered the art of meditating, and that is why the Meditationfest would be a perfect fit for you.

The entire program is free when you listen to the streams during the Meditationfest beginning September 10.
You are also welcome to upgrade to receive your own set of downloads, which you can access in a matter of minutes, or CDs, which will be delivered to your home.
The upgrade, which allows you to benefit from the full program now or any time in the future, includes everything you will hear during the Meditationfest – plus transcripts of the coaching conversations and a mini-manual with notes and insights.

There is absolutely no charge or obligation to experience these meditations.

>>>You can click here to sign up for free.

P.S. I am an affiliate for this product and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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