Peter G James Sinclair Self Development Mastermind Course

Peter G James Sinclair is a ‘heart to heart resuscitation’ specialist.

He’s on a mission to pursue “uniquity” in all that he does, and in the process he wants to help others to discover their own uniqueness.

Peter believes strongly in the uniqueness of the individual and in the importance of pursuing your passion, and he wants to help you to identify your strengths so that you can become the very best you that you can possibly become.

I believe that Peter is sincere in his desire to help others.

Peter has written several guest posts on as well as other popular websites that focus on personal growth.

You see, life has to kinds of people.

Givers and takers. Peter without a doubt in my mind is a giver, he wants to help people become the best that they can be and that is why he created the Self Development Mastermind course for you.


The Course

It’s a week-by-week online coaching program in which Peter shows you, step-by-step, how to:

  • Know who you really are and what you really want.
  • Identify your unique gifts and talents that you bring to your world.
  • Know what stops you from taking hold of new opportunities in life.
  • Understand what changes you can make to remove all opposition to a bright and fulfilling future.

 Self Development Mastermind is perfect for:

  • People who are tired of sitting on the fence and want to start living the life they love.
  • People who are dissatisfied with their life and want to make significant changes.
  • People who want to more clearly understand their inert passions, goals and desires and require a road map to achieve them.
  • People who are working the job, but can devote some time ‘out of hours’ to develop and position themselves to get a better job or even start their own business.

Imagine what it would be like to create goals for your life and actually start ticking them off one by one. I love this feeling. It’s like releasing a weight from off your shoulders.

Imagine what it would be like to spend your days in the pursuit of your personal passion.

Peter created Self Development Mastermind by a simple survey that was created, and people replied with their most pressing questions. Questions like:

  • Why do I struggle with being motivated and staying motivated and focused?
  • Why do I struggle with disappointment and failure?
  • Why is it so hard for me to stay motivated when I feel so overwhelmed by different directions and possibilities?
  • Why do I battle with self-doubt, lack of discipline, previous setbacks and knockdowns, and lack of reward for effort?
  • Why do I struggle with my self worth?
  • Why am I not getting success?

The foundation of the Self Development Mastermind program are the interactive modules.

There are six (6) modules in all, broken up into carefully paced multimedia lessons.

You’ll learn from text, audio and video content how to transform your life. Plus, Peter has a cool Australian accent too!You get all the program features, including 24 lessons in the 6 modules in video, audio and text format.

Here’s a brief outline of what you’ll find in each module:

Module 1 – YOU INC

This whole module is about YOU. In four comprehensive presentations you’re going to learn how to clearly define and position yourself for your own personal success.

You will begin to discover and identify your uniqueness, along with the true value of who you are and what you can become.

You will learn how to cast off the chains of restriction that may have held you back to date, and be freed to be yourself; to tap into the enormous resources available to you in your own brilliant mind.



Throughout this module you will learn how to define and discover your passion. We will dig deep in the pursuit of your passion and give you the keys to living a passionate life.

In addition we’ll touch on how you can begin to turn that passion into a financial resource if you wish.

For there is nothing better than to live your days doing what you love, and to be paid for it. Work is no longer work – but rather a joy if you have the courage to pursue your passion.



In this module we take a look at the motivational foundations required to build a motivated life. Building blocks will be provided along with powerful strategies and tactics designed to help you in living a motivated life 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In addition you’ll learn of the motivational fortifications that you need to put in place so that others, who may not be as motivated as you are, will not be able to derail you from achieving your exciting future.



Module 4 focuses on your success – the discipline, the development, the determination and the destiny that is yours if you apply the principles taught throughout this powerful course.

Everything you are taught in this program has been birthed in the real world. This is not theory. These are tried and tested principles that have allowed people to live successful lives throughout the generations.

Do as they have done, and then you can be all that you were created to become – magnificent.



In taking a closer look at leadership it becomes very clear that in order for us to lead others, we must first lead ourselves.

The lessons and the qualities of leadership, as presented in this module, will equip you with the ability to use the power of leverage in your life to create momentum in all that you pursue, while at the same time position you to experience leadership longevity.

Not a flash in the pan leader. But rather a leader filled with integrity and one who commands the respect and admiration of their peers.


Module 6 – YOUR ACTION

This module would have to be one of the most pivotal modules in the series of 6.

Here you will learn of the power of developing ‘do it now’ action, how your life will be defined by your actions, and how you can begin to demand from yourself successful actions that will make a massive difference in both your life and in the lives that you touch in the days ahead.

By applying the principles taught here you will become renowned as the one who gets things done .

Each module comes with action guides to make sure that you apply what you had learned. This is the most important part of the program in my opinion.

While Peter gives a lot of great insights in his audio presentations without actually applying what you listened to you most likely will forget and most of what you learned will be forgotten.

Plus if you order now Peter is throwing in a bunch of neat bonuses like his personal interviews with leading personal growth experts, an e Book and Motivational Memo’s.

Free Bonus #1 – 6 Month’s Supply of Peter’s Daily Motivational Memo.

Free Bonus # 2 – A copy of Peter’s latest eBook ‘The Creator.’ I read this eBook several months ago and I was blown away. Peter is such an amazing writer, I promise that you will enjoy this book.

Free Bonus #3 – 27 Motivational Memo Posters to inspire and motivate every time you turn on your computer.

Free Bonus #4 – Interview with Peter Buffet. Yes,the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffet.

Free Bonus #5 – Interview with Ken McElroy. Ken McElroy is an accredited author, gifted speaker and adviser for the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series created by Robert Kiyosaki.

Free Bonus #6 – Interview with Peter Irvine. Peter Irvine is a successful businessman, author and motivational speaker as well as a personal friend and mentor of Peter’s.

Free Bonus #7 – Interview with Erin Falconer. Erin Falconer is the chief editor of one of the most popular personal development blogs on the planet called

Free Bonus #8 – Interview with Sharon Lechter. The co-author of ‘Three Feet from Gold’ and the co-author of the international best seller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ along with fourteen books in the Rich Dad series.


How Much Is It Going To Cost To Join Self Development Mastermind?

Self Development Mastermind is a complete program and you can begin working with Peter to start your training and build or rebuild your own life, if the case may be, for less than a $1 a day.

Once you see the quality and quantity of content you receive, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

For this price, you’re investing in a full month of detailed training in a true online self-development system.

Once your month is up, you can continue with Self Development Mastermind, the ongoing advanced training, and the many other benefits of membership, or cancel and never be charged again.

You will graduate in six months time after completing all the weekly lessons. After graduation you will enjoy.


You can study the materials at any time, at your own pace – there’s no pressure with this program. Even if you can’t keep up with the weekly tasks, you can save the lessons and do the activities later. As long as you stay a member for the six month course you.

Update: It looks like Peter’s course is no longer available. 

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