The 11:11 Perspective

The problem with the 11:11 phenomenon is getting anybody interested in it that hasn’t experienced it themselves. Other phenomena, such as U.F.Os or crop circles, are able to be seen. We can debate them. But seeing and being guided by 11:11 is hard to convey to those uninitiated in its ways.”  ― Harry Whitewolf, Route Number 11: Argentina, Angels & Alcohol

You probably heard about the 11:11 phenomenon? So what does 11:11 mean anyway. What is up with this 11:11 time prompt?

If you haven’t let me give you some insight. People have seen the number sequence of 1111,111,11.

Sometimes people are seeing the number sequence 11 in the form of a time prompt, 11:11, 1:11,. I first became aware of the number 11 about five years ago. It would only appear to me in the form of 911. The number 911 sure got my attention when it kept showing up to me. The date of the events of September 11th, 2001 equals 911.

I did some research on the internet about the number 11, the information that was commonly expressed was more about the time prompt of 11:11 than 911. The number sequence 11:11 did not appear to me until a few years after repeatedly seeing 911.

11:11 is a signal/sign from the Universe and your higher-self

Many websites were claiming that 11:11 was some type of “wake up call.” I decided to go a little deeper about why exactly are we being told to wake up. What I found out is that the world is going through an ascension, or for you computer geeks an upgrade to the human body/mind and  planetary system. Our current planetary structure or model is becoming an outdated version.

You may choose to stick with the current version of reality if you choose as many will choose to do so. But, many people who are not in alignment with the way the World is now will upgrade to a better, more friendly Earth experience.

I believe that I was born with the new software version already installed. Maybe that is why I felt a little different growing up experiencing the current structure system.

You may find that when you change your current software system in the body, that current life situations may no longer resonate with you. This could be in the form of employment, relationships, and geographical location.  New desires and choices will begin to manifest in your life as you begin to change.

What 11:11 means to me, is that it is a way of getting my attention. Get out of my head, I’m thinking too much. I am now stuck in repetitive thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am on an emotional merry-go-round, I need to get off and start living consciously.

Repetitive patterns will keep you stuck, when your consciousness is asleep, your automatic thoughts,  feelings, and actions supersede your consciousness.

Abraham Hicks speaks about 1111 being a prompt pertaining to alignment of your desires. According to Abraham, when you see number sequences such as 1111, 444, 1212, etc, this is an indicator of being properly aligned with yourself. By properly aligned they mean that you are not experiencing being out of balance.

Your entire being is congruent with your specific desires. It is impossible to experience something that is not a vibrational match to your vibration. Like attracts like.


So remember to become conscious of what you are attracting into your life because your persistent thoughts will create your reality whether you want it or not. What you focus on with your thoughts is what you will experience.

How to figure out what 11:11 time prompts mean for you.

– When You see 11:11 get quiet. Drown out all distractions around you and just listen to your soul. Allow any and all information to come to you without resistance. Write down whatever you receive on a piece of paper or on some type of electronic device. Do this every time you see any kind of number sequence.

Perhaps it is your guardian angels trying to contact you, perhaps a deceased loved one. Either way number sequences are a form of communication between worlds.

There are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason so pay attention.

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