Stop Being Grounded Already – Why Staying in the Salad Bowl Isn’t Such a Smart Move

“Sometimes a psychic tells you something and it feels wrong and others may be right on the money. It’s your choice about whom to trust, and giving that trust is something we do ourselves.” – Martha Beck

You, the practitioner of the Fine and Elusive Art of Weaving Abstract Non – Material Information.

If you don’t know what that means, then you’ve obviously never considered the sheer craziness of being an intuitive and psychic.

You’re just done with your sales page, ready to use your abilities for the good of the world!

But how, oh how do you make sure that they know you’re the real deal and not some crazy circus psychic?


With a big smile on your face, you write:

‘I’m a practical, down – to – earth intuitive and psychic’

You know what I’m saying? Yeah, right.

If you, as an intuitive/psychic are down – to earth, then I’m Abraham Lincoln.

Which I obviously am not.

Is this provocative? It should be.

It’s the rage today to write that you’re practical, grounded, uses the information for practical purposes and so on.

But you know what? It has lost its uniqueness.

Where’s the originality?

Where is the you?

A potential client is looking for something that resonates with him/her in what you write and what you offer, and that’s not necessarily your big selling point of being grounded.

Trust me, they’ve seen that on the dozen of other sites they’ve browsed already.

By writing this, you automatically assume that this is how people perceive intuitives – and indeed, it is how you help define them as.

‘Have a reading with me, because you know how many flying pigs there are in the sky. Trust me, it’s sooo much better being a fat and normal farm  pig’.

You have to accept that we look at it differently.

Is what some of you that are practicing the Fine and Elusive Art of Weaving Abstract and Non – Material Information are thinking.

Oh, I know. It’s been considered crazy in the past to even say the word ‘psychic’, but the world is moving and it’s passing you by.

Time to drop your uncertainties, the images of the past. That goes for potential clients, too.

Yeah, I know you know it already but your selling point is you. I have to tell you again though, so you don’t forget.

So, here I’ve told you things you already know. Why would you tell your potential clients what they already know?

If you have a blog, they will know what kind of intuitive and psychic you are from reading what you write.

Indeed, practicing this fine art does involve telling people what they already know at some level, but really, does it have to be on all levels.

I mean, on Level 1? The introductory level?

National Sarcasm Society

They come in all Flavors

So do we. Let’s make ourselves a little more tasty.

Let’s add some ingredients, and then some spice.

Oh, and don’t forget to jump out of that bowl. I am not telling you to go out there, strip yourself bare and dance around like that village idiot. Or maybe I am?

Hmm. It’s all about perception, isn’t it?

I am encouraging you to stand out and be unique.

Not just in what you write, but also in how you present yourself and what you offer.

This goes for each and every one of you, blogger, businessman/woman and psychic alike.

And I’m sure you know this already. It’s one of those lessons that you learn, but that’s also so easily forgotten.

When you see someone successful, you want to be like them – so why not do the same?

This is such an innocent decision on a subconscious level.

Yes, we’re all guilty of emulating people we admire.

I am no exception and neither are you.

Sometimes we are not born successful, but we become successful.

Through our actions, through our words and even through our thoughts.

Especially through our thoughts, but let’s take that another time, shall we?

So here you are, looking down in that mixed salad bowl, trying to make out where you are.

What kind of delicious ingredient may you be?

Oh, there you are. A tomato. Oh wait.. another tomato. Actually, you count about 20 other tomatoes.

‘Sure, tomatoes are tasty,’ you think.

Then you look up and see the shelf with the sign titled ‘Delicious Dishes’ and you see the one.

You know who/what I’m talking about.

It’s that person or that thing that is successful. It was this person or thing that made you realize that this is something you really wanted to do.

Yes, you’ll be the same someday. Someday, you’ll be a delicious dish that everyone wants to taste and try out.

Subconsciously, you’re thinking: ‘If I just keep being a tomato, I’ll get there’.


On Flying Pigs and the Wind

You’ve probably gotten the idea by now.

Be unique, be yourself, be whatever you want to be and so on.

Still, even flying pigs follow the wind.

Fat farm pigs stay on a farm for all their life and perhaps they’ll become a sausage or two, still contributing to a hopefully well – prepared meal.

By deciding to break out and take that step of becoming a psychic/intuitive or something else, you just grew your first feather!

Good job! Now you must do your best and pave your own way.

Gather your own tribe of flying pigs and fly wherever the wind takes you.

Yes, doing what the ‘down-to-earth’ psychics did got you this far, but will it help you grow your second feather? Only time will tell unless you get captured by the butcher and made into sausage.

For some people, success may not be the goal.

For most of us, success is a nice plus in addition to helping people.

Keep in mind that in the process you’re also helping yourself.

We evolve and revolve in a myriad of ways every moment, on a million different levels.

It’s not about staying grounded. It’s about sometimes taking off, even though you fear the effects flying can give you.

Do you dare take the initiative?

Do you dare take the second step?

Do you dare to not just think outside the box, but without it? That’s the real question and it’s a question only you can answer.

I can’t do that. I can lead you to the cliff, but you must take the leap and trust that your feathers have become wings.

But of course you already knew that.

This guest post was written by Sol Vadaal.

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