Power Life System

“Many people think you’re either born with the ability to be financially successful or not. But that’s not true. Financial success can be obtained.” -Eric Michael, founder of Power Life System.

Are you blocked in these key life areas?


  • Feeling frustrated with how much time and energy it takes to earn the small amount of money you do.
  • Using your credit card to pay for things instead of having cash on hand.
  • Earning a decent income but stressed, doing work you don’t believe in, feeling trapped because you have bills to pay, and with limited time to do what you are passionate about?
  • Knowing in your heart you could be earning 10X more money than you do now but not knowing how to do it.


  • Needing to lose weight
  • Wanting to increase your energy levels
  • Wanting to look attractive at any age
  • Eating a whole foods diet instead of processed, chemical garbage
  • Getting rid of chronic body aches and pains

Relationships, Dating & Interpersonal Skills:

  • Tired of fighting with your spouse, coworkers and children.
  • Having a burning desire to connect with a special someone.
  • Wanting to be more outgoing in social settings.
  • A desire to improve your sales approach
  • Being too scared to ask for a raise or a promotion

Spiritual Life Area:

  • Do you feel alone, depressed, lacking confidence, sad, and separated from others?
  • Do you get upset and act in ways you later regret?
  • Do life events or what others say or do affect your happiness?
  • Does your mind often shut down, unable to decide on what to do first?
  • Tired of seeing other people so happy and alive while you’re spiritually broke?


  • Do you frequently feel sad, depressed or down?
  • Do life events affect you much more than others?
  • Do you feel that your days are all work and no play?
  • Do you find happiness in TV, how many likes you get on your Facebook pictures, online entertainment, alcohol, or other external things, only to feel even worse and more empty afterwards?
  • Does your life feel like one, giant chore after another?

My affiliate friends at Power Life System created a one of a kind program to be the only course you need to get. Now you have the solution to have the ‘Law of Attraction’ finally work for you to manifest the life of your dreams.

You may be asking, “How does this secret work?”

First, your subconscious guides the thousands of daily actions and decisions you make based on how you see yourself. When your self-identity is aligned with your desires, this causes them to start coming instantly into your life as well as quickly fill your days with even more joy and happiness, easily and without “work” by just “being yourself.”

For example, if you see yourself as financially successful, rich, and with freedom of time, even if something bad happens, your reality will quickly return to be in alignment with your identity of financial success.

The happiest and most successful people use this method naturally.

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P.S. I am an affiliate for this product and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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