Are You Self Conscious

Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things”. -Ray Bradbury

Are you a self-conscious person? I am talking about the self-conscious type who is afraid to make mistakes or embarrass themselves in public.

Perhaps low esteem is the problem and maybe you were taught to be self conscious in a negative way as a child.

You have a conscious self the question is; is it critical and harsh or loving and kind?

Would you like to learn how to drop this type of thinking? You need to build your self confidence in order to get over being self conscious.

I remember having to give a speech in my seventh grade English class. Like most of the other kids in the class I got a little nervous.

My mind was telling me that this could be a painful experience. On top of having to give a speech in front of the entire class, it was also going to be video taped.

The first few of my classmates went ahead of me, they all seemed to barely be able to squeak by. My turn came, I gave my little five-minute speech and it was over. It wasn’t bad at all and I actually enjoyed it.

We got to view our recorded speech the next day. When the class watched my speech, I was  complimented instead of ridiculed, as I believed I would be by my fellow classmates.

They said that I looked and sounded very good, I felt good about my ability to speak publicly after that.

After that, we had to give weekly speeches for the entire school year.

I actually looked forward to it even though the majority of the class didn’t.

Public speaking is feared more than death. I believe because people spend more time worrying about what might happen then actually planning how to do the public speaking.

People that speak publicly for a living can do it without much effort. If you seldom or never speak publicly, then this could be difficult for you.

Most people initially fear public speaking because they are afraid of embarrassing or humiliating themselves.

What is really going on inside the body is the fight or flight mechanism had been released. Adrenaline pumps through the body making it very difficult to think or speak.

My fix for this would be to merge a mental and physical discipline. Doing yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises will keep the body from overreacting when placed in a stressful situation.

Expect great things

Neuro Linguistic Programming

To fix the mind I would learn some NLP techniques. NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming. I had purchased an audio copy of NLP about seven years ago.

NLP incorporates the three most influential components involved in producing the human experience, neurology, language, and programming.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler founded NLP.

Their goal was to create a system to achieve maximum human potential.Tony Robbins was a student and teacher of NLP, and has taught it in his seminars.

You can use NLP to help with any number of challenges or blocks in your life.

  1. Weight Loss/ Stop Overeating.
  2. Better Relationships.
  3. Financial Abundance.
  4. Self Control.
  5. Fatigue.
  6. Anxiety and Depression.
  7. Health/Fitness.
  8. Public Speaking.
  9. Time Management.
  10. Stop Procrastinating.

These are some of the examples that NLP can help you to overcome. NLP founders realized that some people link events and circumstances in their brain (neuro) rather quickly.

What they also found out is that you change negative beliefs ( neuro) just as quickly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply rewire your brain so that you could start creating and living the life that you had always wanted. Well now you can with the NLP technique.

When we were born we came with a body, but there were no instructions on how to use it efficiently or how it works. Most of us either model what other people did, or we fail miserably on our own.

In order to change, we must first change the way we think. We can do this by noticing what doesn’t work and changing to what does work.

The challenge is that you have to literally rewire you brain and its current level of thinking.

I had tried this on my own in the past and it was very difficult for me. After discovering NLP, I was able to change many limiting beliefs rather quickly.

This doesn’t mean that I had removed all of my limiting beliefs. I removed the ones that were most visible to me and were causing me to be held back in certain areas of my life.

When you experience life, inevitably you will have some roadblocks or ” blocks” get in your way. The kind of block that I am talking about is mental not physical.

You’ve heard of authors that get writers block. Writers block is a mental block created by fearful thoughts that limit the author’s ability to think or create a story.

We all have blocks somewhere in our lives, they will show themselves to you at sometime.

You need a defense mechanism in place to counter these blocks.

Unless someone who knows NLP taught you how to remove these blocks, you will just avoid confronting the situation instead of removing the block.

There is no growth and experience in avoiding fearful situations.

I also would not suggest confronting a situation head on if you are in a fearful state. The best solution would be to remove the block using NLP.

I have used NLP to lose weight, get up early consistently, show up to appointments on time, save money,and to have integrity in myself, just to name a few.

NLP works by getting  your mind to associate a new feeling to something that you cannot do. Take losing weight, most people have negative thoughts and feeling towards losing weight.

Some negative thoughts would be, I’ll have to go on a diet, this will be very tough, I’ll have to join a gym and exercise.

With those kind of thoughts in your head no wonder you can’t lose weight. NLP will help you to create more empowering thoughts to make the change that you want easier to do.

Your new thoughts on losing weight will then be, I can’t wait to go to the beach and show off my hot new body. I love how eating healthy, whole, and natural foods make’s me feel.

I love that I get to go shopping and buy new clothes.

You need to learn how to change your perception or the consciousness of yourself.

Do you see, that by simply changing your thoughts about something you can allow yourself to create the kind of change that you always dreamt about.

It is possible at any time to link up a limiting belief in your mind. The good news is that NLP is something that you can use the rest of your life.

I recently had an Empower Hour session with Hiten Vyas and he used NLP to help remove limiting beliefs that I held about myself.

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