Slave Species of the Gods – We Are the ET’s.

The ‘divide & conquer’ principle has been successfully implemented on our planet and is being used very effectively to keep us under control and in a perpetual state of conflict.”  ― Michael Tellinger

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

And where are we going?

There are lots of theories about the creation of mankind and this is one of many. Do your own research when it comes to connecting to dots. 

The information in this post comes from author Michael Tellinger’s book: Slave Species of the Gods – The Secret History of the Annunaki and their Mission on Earth.

I have been researching the origins of mankind for over a decade now, because I never bought into the “alleged theory” that humans evolved from apes through years of evolution.

There had to be some kind of intervention to make up the “spaces” in evolution also known as the “missing link”. Top scientists call it the “missing link” because they have not been able to fill in the gaps with any reasonable explanation.

The whole theory of mankind evolving from apes is due to the fact that the majority of humans have an Rh type of blood. Rh stands for Rhesus factor as in “Rhesus Monkey”.

This where we get the terms positive and negative when it comes to labeling blood types in people.

My blood type is negative, which means I do not have the Rh factor in my genetic make-up as well as many other people. Also I was born with Craniosynostosis which meant I would have had an elongated skull had I not had an operation done when I was just 11 weeks old.

Many of the Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt had elongated skulls as well as other leaders in ancient cities of the world.

Often the natives would bind the skull of their children to emulate the skull shape of the “gods”. (For the record, I am not saying I am a god).

In Michael Tellinger’s Book: Slave Species of the Gods he tells a compelling story of how modern day humans also known as Homo sapiens sapiens came to be.

According to Michael Tellinger the gaps in the evolution of humanity were created by Extraterrestrial beings known as the Annunaki. (Extraterrestrial means – Not from this Earth).


Enki Sumeria

The Short Story about human origins

The Annunaki were astronauts and explorers who settled on Earth 443,000 years ago under the command of Anu, hence the Annunaki.

Hi two sons Enlil and Enki were given control of their new space base. They came in search of gold to help mend their planet Nibiru’s failing ozone layer and atmosphere.

Over time they sent as many as 600 explorers and workers to Earth to set up a multitude of mining operations in Southern Africa and a space command center in the Near East at Eridu, the oldest settlement on Earth.

After some time and complaints from those Annunaki who had to toil in the mines, they created a clone (Adamu) which was a mixture of their DNA with that of Homo erectus creature that already existed on Earth when they arrived.

The Annunaki also had a base established on Mars from where they could send larger shipments of gold because of the lower gravity.

This was before the cosmic events that caused the Great Flood on Earth and also caused Mars to lose its atmosphere.

Those Annunaki that lived on Mars to transport the gold back to Nibiru were called Igigi, but the cosmic events forced the Igigi to desert the planet and return to Earth.

The famous carved face in the rock on Mars is a portrait of one of the Annunaki leaders that had died there.

The sons of the Annunaki and the Igigi were known as the Nefilim in the book of Genesis and other literature.

“Those who descended to Earth from Heaven.”

Even Genesis tells us about these Nefilim who came to Earth and “Saw that the daughters of man were beautiful and had children with them”.

This created a whole new species of human called the Aryans who lived separately from the rest and influenced future civilizations to a great extent. They were followers of Enki’s first born son Marduk (Ra).

The planet Nibiru is on a 3,600 year orbit around the sun, just like the orbits of many comets. On one of its orbits to the Sun, Nibiru came unusually close to the Earth and Mars, causing great geological upheavals that resulted in the great flood some 13,000 years ago.

The presence of Nibiru also caused Mars’ atmosphere to be “sucked away”.

The Annunaki saw this approaching global catastrophe as an opportunity to wipe out the slave species that they created and that had grown to very large numbers by then.

The slave species had become a big problem that was not going away.

They needed constant supervision, care, and feeding like little helpless children.

The biggest problem for Enlil was that some of the Nefilim were having children with the human females, creating a whole new sub-species and exacerbating the problem.

At the original point of creation of the Adamu there was much disagreement between the two commanding brothers.

Enlil was completely opposed to the creation of a new species and now he had the perfect opportunity by allowing a natural disaster to eliminate the human problem.

But Enki, who was the creator of humankind, told some of his offspring to save themselves in a submersible boat.

The rest is part of human history.

Orbit of Planet X Nibiru

The Creation of the Earth and Her Moon

Many millions of years ago there was Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Nibiru.

Tiamat was a big planet, several times the size of Earth, orbiting where the asteroid belt is today.

On one of her fateful orbits, Nibiru came close to Tiamat, so close that their moons actually engaged in several dramatic collisions.

The Enuma Elish or Epic of Creation details this story very vividly.

Large bodies of scholars now realize that the Epic of Creation describes the cosmic collisions between Tiamat and her eleven moons, with Nibiru.

From the transcripts we learn that Nibiru had seven moons, which “attacked” the helpless Tiamat, ripping into her belly, shattering her body, and tearing her into two pieces.

The conclusion of this Epic was that as the moons pounded the planet, the observers could actually see the many components she was hiding.

One of the most abundant metals present was gold.

There were collisions on the way toward the Sun, and it continued as Nibiru returned on its way back.

As one of the big moons which the tablets call “North Wind,” smashed into Tiamat, it dislodged the top half of the planet, which went flying into space toward the Sun.

Kingu, which was one of Tiamat’s moons, followed the giant piece of the planet because of its momentum, before the large piece settled into its own orbit beyond Mars, capturing the smaller Kingu forever as its moon.

The rest of the planet Tiamat was smashed and destroyed into pieces that became known as the asteroid belt – or “Hammered Bracelet,” by the Sumerians.

The other large piece and its new oversized moon, which were now in collective orbit around the Sun, became known as the Earth and its moon.

During these collisions, there were a lot of transfer of material and “seeds of life” between all the bodies, which explains why Earth inherited much of the same life forms as Nibiru.

It also became visible that the new planet Earth was rich in gold, as were the fragments of the asteroid belt.

Furthermore, it answers the question of why the Earth’s moon is so large, and why the Annunaki knew about the gold on Earth.

Also, with the newly formed creation of the Asteroid Belt, getting from Nibiru to Earth would be no easy task.

Clay Tablets

Sumerian Clay Tablets

Since the 1970’s, when more scholars became attracted to the Sumerian translations of clay tablets polluting the basements of many museums of the world, a whole new wave of information started to emerge.

Suddenly we were exposed to a whole new civilization that preceded all others, which spoke a different language and made references to times before their own from where all their knowledge was derived.

Erich Von Daniken truly popularized the whole concept of extraterrestrial activity on Earth in prehistoric times already in the 1960’s with his book: Chariots of Gods.

But it was Zecharia Sitchin who truly pushed the deciphered Sumerian cuneiform text to the greatest heights in his nine books dealing primarily with the content of the Sumerian tablets and the eroded truth behind them.

Most of the information in the clay tablets deal with mankind’s beginnings up until about 2000 BC.

These scriptures all have one thing in common, and that is their reference to the Sumerian gods who came from distant lands and gave the early humans all their knowledge.

The story has been captured dramatically in Sitchin’s The Lost Book of Enki, which is a compilation of cuneiform translations of Sumerian tablets over a period of some thirty years.


Here is the story according to Michael Tellinger’s book: Slave Species of the Gods

We were created as a “primitive worker” by astronauts from another planet and modeled in their image some 443,000 years ago, to perform a necessary task on their new planet.

We have much of their DNA in our bodies, because they used it to create us, and we look pretty much the way they looked.

Humans are really an “accidental” by- product of an ancient colonization of Earth by the Annunaki from Nibiru, (also referred to as Hibiru).

Early humans came into existence for one reason only: to be the slave laborers in gold mines and nothing more. (This does not include the humans that were created when the Annunaki’s children-(Nefilim) had babies with the human females).

Perhaps this is the reason for the fascination and high value that we humans place on gold?

Because our creators valued gold for its ability to heal its atmosphere. Think about it, what value does gold really have?

Can’t eat it, can’t drink it, can’t smoke it, we don’t use it to cure or heal anything? The truth is we value it because we are taught to value it even though we don’t really know why.

The Annunaki live on a planet known as Nibiru.

Nibiru would be considered the tenth planet in our solar system and that is why it is also known as Planet X or planet number 10.

Nibiru’s orbit around the Sun is 3600 years (1 Shar) and its orbit is elliptical in nature as opposed to circular like the other planets.

Nibiru’s atmosphere was denser than Earth’s and the gravitational pull was much stronger than Earth’s as well.

From a distance, Nibiru has a reddish glowing hue to it.

Nibiru’s orbit comes in close to the Sun, crossing the paths of most planets up to Mars and the asteroid belt, and then it shoots out into deep space just like many of the long-term comets that we get to see every few thousand years.

This is why astronomers cannot find it in the Solar System because at its furthest point it is possibly 3 to 5 times as far as Pluto is from the Sun.

Nibiru was under the rule of a King – The great King’s name was An which is where we get the term “Annunaki” (“An” and “Ki” was the name they gave Earth and the word ANKH) also it is stated that the term Annunaki means “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”, and we will find out how it was all imposed on us, the new earthling species, in future years.

They had cracked the genetic code and had a clear understanding of how DNA could be manipulated.

During the time of the atmospheric riff on Nibiru the King at the time (not An) was weak with little skill to make weighty decisions.

Unhappiness and opposition grew against him until he was overthrown by Alalu, who took the throne.

It was discovered that Alalu was actually the successor by law, because he was the son of the prior King and his concubine half-sister.

The child of a man and his half-sister was first in line as successor, not the child of a man and his unrelated bride.

We can see how the Annunaki applied this rule on Earth and passed it onto the Hebrews, Egyptians, and other civilizations.

But before Alalu’s reign could be ordained, a young prince by the name Anu presented himself, (the term Annunaki may also be a reference to Anu as well as An) claiming he was the direct descendant of the great king An.

They studied his ancestry and came to the conclusion that he was a pure descendant of An, and, therefore by their laws of seed and succession Anu should be king.

After some more deliberation, it was finally decided that Alalu would remain king and Anu would be his “cupbearer” in the interest of peace and stability.

After nine Shars on the throne and very little progress in the relief of the planet, Alalu was challenged by Anu. As advanced as the Niburians were in technology they had some strange customs.

The ritual was that the two opponents had to meet each other in hand to hand combat, all naked.

That is how it was written some 4500 years ago and also where the Greeks obtained some of their cultural influences.

As fate had it, Anu defeated Alalu and replaced him on the throne of Nibiru.

Their constant reference to immortality makes it apparent that they had also conquered the genetic defect which causes cell death and humans to die.

Nibiru came into contact with the other planets every 3600 years and this is why Sumerians called it the planet of the crossings, as it crossed the paths of most of the other planets.

Guess what the Sumerian Symbol for Nibiru was? Yes you guessed it, the Symbol for Nibiru is a cross, similar to the one used in Christianity.

Nibiru’s atmosphere (protective layer) has been compromised creating holes and gaps which is dangerous to the Annunaki’s living there.

The Annunaki needed to come up with a way to “patch up” the gap in their atmosphere or else their beloved Nibiru would become unsustainable for them.

The top Annunaki Scientists discovered that a form of “powdered gold” spread into the upper atmosphere would “patch up” their atmosphere and solve their problem.

The Annunaki’s problem was that Nibiru did not have gold, or sufficient enough of gold to do this, but there was one planet that was abundant in gold.

Yes, you guessed it – Planet Earth.


The Story

The story of mankind’s origins was translated from cuneiform Sumerian Clay tablets that were discovered in Southern Iraq.

The once king of Nibiru named Alalu made the trip to Earth making his way through the treacherous asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter which had killed many Annunaki pilots before him.

It takes Alalu about one week give or take to get from Nibiru to Earth using his space craft.

Once Alalu made it to Earth he called back to Nibiru to tell the others that he was there.

Alalu set himself up in his spaceship to be able to survive the elements. Over the next few days he explored the planet, but not without protection.

He describes the short days on Earth compared to his planet Nibiru, the sweet smell of the trees, orchids of fruit, the marshes of green water, the dark hued soil, and his search for drinking water.

The salt water was not drinkable and filled with fish, but finally he found fresh water in a nearby pond where he encountered a snake for the first time.

He did not know what the creature was, and it must have been the first creature he encountered on Earth, which motivated the Annunaki to use the symbol of the snake in so many applications in years to come.

Using his modern technology, Alalu was able to scan Earth for gold, and the most abundant place on Earth was South Africa.

Poseidon Neptune

The Arrival of Enki

Everyone on Nibiru was astounded by Alulu’s finding of gold on the planet, and started planning their mission to Earth. They did not call it Earth though, the name they gave what we call planet Earth is “Ki”.

Ea (Enki) was King Anu’s first born child, while Enlil was the second son, but by way of seed and succession, Enlil held higher rank because he was the son of Anu and his half-sister.

After some serious deliberation it was decided that Ea (Enki) and not Enlil would lead the first expedition to Earth because he was the better scientist.

Ea (Enki) and a crew of about fifty Nibiruans left for their mission to Earth with many people wishing them good luck and farewell on their important journey.

After the crew with Ea made it through the treacherous terrain of the asteroid belt they decided to land on Lahmu (Mars).

They realized there was water on Mars and proceeded to land on it to replenish their supplies.

It is worth mentioning that they recorded the gravity on Mars was not as strong as it would be on Earth later. At this point Mars still had an atmosphere and they describe the sight from space.

A sight to behold was Lahmu… many hued it was, snow white was its cap, snow white were its sandals… (The north and south pole were covered with snow)… There is water on Lahmu, Ea was saying… The planets net is not great, its pull is too easy to handle easy.

They landed easily on Mars for a pit stop on the shores of a lake, and while taking in water, Ea made all kinds of observations, recording them in his book of knowledge.

The water was good for drinking but the air was insufficient for breathing, which means they needed their “Eagle’s Helmets” to breathe.

Soon they left Mars and headed for their destination; Earth.

And so we get to the point where the real prehistory of humankind begins, long before the first Adamu (Adam) was created, during the “prior times” according to the ancient Sumerian texts when only the Annunaki were on this new planet Earth.

Once the Annunaki crew arrived on Earth they began to build their base camps.

They built two primary camps initially, one in South Africa and the other in what is known today as Southern Iraq or Sumer.

But the very first camp they set was in a place they named Eridu, “the home away from home,” the first city on Earth. It was located in modern Iraq near where Basra is today on the coast of the Gulf.

Over the next six days they performed miracles.

They created a source for drinking water; they made bricks from clay to build their settlements; built a camp to live in; examined and recorded the edible fruit and trees that grew in abundance everywhere; they experienced their first thunderstorm on Earth with great trepidation; the rain and lightning and wind was fierce; they were amazed by the moonlight as it lit up the land and sky at night; and they were even more puzzled by the very short days and nights.

They documented the creatures that were present everywhere in the sky, on land, and in the water.

They made traps for fish and fowl; they built boats to cover the waters; and they put up fences around their camp for protection against the fierce beasts they observed for the first time; and they even brought the “beam that kills” from the chariot to their new camp.

This is where the historic events become very familiar, because on the seventh day Ea gathered his comrades in the camp and suddenly the opening words of the Bible take on a whole new meaning.

On the seventh day the heroes in the encampment were assembled, to them Ea spoke these words: A hazardous journey we have undertaken… At Earth with success we arrived, much good we attained, an encampment we established. Let this day be a day of rest; the seventh day hereafter a day of resting always be!”

After surveying the lands they saw the richest amount of gold to be found in South Africa, a part of the world they called “Abzu.”

The King of Nibiru sent word giving instruction to obtain the gold from the veins and not from the waters.

In the meantime, they realized that Ea would need help and guidance with the task so they sent his brother Enlil to help with the management and command on Earth.

It was decided by King Anu that Enlil would stay in Eridu (Southern Iraq) and Ea would take command of the gold mining operation in Southern Africa.

Brothers behaving like brothers, this decision created some friction between them because Ea believed since he was the first to arrive on Earth, and the one to establish the entire place up until this point, he wanted to stay at Eridu and establish the Edin-(Eden), which would become the lavish home of the “Upright Ones.”

Enlil felt that he was the better commander with the superior knowledge of chariots and sky ships and ports; While Ea was the scientist and engineer who would be more successful at mining tasks.

To reward Ea for his pioneering work, Anu pronounced that he would always be known as Enki, the “Earth’s Master” from that moment on, and Enlil would be known as “Lord of the Command.”

The mining and shipping preparations went on with purpose on Earth. They planned a way station on Mars.


Earth Mars

The gravity on Mars is only 38% of that on Earth. By sending regular smaller shipments to Mars, they would be able to send fewer, but much larger shipments from there to Nibiru.

Basically, the gold went from the Abzu (South Africa) to Edin (Southern Iraq) to Lahmu (Mars) and then finally to Nibiru.

A group of hundreds of Annunaki known as the “Igigi” or “those who observe and see” were stationed on Mars as the go between people for gold from Earth to Nibiru.

During the rise of Egypt in later years, the Igigi would be known as the “watchers.” or Neteru, many of whom would produce offspring who became the pharaohs.

The Igigi would also play a crucial role in creating the Aryan civilization by intermarrying earthling females.

At this time, there were 600 Annunaki settlers on Earth and 300 on Mars.

The Sun (2)_opt

Marduk / Ra

The Annunaki never spoke of marriage; they called it espousal, which was the process of acquiring a permanent spouse to procreate with. (From what I gather by reading Michael Tellinger’s book, the Annunaki were a bunch of horn-dogs mating with everyone they could get their hands on, but I digress).

Enki took the beautiful Ninmah to the Abzu (South Africa) with him where he tried and tried, but she only bore him daughters.

Before Enki came to Earth, he espoused a young princess who name was Damkina, but she remained on Nibiru, and gave birth to a son called Marduk. “One in a pure place born” was the meaning of his name, Enki’s first born son, destined for greatness here on Earth.

The mother and child only arrived on Earth much later to join Enki.

Marduk would later run the show on Lahmu (Mars) and later on, he will be known as the Sun God Ra (Ray), the supreme lord of the Earth.

Tree of Life Sumeria

The Annunaki Miners Revolt

After thousands of years of mining for gold in South Africa the Annunaki workers began to revolt.

Nibiru’s home planet was temperature controlled from within, they did not have to deal with the hot temperatures of Earth and they certainly did not like working the mines of South Africa.

The Annunaki’s mission was to simply get gold from Earth and leave. They were never intending to do any more than that.

Ea (Enki), a leading Annunaki Scientist noticed a strange, yet harmless creature lurking in the mountains near his base camp. These creatures were known as Homo erectus (upright man). A mixture of human and ape like in appearance.

Enki was fascinated with these specific creatures that lived among the trees and in the savannah. “They lived among the tall trees, their front legs as hands they were using.” This was the first description of a Homo erectus on Earth.

“In the tall grasses of the steppes odd creatures were seen; erect they seemed to be walking.”

This fascination with the wildlife on Earth, and not enough attention to the gripes of the miners, finally caused the uprising.

Enlil arrived in the Abzu to help resolve the problems, but the workers had had enough.

They set fire to their tools; they surrounded Enlil’s home and would not budge.

“The Annunaki stood together: Every one of us hostilities has declared! Excessive is our toil, our work is heavy, great is the distress.”

The situation was so tense that even Anu was called via some advanced communications device to give advice. Enki explained to him that the “lamentation is heavy… every day the complaints we could hear.”

But Anu was steadfast in his pronouncement as he made it clear that “the gold must be obtained … the work must continue.”

After all, their survival on Nibiru depended on it.

Enki got the idea in his head that he could breed these creatures to do the work in the mines in place of the Annunaki workers.

Enki referred to these primitive workers as “Lulu,” the hard work to take over… “Let the being the toil of the Annunaki carry on his back.”

The rest of the Annunaki were astounded at what Enki was proposing. They had never heard of anything like this before, but they were also unaware of the experiments that Enki was already experimenting with.

Ninmah, the wise half-sister of Enki, explained that evolution is the force behind new species.

Ninmah said, “One being from another over aeons did develop, none from nothing ever came.”

Enki agreed with Ninmah, “You do need a prototype to mold into something else.”

He proudly announced to them: “The being that we need, it already exists. All we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence… A primitive worker shall be created.”

Enki explained further when describing the creatures he saw:

They walk erect on two legs… Their forelegs they use as arms, with hands they are provided… They know not dressing in garments… Shaggy with hair is their whole body… With gazelle they jostle, with teeming creatures in the water they delight.”

This is basically a description of what is known as Homo erectus.

Enki needed a decision to be made by the others to go ahead and create a primitive work force. Creating a life form on another planet was strictly prohibited according to their exploration charter. They were not allowed to create a new living species on other planets.

Enlil was against the idea and this is the first time we hear the Annunaki refer to the “all mighty God” as Enlil states: “Creation in the hands of the Father of All Beginning alone is held.”

Ultimately it would be Enlil’s inability to come to grips with this newly created slave species that led to the conflict between the brothers, the oppression of the humans, and the disinformation campaign that was imposed by the vengeful Enlil in an attempt to keep the slave species primitive, ignorant, obedient, fearful, and in its place.

The initial experiments of the creation of the new slave species did not go well. Many defects happened like: “Fore parts of one kind they had, hind parts of another creature they possessed.”

One child was born deaf, the other blind; some were born with paralyzed feet.

Many times they tried their experiments knowing that they could only use a small portion of the Annunaki essence in their creations to keep the being primitive.

The Annunaki prepared the fertilized egg in a “crystal vessel” before inserting it into the female creature. (Artificial insemination).

Disappointed with his results, Enki tried one last attempt to create his slave species.

He decided to use an Annunaki woman to become the host for his genetically engineered children.

Ninmah, Enki’s sister decided she would be the one to become the carrier of Enki’s creation.

The fertilized egg was inserted into the womb of Ninmah, there was conception, and finally they achieved what they had set out to do.

The image of perfection he was. He slapped the newborn on his hind parts, the new born uttered proper sounds. They examined the baby, his limbs, eyes, ears, everything was perfect.

We learn at this point why the Annunaki refer to the primitive worker as the “black headed ones” because Enki gives a perfect description of this child.

Shaggy like the wild ones he was not…dark black his head hair was… Smooth was his skin… smooth as the Annunaki skin it was…Like dark red blood was its color…like the clay of the Abzu was its hue.”

Creation of Adam

This first child was known as Adamu (Adam) – “One Who like Earth’s Clay Is.

And if you ever wondered where the Aryan blond and blue-eyed people come from, the ancient texts also divulge this information.

In previous chapters we read that Enki had a son who looked just like him.

It describes the baby as “radiating” and “bright eyes the color of the sky”; and light hair as the “golden sun.”

It’s pretty clear from the description that the Annunaki had white skin, generally blond hair, and blue eyes.

Further support for this revelation comes when Ninmah lifts up to hold her new Earthling baby.

Ninmah cast her hand upon the newborn’s body, with her fingers his dark red skin she caressed.”

We should assume that if her skin was also dark, they would not have made such a big deal about it in the ancient clay tablets.

Enki had an immediate affinity for his new creation (Adamu) and he only wanted the best for him. This would lead to many problems between him and Enlil who only wanted them to perform the work tasks.

But now they had an additional problem. How were they going to multiply the additional babies to create a large group of workers?

Seven female Annunaki’s agreed to become surrogate mothers and carry the new species to term.

They used the DNA of “Adamu” as the “prototype” for all the other babies.

Realizing that having a bunch of male “Adams” was not going to totally solve their problem, Enki proposed they create a “female earthling” (Eve) to procreate with Adamu (Adam).

This time, Enki’s spouse Ninki became the surrogate mother to create the female earthling.

Soon enough, the first female earthling was born; it made human noises, it was healthy, and “her skin smooth was, as that of the Annunaki in smoothness and color it was.”

The name they gave the first female earthling was – Ti-Amat – meaning – “Mother of Life.”

This is an interesting bit of information, even right from the very start there is a difference between the skin color of Adamu (Adam) and Ti-Amat (Eve).

Since Adamu and Ti-Amat were the first successful creations of the Annunaki they decided to not use them as “slave workers”, but instead let them grow up together in the upper world (Eden), where the Annunaki dwelled.

A simple dwelling was built for them in Eden, and they were allowed to roam freely in the orchards while many Annunaki observed them with amazement and wonder.

What surprised everyone was their ability to follow commands and perform simple tasks.

Even Enlil, Enki’s brother, was very happy with the end result. But the Annunaki workers in the gold mines were the happiest of all – as their days of “toiling in the mines” were finally over.

Eventually, the Annunaki created more Adam’s and Eve’s using the womb of the Annunaki “birth mothers”. The ultimate goal was to let the Adam’s and Eve’s procreate amongst themselves creating the new slave species to mine the gold.

Their excitement was short lived as in the words of the Annunaki – “Conceiving there was not, birth giving there was not.”

The once excited miners who believed their days of picking gold were over were now more restless than ever. Enki and Ningishzidda-(one of many sons of Enki) had to perform so more genetic manipulation and this is what they did.

Their new species only had 22 chromosomes, which did not include the X and Y set chromosomes, and this is why they could not procreate.

Caduceus DNA

Like two entwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated… Arranged like twenty two branches on a Tree of Life were the essence… The ability to procreate they did not include.”

Then the young Ningishzidda performed a dangerous procedure that included the ribs of the individuals and that was rewritten in the Bible later on with some variations.

He sedated Enki and Ninmah-(Enki and Enlil’s Half-Sister), extracting the missing “sex essence” from each one, implanting it into Adamu and Ti-Amat.

To their tree of life two branches have been added… With procreating powers their life essence are now entwined.”

From that moment on, all humans had 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Once again, they were allowed to roam freely in the orchards of Edin while their creator Enki tried to teach them some basics of intelligence.

Enki did not want his new species to be “too primitive”, and not to evolve as a slave; he wanted to uplift them with knowledge and understandings of life.

Enki’s symbol was the entwined serpent, which is still used as the symbol for medical doctors today.

It was this imagery that has led to the ageless confusion between the maker and the “evil serpent” that tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Enlil-(Enki’s brother) was full of rage about the slaves being able to procreate on their own because this was never supposed to be part of the plan.

Not only has a new species been created which was not supposed to happen in the first place, but they have also been given the essence of intelligence and life, which the Annunaki possessed.

This part of the scriptures points out the genetic manipulation performed by the Annunaki that stunted our DNA, which caused many of the undesirable and unexplainable characteristics among us today.

The fact that we die, that we get sick, and many other undesirable side-effects associated with an incomplete genome.

Ningishzidda “soothed” the furious Enlil by explaining that he did not give the “new species” the gift of eternal life.

Knowing for protection they were given… The branch of long living, to their essence tree was not.”

This statement explains why the Annunaki lived so long, or even eternally, and why they could be revived from the dead.

It also hints they performed even more genetic engineering on humans after this point, because in other Sumerian scripts it is clear that early humans lived very long lives, unlike humans today.

Enlil could not be appeased and he declared: “Then let them be where they are needed…In the Abzu away from the Edin, let them be expelled.”

It was at this time that Enlil “banished” them from Edin for becoming “too informed”, and a strict threat was extended to the human couple to not associate with the “evil serpent”, and not to be led astray by his attempts and promises of knowledge and other things.

So it turns out that the “evil serpent” in the orchards of Edin (Garden of Eden) was actually Enki, who was the creator of the “new humans“, and was being personified as “the Devil” by Enlil.

From this point forward, Enlil became the god of fear and vengeance who did everything in his power to oppress and control humans.

Enlil was very clear about the limits to which he would allow humans to develop. He chose his favorites, punished those who would not listen to him, and prevented humans from worshipping any other god than him.

But in time, Enki’s oldest son Marduk (Ra) would take over his vengeful god role, when he proclaimed himself the god above all.

In the Abzu, all the Earthlings were procreating, which included Adamu and Ti-Amat.

At last, after a whole Shar (3600 years), the Annunaki were relieved of the toil in the mines.

Meanwhile, back home on their planet, Nibiru’s atmosphere was healing.

But in the North, or the Upper World, the Annunaki were also growing in numbers. Enlil and Enki’s sons had offspring with some of the nursing Annunaki females who arrived from Nibiru.

By now the settlers from a distant planet had been on Earth for around 240,000 years. They had set-up a steady infrastructure for the gold mining to send back to Nibiru, which included many new Annunaki children who had no knowledge of Nibiru.

The stay on Earth had “sped” up the aging process though.

By lifecycles of Nibiru they were endowed, by Earth’s cycles they were quickened”.

There is no reference in the Sumerian Clay Tablets about money or currency or the need to pay for something until long after the “Great Flood”, around 11,000 B.C.

It was the perfect community of settlers, everyone with his own task to perform contributing to the greater benefit of all. The Annunaki made sure everyone was fed and provided for in every way.

(The Annunaki arrived on Earth 443,000 years ago and created their first successful hybridized humans (Adamu and Ti-Amat) 200,000 years ago).

To be continued…

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