How Using Your Brain Can Lead to Financial Abundance

“I believe that anyone who is serious and committed to pay the price of learning, discipline and taking the right actions in the right order and at the right times can achieve and become financially successful.” – John Assaraf

The more I read online the more I am discovering about the science of success.

Success simply means knowing what we want, why we want it and achieving it because on some level we believe we will benefit from having it.

What I discovered is that we can literally shape our destiny by changing what we think about on a regular basis.

When we have repetitive thoughts it creates a pattern in our brains.

Once the pattern is ingrained it becomes automatic.

The challenges for many people are

  1. They can’t see their own negative patterns.
  2. If they can see them they don’t know how to change them.

I remember watching Dr. Ben Carson in one of the Presidential debates earlier this year.

One of the orators asked him about racism specifically.

His answer astounded me.

Dr. Carson said he is a neurosurgeon and he deals with the brain.

If we fix that in people the issue of racism will no longer be a problem.

Where’s the User’s Manual?

The human body didn’t come with a user’s manual and most people are living their lives by default programming.

One of the great things about being human is that we don’t have to tell our heart to pump or our lungs to inhale oxygen because these are done through automatic programming via the subconscious mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get our body, mind and spirit to work together to make living a life of wealth and abundance effortless?

There are a lot of cutting edge programs out now that are honing in on the Science of Success and Achievement of Goals via brain research.

Think how much we could improve the world if more people were living a life that fell into alignment with their needs and values?

Could it really be as simple as making new connections in neural pathways in the brain?

I think so.

When someone stops a bad habit it can only happen when old neural networks that created the pattern are replaced with new networks that incorporate the new desired habit or pattern.

One of the pioneers on this journey of discovering brain research and the achievement of goals is John Assaraf.

John appeared in the famous Law of Attraction movie: The Secret, as well as appearing on Larry King Live, CNN, The Ellen Show, and Anderson Cooper to name a few.

John is hosting a free online event this month with my affiliate partners at Mindvalley.

This free event will explain to you how the brain can help you achieve your financial goals without having to use a lot of mental discipline.

In this free 90-minute Masterclass, you will:

>The light-years-ahead “Neuro-Retraining” technology developed by John Assaraf and Mark Waldman that’ll install in you the beliefs, habits, and actions of a happy, passionate multi-millionaire — FAST!


>Experience a 30-min Innercise For Instant Transformation Of Your Beliefs & Habits that will leave you with a powerful subconscious mechanism for thinking, acting and attracting abundance.


>Why what we know about the Mind, Money, and the Law of Attraction is as obsolete as the notion of a “Flat Earth” back in the 16th century. (This makes Napoleon Hill’s stuff look “elementary school.”)


>Answer to the question you’ve been asking all your life: why do some people stay stuck at a particular income level no matter how hard they try… while some others rocket into massive abundance with little to no struggle?


>Subconscious patterns of the super-rich — and how to transfer them to your brain without the filters of the conscious mind. (Studies show this can increase your income by 200%-­300%.)


>A little known secret to crush that Yo-Yo pattern in your wealth-making effort… so you can have finally make predictable, rapid progress on your financial goals like clockwork.


>How to leverage on Neuro-plasticity and Neuro-imprinting, two most crucial concepts for Deliberate Conscious Evolution — this is the same natural methods babies uses to learn to crawl, walk and eat.

And so much more…

>>>Join John And Experience Instant Brain Imprinting For Financial Abundance

I am an affiliate for this program and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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