How to Start Living Harmoniously with Ourselves

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

How we feel about ourselves is more important than anything else that we can do.

Stop now and begin to focus on yourself especially in the chest area.

How does it feel? Tight and heavy or is it loose and relaxed.

Your answer will decide how you view yourself and the world.

Don’t worry if you are feeling tight and heavy at the moment because this is still a major problem with most of us.

Always remember that your body never lies.

Your body will demonstrate the truth to you, just observe it and listen to what it is saying.

Your body doesn’t care about money, cars, social status or anything else that is ego/mind related.

Your body’s job is to stay fit and healthy and when it is not it sure will let you know.

Physical symptoms such as aches and pains, difficulty thinking, concentrating and even speaking.

All illness is self-created through bad habits, poor thoughts and reckless actions.

Staying angry can cause heart attacks, merciless competitiveness can bring on strokes and constant worrying about the future can bring on an early death.

Eckhart Tolle Quote 2

How To Change This

The difference between “beingness” and “doingness” is like the difference between night and day.

Most of us are deeply involved in doingness in their lives. Many are running around on a treadmill doing this and doing that.

We are going to be seeing on this planet in the next few decades a new kind of human. One that will not be a doer but rather a person of complete beingness in every moment.

Many have already made the shift with many more to follow. We see people daily quitting careers, marriages, habits and so on so that they can be more “being-like.”

It is not necessary to become a recluse or live in a cave in order to become a being again. Nor do you have to meditate for eight hours a day and practice yoga.

You can experience this feeling as you perform your work in the world, in fact because of the work that you do in this world.

If you are unsure as to what you want to be just follow your excitement, your passion.

Reject anything that does not cause you to express this including jobs and relationships.


The Heart Is The Center Of Your Being

Listen to your heart and follow it. Your heart has memory, your heart has wisdom.

Your heart has consciousness and it actually thinks.

When you can develop a balanced dialogue between the heart-mind and the head-mind, that’s when everything falls into alignment.

Your head-mind must follow the heart-mind and not the other way around. The head needs to follow the heart and not try to contradict it or control it.

The heart is the center of our being. We tend to believe that what is on top must be the most important, the most desirable. In fact what is in the center of us is where our true power lives.

We can reverse the upside down relationship between the heart and the mind and we can begin moving forward harmoniously with ourselves.


This Is Just The Beginning

Our “physical-mind” has an idea of what it wants to experience yet it can’t comprehend how this will occur. The physical mind wasn’t designed to know how something will happen.

It’s designed to recognize what is happening now and what has already happened.

The “higher-mind” on the other hand has the ability to see the big picture including how to bring your desired experience to you.

This is the job of your higher-mind so the physical-mind can let go, trust and get out of the way.

If the physical-mind decides to control the means as to which the desire comes to us then the higher-mind will stand there like your parents did when you weren’t cooperating as a child, with their arms crossed, tapping their foot, waiting for you to get into alignment.

The little-mind can imagine an ideal reality and think that it will be as good as it get’s.

From the higher-minds perspective, that’s just the beginning. The higher-mind says I can bring you something better than you could possibly imagine.

To get what you imagined that you want you must first get into vibrational alignment with your desire and allow, allow, allow.

Learn to trust and let go of controlling the outcome through your physical-mind.

This process is known as energetic physics.

Your physical-mind and higher-mind must work in unison in order to be in harmony with yourself.

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