Staying Positive Using the Mind and Body

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

The mind is the one fundamental tool that we have for creating and experiencing our life on Earth. When the mind is working at near full capacity the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the life you really want.

However, when the mind is jaded, or not working at full capacity your life will become a dull mess so to speak.

Instead of just rambling on about the benefits of being positive and staying positive I decided to give you a list of things you can start doing today to keep you on the path of positivity.

Replace negative thoughts with positive results

Ways to stay positive using the mind

First and foremost, keep your diet as healthy and naturally whole as possible.

Get adequate rest.  If you continually wake up tired then you are not getting adequate rest.

Do something different every day.

Eat foods and drinks that you have never had before.

Go on a sabbatical.


Spend the afternoon drawing a scene in nature.

Take scenic pictures with your camera.

Start a new hobby.

Go to a concert.

Learn a new language.

Donate your time to a good cause.

Take time to feel your feelings, preferably when you won’t be disturbed.

Go for a walk in nature.

Write a short fictional story then turn it into a movie.

Make a sketch of the first object you see.

Turn off the TV and read a book.

Clean your house and donate or throw out what you don’t use.

Go visit a Cathedral.

Listen to the Brain Evolution System.

Sit in quiet peace and observe what you see without judgment.

Cloudy blue sky

Donate your time to an animal shelter.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Release some of your neediness.

Approve of yourself more.

Practice mental focusing skills.

Make friends with people who are in harmony with you.

Reinvent yourself, the old you no longer exists.

Practice the art of unconditional self-love.

Do that one thing you’ve been putting off for so long.

Read a book that you normally would never read.

Spend at least fifteen minutes a day doing exercise that gets your heart and muscles pumping.

Start a side business that will generate passive income for you.

Spend more time alone enjoying your own company.

Listen to Zen 12.

Remember that you are an infinite, boundless, eternal being.

Give more and take less.

Clean up the clutter in your home or office.

Allow yourself to open up to abundance.

Be still more often.

Slow down your pace and remember to breathe.

Grow a vegetable garden.

Make more friends.

Be helpful to someone in need.

Allow yourself to be helped when needed.

Practice the Law of One.

Join a club or organization.

Practice the Art of non-detachment to outcomes.

Listen more.

Heal your chakras.

Rest your mind and body often.

Read personal growth books and blogs.

Love more.

Speak you mind authentically.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Be yourself.

Stay Positive always.

Take a cold shower first thing upon waking up.

Create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from.

Eat vegetarian for one day and then eventually give up meat for good.

Be “In the Now” by following your highest excitement.

How will these things make you stay positive?

It’s very simple. The mind gets dull when you continually do the same thing day in and day out.  You don’t have to commit to a change forever if you don’t want to, but you can do things differently each day when you choose to.

Yes, life is simpler with routines, but not every aspect of life has to be routinary.

Also, learning to exercise the mind is much like a muscle which will make it stronger which will also help it to stay positive. Don’t worry though; the majority of people in the world are “weak-minded” and negative for one simple reason. They haven’t disciplined it enough.

Stone walkway

The mind when it is strong and focused can overcome almost any obstacle or set-back. When the mind is distracted and weak, even the smallest task can seem like too much.

The truly successful people not only live a dynamic life, they are also very conscious of keeping their mind strong, centered and focused.

Have you ever watched the television show Shark Tank?

I guarantee you every Shark on that show keeps their minds strong and focused. I am certain that they systematically have removed the majority of bad habits that keep the average person small and limited.

Almost every successful person I have ever met stick’s to a daily exercise and rejuvenation program. What you do and how long you do it are irrelevant.

The point is you just do it daily.

Deliberate Creation

Using the Mind as a Manifestation Tool

Here is an excerpt from Steve Pavlina’s post: Disciplining Your Mind to Become Better at Manifesting

A key to the intention-manifestation model is that you must keep your thoughts focused on what you want and avoid thinking about what you don’t want.  Even if you’re skeptical about the power of intention, it shouldn’t be hard to see that a disciplined mind brings benefits. 

Improved mental discipline is sure to be a useful skill regardless of your current model of reality. 

It’s hard enough to achieve goals via direct action if your mind is cluttered with negative or distracting thoughts.  But with intention-manifestation, it’s nearly impossible.

I’ve found that in order to improve my results with this model, I’ve had to put significant effort into disciplining my mind.  I consider this time well spent, regardless of the outcome.

Yesterday I saw the movie Peaceful Warrior, which is based on The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (one of my favorite books). 

In the movie there’s a scene where Dan is able to hear his friends’ mental chatter. 

Even as they’re preparing to practice their gymnastics routines, their minds are filled with distracting fears and worries. 

When Dan is able to clear his mind of all distractions, he performs at his best, and in the end he attracts what he wants.

Even as you read this article now, what other thoughts are passing through your mind?  Is 100% of your attention focused on reading this, or is your consciousness split? 

Is any part of your mind churning over work-related issues, emotional stress, physical discomfort or hunger, noise from the next room, or past or future events? 

It’s often the case that less than 50% of our attention is directed to the task at hand.  That isn’t focus — that’s blur.

When our mind is cluttered and we attempt to introduce new intentions, it’s like throwing pebbles into a stormy sea.  The ripples will still occur, but they’ll just be absorbed. 

The calmer we can make our background thoughts, the cleaner will be our intentions’ ripples, and the more readily they’ll manifest.

I think anyone whose attempted intention-manifestation in earnest can attest to the difficulty of staying focused.  How can you hold a thought of financial abundance without succumbing to worries about paying the bills? 

How can you focus on attracting a new relationship when you still harbor thoughts of being alone?  How can you manifest health when you keep thinking about your ailments?  In my opinion you can’t… at least not right away.

I think a good solution to these problems is to build your mental discipline; your ability to stay focused on whatever it is you consciously decide to think about. 

We spend a lot of time thinking, but how much effort do we put into consciously managing our thoughts?  How skilled are you at choosing your thoughts?

If you decide to think about a lemon, surely you can do so. 

The mere suggestion may bring that thought into your mind.

But what if I asked you to allow no thoughts of fruit other than lemons to enter your mind for the next 30 days?  Could you do it?

Now what if after issuing this challenge, I come to you and say, “Don’t think about an orange… or an apple… or a bunch of grapes.  Don’t even imagine them. Don’t even read about them.”  You’ve already failed, haven’t you?

But what if you took this challenge seriously? 

What if you didn’t need to be absolutely perfect, but you wanted to ensure that during the next 30 days, of all the time you spent thinking about fruit, at least 90% of it was focused on lemons?  Could you do it?  How?

Of course instead of lemons, you can substitute whatever it is you wish to manifest.  Suppose you want to manifest financial abundance. 

Of all the financial and money-related thoughts that go through your mind over the next 30 days, what can you do to ensure that at least 90% of them are in harmony with financial abundance?

Since you can’t physically see your mind you may be wondering how will you know it’s getting stronger.

You will begin to notice several changes almost immediately after learning how to focus your mind and making it stronger.

  • Better Sleep
  • Better relationships – with yourself and others.
  • Your money situation improves.
  • You just feel good about yourself for no reason.
  • You feel a real sense of purpose in your life.
  • A sense of renewal will overtake you.

Geese Loch Raven Reservoir

How a movie I watched helped me to stay positive

Did you ever see the Tina Turner Bio movie: What’s Love got to do with it starring Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne?

I remember watching that movie on television back in 1994 I believe, and it totally kick-started my personal development journey.

The part that really stuck into my mind was how Tina Turner used meditation to make her mind to stay positive, strong and focused so that she could get out of her abusive relationship with Ike Turner and live the life she truly wanted to.

What the meditation did was help her to focus her energy and attention inward toward herself, (where it should be) instead of giving it away to everyone else which led to her becoming weak and easily controlled by her husband – and others I presume.

Shortly thereafter I too began meditation and other mind strengthening tools to help my mind and body become positive, strong, centered and focused.

Meditation works well for many reasons.

When done right it focuses and centers the mind via attention. Also, the oxygen that you breathe in, if you’re doing it right will totally oxygenate the body and also help clear out the lymphatic system.

Oxygen is essential to health and well-being and elevates your mood and obviously, poor breathing habits will decrease your mood.

We can only go a couple of minutes – give or take without oxygen so I cannot fathom any reason why anyone would not make conscious breathing part of their daily life.

I know, you breathe all day long. The challenge here is that we forgot how to breathe properly. Most people breathe shallowly as opposed to deep, conscious, diaphragmic/belly breaths.

If you want to see a perfect image of someone who knows how to breathe properly then I suggest you watch a baby during its naptime.

Obviously you don’t ever want to meditate while driving your car or cutting the grass or where the air is not particularly clean.

Have you ever heard of the sayings, “Let go of expectations” or “let go of the outcome”?

There is a really good reason for this.

We tend to hold our breath so to speak whenever we hold onto something that we want to happen. I do, don’t you?

It is sound advice for your well-being to let go of the need to control the outcomes in your life. If you really want to experience control then control something that you have absolute 100% control of – Your Breathing.

You could also incorporate Yoga into your life which is basically a way of adding exercise/movement into your meditation.

Yoga at its core is about conscious breathing along with stretching, flexing, and movement of the body.

These idea and suggestions really do work as long as you stick with it. It’s not ever a one shot deal or even a one month deal. Like personal hygiene, it has to become part of your daily life experience.

One more thing to take note of whenever you do energy work is to become aware of how you feel.

With breathing, meditation, yoga and chakra healing comes the realization of the need to release old, stagnant energy that you have been holding onto.

While these old energies are coming up to the surface you may feel discomfort. No need to worry, they are just giving you once last chance to say “goodbye” before they are eliminated from your body.

With energy work always use care and caution with yourself. Go slow and take your time.

I have been at this personal growth stuff for a long time and I too still experience some old ways of beings, moods, emotions and so on that I would rather not have.

Spiritual Integrity

It’s all part of the personal and spiritual growth journey, so stay positive, give yourself positive affirmations and focus only on what you want to create and experience in life and learn to let go of what you no longer want to take with you.

We all have an “inner-saboteur program” that may and often does try to thwart any positive progress you are making. Become aware of this inner-program and consciously override it when it attempts to negate your positive plans for yourself.

This inner-saboteur is also known as the negative ego or false self. The negative ego or false self is the part of you that holds onto all the negative thoughts and actions that you have held about yourself and others too.

It’s not the real you even though it can seem that way at times.

Remember these words: No one is perfect all the time. We are perfectly imperfect beings who are being our best and always working on letting go of those things that no longer serve us.

Many people tend to believe that personal and spiritual growth is about becoming more or adding credentials and know how’s to our lives.

It’s not.

It’s really about aligning with our true, natural authentic-self and letting go/releasing those things that do not belong to us.

This includes, habits, beliefs, people, jobs, locations, the stuff we put into our body and so on.

Let it go and live the life you truly deserve to. You are worthy, trust me if you were not you would not be reading this.

One last thing about my thoughts on being and staying positive.

What I call negative is not a value judgment. The same goes for being positive.

I am talking about these terms in accordance with a mechanical procedure. For me negative means to be separative, segregative, exclusive, me thinking.

Positive would then mean allowing, all-encompassing, togetherness, inclusive, us.

Believe it or not, humanity is has shifted from being a negative species to now becoming a positive species, albeit only slightly at first.

We all are moving into a positive being paradigm and things will only get better for all of us.

 Start Next chapter in life re-reading last oneLife has no meaning

Life has no meaning, you give it meaning.

All events that happen to you are neutral at their core. One of the best strategies I found for staying positive is to attach a positive, or at the very least give a neutral meaning to events that occur.

I understand that losing a job, someone close to you dying or ending a relationship would appear to be negative events. They can be if you choose to label them that way.

I’m not telling you to stick your head in the sand and say everything is perfect, however I am suggesting you assign positive meaning to all-events by finding something you can take away from it that will benefit you in some way.

When you can give or assign positive meaning to all events no matter what, what you will be doing is giving yourself permission to move beyond the event so you can continue on your life’s journey.

Thing of the power of choice this gives you.

There are no inherent meanings to anything. We give it meaning so I will suggest that you give all of life’s events positive meaning to the best of your ability.

Think this one through a bit.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

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