Psychic Sparks – Become a Psychic Intuitive with Julie Barrett

Psychic is the new normal.”  –  Chad Mercree

Do you want to become a psychic intuitive?

Do you want to learn how to become psychic and use those abilities to your advantage?

Becoming an intuitive psychic has gained a lot of momentum over the past decade and many people have left the “rat-race” in order to respond to their true calling in life.

You may be wondering if you can become a psychic because maybe that is all just a bunch of “bunk.” I can tell you that everyone has the sixth-sense within them and all it takes is to simply fine tune those skills to become better at it.

My long time blogging buddy and psychic intuitive Julie Barrett of the popular blog: A Clear Sign – has created a new program for acknowledging and sharpening your psychic and intuitive abilities.

The program is called: Psychic Sparks.

Julie is one of those people you just trust and I had pushed Julie a while back to create her own eCourse for teaching people how to develop and use their psychic and intuitive abilities daily.

Many people earn a nice living as a psychic intuitive by advising people how to direct and shape their lives.

Julie did a free mini reading for me last year and I was totally impressed with all the work she put into it.

As Julie states in Psychic Sparks; we all have psychic and intuitive abilities even though some people may be better at it than others initially.

Just like anyone can learn how to throw a baseball, some are naturally better at it at first than others. But with the proper training anyone can be taught and trained how to throw a curveball for example.

Take this course even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional psychic intuitive because intuition is used by many professional business people too.

Two successful businessmen use intuition right on national Television. Donald Trump and Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank do this often.

Kevin and Donald do The Hand Mudra.

The hand mudra is a simple hand gesture that goes like this. Basically all you are going to do is put the tips of your thumbs together and the tips of your fingers together and make an open triangle or pyramid.  This will help to seal off your energy field.

When you seal off your energy field you essentially block out the energy of people and places around you allowing you to directly access your own psychic intuition via your energy field.

Donald usually makes the Hand Mudra above his head while Kevin does it with his hands in front of him as if praying. But he is not praying.

This is how you too can learn to use your psychic intuition for making important business and personal decisions.

Psychic Sparks

My Psychic Intuitive Journey

I began cultivating my psychic intuition in late 2001 early 2002 soon after I had my prophetic 911 dream.

Some months after dealing with the mental shock and disbelief about the experience of knowing of something before it happened, I soon afterwards began reading dozens of books and taking several online eCourses for learning more about my psychic ability.

Our intuition is forever calling our attention from the littlest things like finding the perfect parking spot or taking a different route to work to bigger things like ending a relationship or a career path.

The question is; do we stop and listen to our intuition or do we continue letting our egoic mind control our life?

I can tell you the egoic little mind only has the ability to know what has already happened as where intuition lets us know what is happening now and what will or may happen in the future.

Another great tool Julie teaches is connecting with your spiritual team.

Your Spiritual Team may consist of your Higher Self, personal Guardian Angels, human (not presently incarnated) Spirit Guides and transit guides, and any other helpers such as teachers, animal spirits, elementals, and Ascended Masters.

From the moment of your birth your spiritual team has been by your side advising and guiding you in the right direction in life.

For most of you – the older you get the more you tune out these friends and instead rely on other people, the media, education and your egoic mind to lead and guide you.

Often times in the wrong direction of your true, authentic nature.

Wouldn’t you love to learn to be able to re-connect with them again?

What you get with the Psychic Sparks becoming a Psychic Intuitive Course

1. A 100 page PDF eBook (portable document format) complete professional development course (with an additional 20 pages of Julie’s anecdotal experience as a practicing psychic intuitive.)

2.10-  MP3’s including a professional level Attunement to perform readings for others. By the way, Julie has a lovely voice to listen to. 😉

Topics Covered On MP3’s:

Some of these topics are addressed in the written Course material as well as on MP3. Some topics are covered more than once, from different angles or viewpoints.

This is because some people learn better through reading and others learn better through listening.

1. Advice – introduction to tools, where to start a reading, how guides impact you, automatic writing, asking about timing, why some people insist on being read immediately.

2. Ego versus Intuition – the impact of Meditation in differentiating between the two, the imagination, logic, signs and synchronicity, testing your intuition, learning to live in the flow, the space between thoughts.

3. Ground, Cleanse, Protect – didn’t we just cover this?! More on grounding, centering, and chakra clearing!

4. Logging On and Off – how to document your reading, candles, cords of attachment, grounding exercises, protecting your energy, grounding and cleansing.

5.  Number Sequences – also music, bibliomancy.

6. Pre-Attunement Instructions – listen to this section before you start your Attunement so that you have all of your items      ready.

7. Professional Attunement.

8. Reading Photographs – a low-key way to access and test out your intuition when you are just beginning Setting Your Intentions.

9.  Spirit Guides – how to obtain names, why names are important and when they may differ.

10. Skeptics and Psychic Addicts.

 3. One on one personal mentoring sessions with Julie (one hour each).

*Note* – This is an e-course – everything is delivered electronically.  You may print it out or read it online after you purchase it.

When buying the Psychic Sparks Course be sure to add the code “Justin when checking out your order.

Update: Julie is no longer offering the Psychic Sparks Course. 🙁

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