Feeling Good Equals More Abundance

If you’re happy, if you’re feeling good, then nothing else matters.” -Robin Wright

The most important place to focus your energy and attention on is feeling good. Well-being is the key ingredient for allowing “goodness” to come into your life.

You don’t believe me?

Compare your days/experiences when you are feeling good as opposed to feeling agitated, stressed, or worried.

How does your experience go?

You probably agree if you were aware of your state of being at the time, your experience is a direct reflection of how you felt in the moment.

Hence, it goes back to my suggestion that the way you feel is the most important aspect of your physical experience.

So, how do you feel right now?

How do you feel when you are doing your job?

How do you feel when you spend time with your friends and family?

The way you feel is a direct reflection of what your personal experience will be like.

Okay, are you with me so far?


I like to use the roller coaster analogy to explain this further.

Have you ever been on a roller coaster?

Do you enjoy them?

If so you probably enjoyed the experience because you went into the experience with a positive expectation.

On the other hand, if you dislike roller coasters you probably went into the experience with some fear and therefore disliked the experience.

So, what’s the difference between experiences with the person who likes roller coasters and the person who does not?

The state of being, the beliefs and attitudes about roller coasters, that’s it. Nothing more.

 No whining

How to get to a better feeling place

I’m not always, perpetually in a better feeling place. But, always my goal is to be there as much as I can to the best of my ability.

What factors affect my ability to stay in a better feeling place? Lets’ have a look shall we?

Sleep/Resting/Recharging – The amount of quality sleep I get is in direct proportion to how I feel. I prefer at least 7 hours at night and a recharge period sometime in the afternoon to evening.

Naps are a great way to keep yourself in a better feeling place, but if your body is not used to them, it will cause you to feel “groggy” when you wake up.

Working long, hard, hours day in and day out is not a good thing.

If you plan to live this way then you will have to rest the body as much as you work it.

Otherwise you will experience the physical and mental symptoms of an unbalanced body like anxiety and depression.

Stimulants – I used to drink a pot of coffee a day and now I drink a cup or sometimes none at all. Caffeine and other stimulants overwork the adrenal gland which can ultimately lead to adrenal fatigue.

It is believed that postpartum depression for mothers is due to the stress put on the adrenal glands after child-birth.

Stress filled people and environments – Stress is contagious. Generally speaking I do my best to keep stress levels at a low because stress creates disease in the body.

Stress only exists in the mind via thought forms and the more energy/attention we give to them the more drained we will feel.

Having said that, I too get affected in a negative way if I am near stress filled environments and people.

Avoid them if possible.

If you have to be around such people and places then do your best to anchor positive energy into the space by focusing your thoughts on things that cause you to feel good.

Stress causes blockages and imbalances in the chakras which will give you a slow, sluggish feeling.



My number one method for clearing chakras is to do physical exercise.

Exercise works because it gets your energy levels flowing again. A good loud scream into a pillow works too. 🙂

You Tube- Another great method I use for getting into a better feeling place is by watching/listening to You Tube videos while doing house chores like dishes, laundry and cooking.

Anything inspirational does the trick for me.

I prefer listening to  Abraham Hicks, and Eckhart Tolle.

Stay away from the news that brings your energy down.

Money Management – Live within your means. Spend less than you earn and invest the rest. Go to yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets or any place other than a retail store to buy things you may need.

Improved Diet- I have been a Pescetarian for over a year now. A pescetarian diet excludes land animals and birds, but includes fish, mollusks, and crustaceans in addition to fruits, vegetables, plants, legumes, nuts, and grains.

Eggs and dairy may or may not be present in the pescetarian’s diet. (Definition courtesy of pescetarian life.com)

In addition to feeling better I have also lost some weight. My digestion has improved and I enjoy a better over-all quality of life. Now, how can I give up eating doughnuts on the weekends? 🙂

Needless to say drugs and alcohol temporarily make you feel better, but eventually make you feel worse.

I stopped drinking alcohol in 2005 and obviously I don’t take drugs, I don’t even like taking an aspirin unless I have no other choice.

So, if you notice a pattern here the key ingredients to getting to a better feeling place is taking care of the body by meeting its needs daily (including mental needs like certainty and comfort), and excluding things that harm or unbalance it.

Granted I don’t expect you to make changes right this second, but gradually allow yourself to reduce ingesting things that harm the body while at the same time introducing things that nourish it.

Personal growth is a process and it does indeed take some time. I have been at it since 1997 and I have grown much, but I also have a lot more growing and expanding to do. I’m not perfect.

The state of the physical body affects the mind and not the other way around.

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