Taking Responsibility for Yourself and Choices

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” -Jim Rohn

Bashar’s definition of responsibility: The ability to respond.

That’s it.

Responsibility has nothing to do with blame, judgement, or guilt.

Perhaps you learned to see responsibility in a negative way which ultimately will not serve you.

Life is made of choices

The “R” Word

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you needed something from another person?

Maybe you needed money, time, attention or something else that you believed you needed. Did the other person give you what you wanted? Or did you get the cold shoulder instead?

I, like you, have been in situations where I thought that I needed something that only another could give me.

When I find myself in a situation of perceived lack, and I believe that only one person could give me what I want, then what I am really telling myself is that I am not being responsible or resourceful enough.

Maybe the other person could help me, but is it really their job to do so?

Well, unless there is a written agreement like a contract, then the answer is no. But what I am really aiming at here is the “R” word. Yes, responsibility.

Responsibility conjures up images of a lot of “have to’s.”

I have to do this or I have to do that, but responsibility is actually a tool for freedom. The freedom of choice of how you get to respond to life and life situations.

The alternative is a lot worse let me tell you.

Giving up responsibility means letting someone else make decisions for you and believe me, you do not want that.

You would definitely feel a loss of power and control in your life, and who wants that anyway?

Everything I needed to learn art class

Making Choices and the Creation Process

Our very power comes from the ability to make choices in our lives.

From where we live, to where we work, to who we marry. Our choices ultimately create our destiny and our destiny is where our future selves will live.

I believe that making choices for most of us is difficult because we fear we will make the wrong choice and create a painful destiny.

Think of destiny as the road or path that we chose to travel before we incarnated in the physical form.

The cool thing that I have learned is that we can always change course in the direction of our lives if we don’t like the direction that we are headed.

We have eyes, intuition and other senses that we can use if we don’t like where are headed. So use them and make the changes that you choose.


You Chose to be Here

Yes, you chose to be here on Earth at this time even though your mind cannot remember this. Remember, your mind does not have the ability to know how things are going to happen.

It only has the ability to know how something that has already happened, happened.

It’s your higher-self’s job to know how things are going to happen so leave that job to your higher-self and don’t burden your mind with this.

Every single one of us knew that we would be going through a transition and a transformation at this time.

Us humans have gone to complete darkness during this time in creation and we will not know how far down we really were until we return to absolute light.

Believe it or not these are exciting times for us and remember again, we chose to be here now.

No one put a gun to our head on the other side and said, “Hey! Incarnate into that human body or else.”


 Key Points to Know

  •  You are infinite consciousness. You are more powerful than you could imagine.
  •  You chose to be here now. So stop complaining and do something about the things that you do not like.
  •  Treat others as a part of you and not something separate, because you are not separate at all.
  •  Remember the “boomerang affect.” Every thought, feeling, word and deed will come back to you. So be sure to only send out what you would want to receive.
  •  Yes, there is a big change going on now. It’s a shift in consciousness and awareness. It’s like being able to see two opposing sides arguing their case and being able to recognize that both sides are “right.” The “old us” would probably take sides, but now we would choose to be diplomatic about our perceptions.
  •  The whole idea of coming to Earth was to experience polarity. If everything here was love and light all the time then we wouldn’t know darkness. We get to experience choice because of this polarization, so don’t make it a bad thing. We can, and most of us will go from absolute dark to absolute light based on our decision to do so.
  •  Darkness is a choice just as light is a choice. By experiencing darkness we can now choose to not experience that again, not because we are afraid, but rather, it is no longer our preference to do so.
  •  You have the freedom to choose no matter what. This is real power and control for ourselves.
  •  In order to grow and expand you cannot avoid. There is nowhere to go, there is only the here and now. You cannot run away from anything, you must let it in and accept it as a part of who you are if you really want the freedom to choose who you really want to be. This is how self-transformation happens.
  •  Become more aware of who you are, be more of who you are, and accept the dark and the light that you have. By integrating all aspects of your being you will be afforded the opportunity to change those things about you that you would no longer like to experience.
  • Finally, why you are really here? I will tell you in the next post. 🙂

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