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“Don’t cry about money, it never cries for you.” – Kevin O’Leary

Shark Tank TV show – where entertainment meets business and entrepreneurism,

Shark Tank is my absolute favorite television program. I began watching this show when it first aired on television back in 2009.

By the way, get used to me promoting tv shows that I enjoy, because I had several television shows that I like get canceled last year.

So this is my effort to keep them on the air. Like I said before, I am not a big fan of watching television, but if the show has to do with learning and growing, then I am all in.

Shark Tank is about five  six self-made entrepreneurs ( currently seven total, and not sure who will stay, and who is  temporary) who are multi millionaires and billionaires who hear investment proposals from new entrepreneurs.

The Sharks then decide whether they want to invest their money, time, knowledge, and connections into this new business or product, by becoming partners through joint venture deals.

Sometimes the Shark’s do not want to own a piece of the business, instead they ask for a royalty on each product sold in perpetuity ala Kevin O’Leary.

A great way to earn money without having to be tangled up in the business.




 Meet the Shark’s

  1. Robert Herjavec – Sold his IT security firm to AT&T at the height of the dot-com bubble for over 350 million (Technology, Herjavec Group).
  2. Daymond John – Founder of the popular clothing line FUBU, with retail sales of $6 billion (Clothing, Author, Keynote Speaker).
  3. Barbara Corcoran – Real estate tycoon in the shark filled waters of Manhattan. Sold the Corcoran Group for $ 70 million in 2001 ( Real-estate, Author, Public Speaker).
  4. Kevin O’Leary– Sold his children’s software learning company to Mattel for 3.7 billion in 1999, founder O’Leary funds (Educational Software and Mutual Funds).
  5. Mark Cuban – Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks ( Media and Sports).
  6. Lori Greiner – A prolific inventor who has created over 350 products and holds over 110 patents. Lori is the go to lady to get your product promoted on the famous home shopping channel QVC.

For the record, I believe the Shark’s are really good people who are helping people achieve their dreams.

Where was Kevin Harrington on the season premiere of Shark Tank? Apparently he will be joining the cast of Shark Tank later in the month, and has given his spot to Jeff Foxworthy to hold.

update: I don’t believe Kevin Harrington is coming back to Shark Tank. Maybe one Kevin on there is enough.

Boy and shark

All About Entrepreneurs

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur I guarantee you that you will love Shark Tank.

What interested me most about this show was getting to see how a potential investor, and a hopeful entrepreneur interacts.

For the most part emotions stay out of the mix for investors, but I have noticed that a few of the sharks get a little giddy when an entrepreneur presents their offer.

Especially if the business has already earned money, and has potential to earn more in the future.

Investing is strictly about the questions:

  • Will I be able to recoup my investment with this person/company?
  • Will I be able to grow and expand this business and earn future money through sales and royalties?
  • Will this investment take up too much of my time with little financial gain?

I have learned an immense amount about what it takes to pitch a business proposal to would be investors, and what to look for in potential businesses and ideas to invest in.

Who says that there is no more value in television?

As far as I am concerned I am receiving a lot of value from watching Shark Tank; if there wasn’t any value in it for me, then I wouldn’t watch it.

I enjoy the personalities of all the sharks, but my favorite is Kevin O’Leary.


Kevin O’Leary

Kevin is not only a billionaire and tv personality, but he has one of the sickest sense of humors that I had ever seen. He can be the harshest of the sharks, but also the funniest.

Kevin cracks me up every time that he speaks, there is a comedic genius in there for sure.

I would have to say that if Kevin were not on Shark Tank, then I would be less inclined to watch it.

Think of Gordon Gekko or Simon Cowell with a sense of humor, and you would have the personality of Kevin O’Leary.

“Never Insult Money”- Kevin O’Leary


Why I Watch Shark Tank

All of the sharks started from humble backgrounds with limited resources, and were able to create their own empires using their own creative ideas and an effective action plan.

Whenever I see someone succeed I do not get jealous. I actually get inspired, because my belief is that if someone else can do it so can I.

Several of the sharks launched their ideas from their basement offices, as many would be entrepreneurs had in the past.

So don’t be discouraged if you run your website from a damp, dusty, basement. We all have to start somewhere.

I really like it when a new entrepreneur is pitching an idea to the sharks, and the sharks start outbidding and bickering with one another for the sole right to become a partner with the entrepreneur.

It’s like watching a group of hungry sharks fighting over a tuna.

Shark Tank to me is a personal development tool that I use for education and entertainment purposes.

Sometimes I imagine myself as an investor using the resources that I learned on Shark Tank to leverage and close a business deal.

I only wish we could see more of the behind the scenes action that goes on with the shark and the entrepreneur.

What is their first meeting like?

Who is really in charge of the new business deal?

Are they making any money?

Maybe this can be implemented into the show in the future.

I almost always watch programs that are recorded on my DVR so I can watch at my convenience. I just checked my DVR, and there is a brand new episode of Shark Tank for me to watch.

Since our world is primarily based on money and business, I highly recommend you watch Shark Tank.

Better yet, watch it with your spouse and kids so they can get a grasp on what the “real world” is all about.

Update 2/6/12:

Shark Tank is back and better than ever.

It looks like Mark Cuban is taking over for Kevin Harrington permanently and now it seems that Barbara will have Lori Greiner fill in for her this week on Shark Tank.

Lori Greiner from what I gather is a prolific inventor who has created over 350 products and holds over 110 patents. Lori is an excellent addition to Shark Tank in my opinion.

Either way, Shark Tank is my absolute favorite TV show bar none.

I learn a lot about business and I am entertained to say the least when the Sharks bicker and banter back and forth with one another.

Like I said before, The show really rocks in my opinion because the creators of Shark Tank have put together an awesome cast of successful entrepreneurs who inspire me to become one myself.

I eagerly anticipate watching Shark Tank each week and I am never disappointed either.

Update: Dec, 2013.

Just when I thought Shark Tank couldn’t get any better it just did. Lori and Barbara were never on the show at the same time until this season.

Now we have two very smart, beautiful, successful and talented women on the show at the same time adding some balance to it.

And I got to say, I do enjoy it when the shark’s banter with each other. It totally ads a little drama to an otherwise already enjoyable show.

By the way, when Barbara and Lori are on the show at the same time, Daymond John is not.

Either way, hands down Shark Tank remains the one television show that I refuse to miss.

Thanks Shark’s and thanks ABC. 🙂

Update Jan 2015:

Even though Lori and Mark were not original Shark’s, I do believe they have done the most deals on the show.

It also appears that Mark Cuban is negotiating his salary with Shark Tank.

It appears that each shark is paid a salary per episode around 30k.

And yes, each Shark deserve’s every penny because every good entrepreneur understands that you have to value your time and yourself if you truly want to succeed.

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