Pics of the Ruins of Fort Howard Park

Last weekend my family and I took a trip to Fort Howard.

Fort Howard was originally created to protect the port of Baltimore from an attack from sea.

Fort Howard in Baltimore Maryland

This park’s historical significance is its connection with the largest invasion of the United States in history on the morning of September 12, 1814.

The British had landed about seven thousand men near the site that later became Fort Howard, as a part of a campaign to capture and burn Baltimore.

In coordination with their navy’s bombardment of Fort McHenry, the British troops were to march up Patapsco Neck and capture Baltimore from the east.

But the British advance was first demoralized when American sharpshooters Daniel Wells and Henry McComas killed their popular commanding general.

The advance had been temporarily stalled by the Americans in the Battle of North Point, and finally stopped dead when the British perceived the strength of the American defenses at Patterson Park.

Disheartened, they re-boarded their ships near North Point and sailed away to another defeat, in the Battle of New Orleans.

Fort Howard was originally known as North Point, but was renamed in 1902 after Colonel John Eager Howard, a Baltimore philanthropist and distinguished soldier of the Maryland Continental Line during the Revolutionary War.

In the 1700’s, the site served as an important part of the transportation route between the Eastern Shore and the Port of Baltimore.

Known as the “Bulldog at Baltimore’s Gate,” Fort Howard was also created to protect the valued Baltimore Port.

Many of the fort batteries, previously manned by Coast Artillery Corps, can still be seen, although they are now covered by dark ivy and bushes.

You can read more about Fort Howard here.

During Halloween time the Fort is converted into a haunted house known as the Haunted Dungeons.

I experienced the Haunted Dungeons of Fort Howard over a decade ago and it was a lot of walking and a lot of fun too.

It takes almost 2 hours to complete the haunted attraction.

Some of the ruins still have some remnants of the decorations that they use for the attraction.

This topic would be great for Weirdo October since not only is the Fort supposedly haunted, but so is the abandoned Veterans Hospital that is adjacent to the Fort.

The hospital grounds are guarded and still very well active.

Even though most of the buildings including the main hospital are defunct, there is still an active medical facility on the property.

Park police patrol the grounds daily.

The cool thing when entering into Fort Howard you get to see all the old, abandoned historical buildings located on the property.

Is Fort Howard Haunted?

I would say probably so.

Wherever you have death, anxiety and fear you are sure to have a haunted location.

It would be an experience to gather a Paranormal Research team to stay the weekend there and report on what they find.

I know the Ghost Adventures team with host Zak Bagans investigated Fort Arthur in the Battle of Los Angeles episode.

Apparently, abandoned forts as well as abandoned prisons are known to be haunting places for restless spirits.

Some spirits don’t know they are dead and remain “earth bound“.

Gifted Intuitive’s can sense the presence of these earth bound souls and can assist them in the “crossing over process.”

That is, if they really want to leave. BWAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dark Tunnel

Fort Howard 1

Fort Howard 2


Fort Howard 3


Fort Howard 4


Fort Howard 5


Fort Howard 6


Fort Howard 7


Fort Howard 8


Fort Howard 9



Fort Howard 10


Fort Howard 11


Fort Howard 12


Fort Howard 13


Fort Howard 14


Fort Howard 15


Fort Howard 16


Fort Howard 17


Fort Howard 18


Fort Howard 20




Fort Howard 19

The Abandoned Veterans Hospital that is located next to the Fort Ruins.

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

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