Conspiracy Theories and The Control of Information

“Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschild’s and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology.

You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.” – Matt Taibbi

Conspiracy theory websites and shows have popped up all over the net  with people like David Icke, Jeff Rense and Alex Jones to name a few.

They all have quite a large following in the Conspiracy Theory niche. Even former Governor, Jesse Ventura came on board with his hit Television show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The most popular conspiracy theory is that there is compelling evidence of a group of Super Elite people known as the Illuminati, N.W.O. or Cabal who are in control of everything on Earth from banking, finances, government,media to law, education and medical to name a few.

You Tube Video with Darryl Anka

So today I was watching an interview on You Tube with Darryl Anka (Darryl is a channel for an Extraterrestrial being named Bashar).

The host Tim Bravo (Extraordinary Year/ Blog Talk Radio) asked Darryl the usual questions about ascension and 2012 when suddenly the topic switched over to the Illuminati and The New World Order.

Tim asked Darryl about the powerful few people who run this planet.

The ones who work to keep us slaving away, distracted with television, debt, and basically keeping us dumbed down with mindless, trivial things.

This is what Darryl had to say about that:

What people like that (the Illuminati) are actually able to control is information and they don’t actually have as much power as you might think, but what they’ve done is very cleverly used fear in people and the choice to focus on fear based conspiracies in people to make it appear as if they actually have much more power than they do.

Therefore they control the information that makes them seem so powerful and that there’s nothing we can do about it.

When in fact, the big secret is they are not as powerful was we think they are but they’re using every means in their disposal to control information to make themselves seem more powerful than they really are.

When people fall into the fear based conspiracy theories “too far”, they’re actually one of the best assets that those people have ( the Illuminati), because those people are making them seem more powerful than they are by talking about how afraid they are of what these people are capable of doing.

And they don’t actually have that kind of power and that is the illusion.

Tim’s question to Darryl is: “Than what do we do?”

Darryl: We focus on the things that are representative of what we prefer.

We focus on systems that we prefer – we create the systems that we prefer to replace the systems that we don’t want. I.e. Government, education, law, economics and banking.

It’s not about fighting against those people who are operating on a negative wave length; they are operating from fear, a perspective of lack, like there is not enough to go around.

Don't trust anyone

We know that’s not true and we have to behave like we know that lack or not enough to go around in this World is not true. We cannot play their game of fear; we cannot play their game of there isn’t enough (lack).

We have to start creating the systems that shows there is enough.

We have to start making the decisions, politically, socially, economically – whatever area of our lives we want to that demonstrate what we believe to be true.

That there is enough for everyone, that everyone has the ability to be self-empowered. That there will not be anarchy just because people are being allowed to be the individuals they truly are.

And we have to start really redefining and reinventing ourselves in a much more positive light. (Become our higher selves) And if we start really taking that to heart and start putting that out there more and more strongly they(Illuminati) will simply will not be able to survive in that light.

Again what is happening – we are all shifting to different parallel realities billions of times a second. It’s not even that we are changing the world when we think about changing them (Illuminati) or changing something in the world.

We’re not actually changing the World we were in; we’re shifting to a new parallel earth that is simply more representative to the changes we made in ourselves. (As we change – the World changes to that same frequency)

And eventually the more we do that we will occupy parallel versions of Earth that don’t contain people of an incompatible vibration.

And eventually we will no longer experience them in our reality.

But the longer we choose to succumb to the fear based ideas that they can control us, the longer we keep shifting into parallel versions of Earth that are simply reflective of the idea that they control everything.

So we can shift away from that but we have to create and generate that state of being for ourselves first and offer them (Illuminati) an opportunity to also understand that they don’t have to be fear based – that there is enough for everyone, and that it’s a World that can be created with everyone in it that supports the whole.

And it’s not just about the few getting what they need because there is not enough for anyone else. That is simply not a definition about of a World that works.

We have to generate and live by the definition of a World that does work and that will make the difference.

Tim Bravo : So we want to choose a World where they no longer have power over us, where people are not in power over people.

Where there is no longer chemtrails in the sky, where we are being lied to by the media.  Many of us – we believe we have been actively choosing that World.

Darryl: Most people really don’t.

The only reason these people exist (Illuminati) is because we are giving them our power. As Bashar says; you are your Governments.

It’s your planet and if you are afraid of taking power yourself, and if you afraid of looking within yourselves and facing some of the things that you compartmentalized in your own consciousness.

Then you’re going to be giving your power away to someone who says they’re going to do it for you. And the more you do that then this is what you end up with.

You end up with people who are more than happy to run your life for you. But when you really, truly start taking your power back it makes all the difference in the World.

They are going to fight against that because we put them in the position of telling them that we need them to take care of us.

But once we start to really understanding what it means to be self-responsible and once we explain and start acting like and giving examples of the reality that there is enough for everybody.

And once we start creating systems that reflect that then they will see they have no place in that World. And they will either have to choose to change, or they will have to choose to go away.

It’s really up to us to direct whatever our experience of that is.

Because if we really truly understand that each of us is our own reality, then there is no one who can do anything to us, were doing it to ourselves by simply agreeing with what it is they are offering us.

So we have to take responsibility back for experiencing whatever it is we are experiencing, because the only way we can experience it is by creating it in our own reality.


What I believe Darryl is saying is to focus on the reality you want to create. Bring your awareness up to a higher level than where you are currently at to solve old problems and old ways of being that no longer serve us.

You can choose to focus your awareness on what is, or you can focus your attention and actions in the direction of the reality you prefer to experience. If we can collectively change this, we can literally transform our experience of this World over night.

“When you react to something in a fear based way it disempowers you from doing anything about it.” Darryl Anka

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